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Sweet blog special: Michelle Obama cutting back U. of Chicago job even more. Hits Florida this week for fund-raisers. Obama's half-sister debuts in campaign

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WASHINGTON--Michelle Obama, wife of Democratic White House hopeful Barack Oback, hits Florida this week to keynote fund-raisers for her husband. Her campaign schedule is ramping up to the point where she is further reducing her hours at the University of Chicago hospitals. Leaving her job for the campaign trail is "Imminent," her spokesman said.

Meanwhile, an AP story out of Hawaii reports that his half-sister Maya Soetoro-Ng is now on the stump for half-brother.

A few weeks ago Michelle Obama told the U. of C she would be working about half-time. Recently, she informed her bosses she would be on the job 20 percent of the time. In the near future, her hours will go down to zero.

For the AP story on Maya Soetoro-Ng, click over to

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