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Sweet blog special: Video clip. Sweet talks about GOP Obama attack in MSNBC interview


WASHINGTON--The Republican National Committee issued a "Top Ten" list of Obama "fabrications" in advance of his guesting on David Letterman on Monday night.

MSNBC used the RNC list as a peg for a discussion on Obama with me on Tuesday morning. To see the below


Lynn Sweet: he was a lecturer, not professor, and in academica there's a big difference.

Well, Lynn Sweet Barack Obama was actually a Senior Lecturer, and in academia, there's a big difference.

Details matter in both ways,you see?

In 2004, a top ten list by the RNC might have meant something politically. Today, who takes anything they say seriously? As a GOP'er, I receive emails from the RNC. However, the contents of those emails make me think they were sent out by the White House and Rove instead of the national Republican party. As Republicans, we have to develop an identity separate from that of the current resident in the White House or our fortunes are going to continue to tank as the nation rejects him.


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