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Sweet blog special: Obama wooing fat cat donors in DC today. Big fund-raiser in DC tonite. His campaign would rather you not know.


WASHINGTON--Democratic White House hopeful Barack Obama is stroking his best donors and fund-raisers today at a session at the Washington Court hotel, followed by a high dollar fund-raiser (not on his schedule) a short walk from the Capitol.

On the plus side....The daily schedule Obama now includes the cities he is in each day, a policy change. When the campaign started, his daily public schedule skipped cities he visited only for fund-raisers.

On the minus side...Obama's team is still very selective about which larger fund-raising events they will disclose in advance. Tonight, Wednesday, in Washington, Obama is hosting a $1,000-per-person minimum cocktail reception at the Columbus Club in Union Station. This event is not part of his "public" schedule though other fund-raising events are.

That's just a few minutes walk from the Capitol. The schedule of chief rival Hillary Rodham Clinton also does not include all her fund-raising events. But Obama says he is running a "different" kind of campaign; Clinton does not make that claim. Without knowing who the hosts are of Obama events, it is difficult to know what special interests are helping Obama raise money.


Good for him. I hope the money keeps pouring in--he needs it to compete in what will be a very long, very expensive campaign. Lynn, stop being so paranoid, they have to report who contibuted large sums of money on a quarterly basis. I'm sure your attacks can wait until the reports are released.

Lynn make sure you register to VOTE OBAMA. Can he win without money? I already give my $25, have you?

Oh Lynn, you're getting old with your haranguing of Obama. I guess Obama has to finally give in and employ you so that you can get the ultimate satisfaction of seeing EVERYTHING from the inside out. ha.

Lynn - What is your problem? Barack never said he wouldn't have big dollar fundraisers. In fact, when he does these he usually comes back to the area for an open rally, like Atlanta this weekend. Do I remember Hillary (and Bill) doing a Washington fund raiser @ $4,600 a pop?


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