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Sweet blog special: Obama to deliver another major speech on Iraq and foreign relations. Tuesday in Chicago


WASHINGTON--Democratic White House hopeful Barack Obama (D-Ill.) will have more to say about Iraq and the role of the U.S. in world affairs on Tuesday. He picked the same venue where he delivered a major speech about Iraq last year--the friendly confines of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

Obama's team has been working on the roll out strategy for the speech for the past few days. The event is at the Fairmont.

Obama to Deliver Foreign Policy Address Sponsored by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs

Chicago, IL—On Tuesday, April 17, Barack Obama will deliver a foreign policy address sponsored by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs at the Fairmont Chicago Hotel.

WHO: Senator Barack Obama

WHAT: Foreign Policy Address sponsored by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs

WHEN: Tuesday, April 17th, 11:00 am (Central)

WHERE: The Fairmont Chicago ; 200 North Columbus Drive , Chicago , IL 60601
This event is being hosted by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.


Barack doesn't have any credible foreign policy other than withdrawal. He is only throwing red meat to the Democratic base right now in that regard. Engaging in a dialogue with extremist countries is a fool's errand and wishful thinking.

It was exactly dialog with an extremist country that ended the Cuban missile crisis without the detonation of a single warhead.

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