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Sweet blog special: Obama says Imus comments "divisive, hurtful and offensive."


This from Democratic White House contender Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.)

“The comments of Don Imus were divisive, hurtful and offensive to Americans of all backgrounds. With a public platform, comes a trust. As far as I'm concerned, he violated that trust,” said U.S. Senator Barack Obama.


Did Obama call Jesse Jackson's comments divisive, hurtful, and offensive, when Jackson said of the jewish people in New York City, "the hymies in hymietown"?

Did Obama call Alderwoman Dorthey Tillman's comments divisive, hurtful, and offensive, when Tillman said of Mexican-Americans, "the Voting Rights Act pertains to African-Americans, not them Mexicans"?....Evidently not, because he endorsed her for re-election.

Did Obama call Al Sharpton's comments divisive, hurtful, and offensive, when Sharpton FALSELY accused whites in the Tawanna Brawley case and the Duke Lacross team case?

Did Obama call Chris Rock divisive, hurtful, and offensive, when Rock called the President of the United States a 'retard'?

And what about all these black comedians who make fun of whites and women (especially black women)?...What about these rappers who call black women 'hoe's' and 'b!tches'? ...I haven't heard Obama go after them. Why?

The guy makes horrendously offensive statements and gets a two-week vacation? Fantastic.

This isn't just two weeks off from work. Imus gets two weeks off from scrutiny, two weeks off from public apologies, and two weeks off from facing the truth of what he did.

He didn't just let those words slip...he came up with this idea on the air and developed it out loud. He could have shut up after "some hardcore h***" but he kept talking.

I like to think he'll spend his two weeks reflecting, but if hasn't figured out funny vs. offensive in 35 years, I doubt a paid vacation on his ranch will help.

I agree that the coments made by Mr. Imus about Rutgers womens basketball team were offensive to the team members. However I don't think that "reverend" Jesse Jackson should be recommending a punishment for Mr. Imus. Remember several years ago when Mr. Jackson made a comment about Jewish people in New York or the child he had with another woman. He was forgiven with hardly a punishment. Last time I went to church I think it was still a part of christianity to forgive.

Don Imus and other "shock jocks" appeal to the "I can't believe they said that" school of comedy fan.They are equal opportunity offenders.
Now onto the real stuff,I saw Obama and Clinton weaseled out of a debate.This reduces my respect for them.

Jessie and the good reverend Al are not subject to the same freedom of speech guidelines for white people...
If Jessie plays this right, he should be able to extort a radio station for one of his other sons from NBC!

Dear John:

I think you've missed the point on this one.

First, the comment mentioned in this blog was regarding Obama's statement about Don Imus - not Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, rappers, black women, comedians, etc. Please keep this in mind.

Second, The Hymietown incident, along with the Tawanna Brawley case, happened over 15 years ago - therefore making it old news. Barack Obama should have been attending Harvard Law School at the time and was unknown even to the citizens of Chicago.

Third, (to quote Sylvester Stallone from Rocky III) a fair number of Americans (myself included) think President Bush is "mentally irregular". Mr. Rock doesn't have exclusive rights in that area.

Fourth, no one asked Barack Obama what he thought of the comments of the people you mentioned because no one cares anymore, as it's irrelevant to the present day news.

Fifth, if you would've understood this prior to making your comments you wouldn't APPEAR (notice I said appear because I don't know you) to be a bigoted, right-wing Republican. Perhaps you aren't, but it does no good in making ludicrous statements like these because how can we take your opinions seriously? Freedom of speech is one thing; sounding like you have a concussion is another.

People - lets all remember that we have a responsibility to say things that are relevant to the posed question. This creates positive discourse amongst all of us.




I don't listen to Don Imus. I'm also not a member of the Rutgers basketball team. I am amused at how much attention this story is getting....don't people have enough to worry about with their own lives than to draw attention to a remark someone else made? If saying "n****-h***** h****" is so bad, then why has that phrase been repeated 10,000 times this week.

Seriously, I can't believe the hypocritical world in which I live sometimes. WORRY ABOUT YOURSELF and let others worry about can't make someone not racist.

Sid Rosenberg, Imus's sidekick who was involved in the Rutgers scandal, was temporarily fired in 2001 for calling tennis player Venus Williams an "animal" and remarking that the Williams sisters—Venus and her tennis player sister Serena—would more likely be featured in National Geographic than in Playboy.

Mr.Rosenberg is of course Jewish. More likely than not he is also a racist. Jews need to get over it. If they are not complaining about the Holocaust, they are complaining about Jesse Jackson being a racist. Jews are just as racist as everyone else. They don't have a monopoly on pain in suffering throughout history.

I was personally ofended and apalled by the comments of Don Imus about those jungle jumping jumanji nigger bitch ball playing skanks.

What I love about Jesus Christ is that he has mercy and loves people like you also.

Let's not lose sight of the fact that the comments made by Don Imus were racial and disrespectful, to say the least. Not only to African-American women, but the term "ho" by itself should never be used in reference to any woman of any ethnicity. With the outrage and protests, and as much as we'd like to see Imus lose his job, CBS Radio and MSNBC will deal with him as they please. And his sidekick needs to be dealt with, too, considering his "hardcore hos" comment was the gas that lit this inferno.

to Dave Boyd: You miss the point of what I was getting at. First of all, I have no use for Imus. He's just another foul-mouthed 'shock jock'. But here is what I was trying to get at.

Obama needs to NOT have a DOUBLE-STANDARD. Ald. Dorthey Tillman made just as nasty a comment towards a group of people (Mexican-Americans). Yet, he's endorsing her in her run-off election. So explain that to me? Also, did it occur to you maybe Mexican-Americans have feelings, also. BTW, they are the LARGEST minority in America now. Therefore, people better start respecting them.

Obama claims he's been counseled by Jackson. Thats why I mentioned him. And even you admit Jackson made those racist, vulgar, and anti-semitic "hymie" and "hymie-town" comments. So what if it was 15 years ago. HE SAID IT ! So he needs to look into a mirror before pointing at somebody else. Guess what, jews don't to be slurred at, either. What, do you actually think African-Americans are the only people who nobody should make nasty comments about? That its open-season on everybody else. If you think that you are wrong. EVERYBODY is equal. NOBODY is better than ANYBODY else--PERIOD ! And who is Jessie Jackson to talk about anybody else after he made his infamous racist comments, anyway? Talk about somebody who shouldn't be throwing stones.... Why isn't he talking about the 70% children born-out-of-wedlock , 15 year olds having babies, fathers not around the children they make, the 50% drop-out rate in many inner-city schools, the music industry pushing the agenda's of rappers demeaning women in their lyrics, and I can go on.

Are you aware that only two weeks ago on that same pathetic 'Don Imus Show', that this Bernie character said, "I hope this attorney general, Alberto Gonzales, resigns and he then caretakes lawns in Washington, like all THOSE people do." We both know what he was stereotyping and what people he was stereotyping. But guess what, nobody said nothing. You know why? Because Imus is a big Bush-basher, seen as a good liberal. Therefore, these same people who are crying now thought that was funny. DOUBLE STANDARD...

You yourself are telling me we're talking about Imus, not these other people. Therefore, you CONDONE a DOUBLE-STANDARD. I DON'T ! Nobody is better than anybody else. I believe we are ALL equal. Thats the difference between you and me. And thats whats I was trying to get at, concerning Obama's remarks. I don't believe in 'cherry-picking' and criticizing some people while giving other guilty people a free pass.

This nation may be farther from God than we think. Anytime any children of any race,who are in college,smart,hard-working,and trying to make a different in this world,and a person like Imus make racist comments about them,and is defended by american citizens, this gives you a clue that God is a missing person in this nation. If a gay person was offened,this nation will be in an uproar.

"I was personally ofended and apalled by the comments of Don Imus about those jungle jumping jumanji nigger bitch ball playing skanks."

HOW is it possible that the Sun-Times doesn't have a filter to screen such vile spewings such as the one cited above? Give me a break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lonnie the great thing is that you live in the usa that means in case your to stupid to know theres something called freedom of speech wow ah doh whats that you commy basturd

Hello, from Rhode Island. First off, let me tell you that I am not an Imus fan. Honestly, I can't stand him most often. (same way I feel about Stern, for that matter) That being said, I find it hard to believe that such a stink is being made of this by Sen. Obama. I would have thought him to be able to see through the hype. I'm not condoning any such comment by any race. I am however extremely upset about how completely uneven that guide lines are. Everyone must admit that as long as the player isn't white, they can say anything he want. Whether they be a Reverand, comedian, politian, talk show host, etc. It's an extremely unfair PC rule book. What we all need to do is let things fly off our back. "turn the other cheek" The most important part of our country's heritage is Freedom of speech. And even though many times it's hard to accept. It is something we must defend with all our might. "Sticks and stone my brake my bones" Remember the teachings of our youth.

Hello, from Rhode Island. First off, let me tell you that I am not an Imus fan. Honestly, I can't stand him most often. (same way I feel about Stern, for that matter) That being said, I find it hard to believe that such a stink is being made of this by Sen. Obama. I would have thought him to be able to see through the hype. I'm not condoning any such comment by any race. I am however extremely upset about how completely uneven that guide lines are. Everyone must admit that as long as the player isn't white, they can say anything they want. Whether they be a Reverand, comedian, politian, talk show host, etc. It's an extremely unfair PC rule book. What we all need to do is let things fly off our back. "turn the other cheek" The most important part of our country's heritage is Freedom of speech. And even though many times it's hard to accept. It is something we must defend with all our might. "Sticks and stone my brake my bones, but names will never hurt me!" Remember the teachings of our youth.

Racsist is an over-used word. Ingnorant, stupid or insensitive are better descriptive phrases for Imus's comments. We as a country should work at removing all language that divides, but, people, lighten up. Obiviously these women are, dedicated, diciplined, student athletes, the anthesis of words used by Imus. I feel that the use of language acceptable within a "community" (another reference I find derisive) is a part of the whole, and not exclusive to a particular group. We should celebrate what makes this country great, that is the BLENDING of cultures. Not by ignoring our heritages, but having enough strength of self to not take offense when someone speaks from a place of ignorance in an attempt to shock or be flip.

First of all let me say that I don't care what happens with Don Imus, I do care about the double standard in this country.
Mr. Obama, I feel for your children that have been offended, I have two 10 and 13 year old Grandaughters that were using the word Ho and didn't even know what they were saying, This word is not used in our family's vocabulary so where did they get it?
I am a Democrat but I will not need to be listening to you or Hillary anymore, also I will not be using or purchasing from the following companys anymore, Ford, American Express, Sprint, Staples, Procter and Gamble and General MOtors.

What's missing here? Could it be the media and all its limelight friends are focusing on the fact the comment is offensive to blacks but not that it is also offensive to women? Why is the black card held so much higher than the woman card? I'm a bit confused over that -- anyone care to enlighten me? Maybe its because if we go there a lot of people will get fired and/or censored because they denigrate women in multiple ways daily.

We should protect freedom of speech. Without it another dark age approaches where we believe we can hold back small-mindedness with censorship. It's time people start thinking instead of being led by their noses. I KNOW Don Imus is a bigot and that those girls are just college athletes. I don't listen to Don Imus so I am exercising my right to not support his multi-million dollar machine. But, a lot of people listen to him because they think he's entertaining. And that's what his employers are selling -- it makes them a ton of money. It's not possible to fire all of the listeners, is it? It's time we start being better people. Wouldn't that be nice. How about we just STOP tuning in to these jerks so that the ratings go down, the advertisers try to find better shows, and we get better programming. What a concept.

Personally, I think Don Imus should have been fired a long time ago because his employers didn't want to support his ridiculous opinions -- despite the money. Very utopian of me.

First of all let me say that I do care what happens with Don Imus and all the good he has done for so many, not to mention the poor, down trodden blacks. I too care about the obvious double standard in this country.
Mr. Obama, I am a Democrat but I will not be supporting you anymore. Also I will not be using or purchasing from the following companies anymore; Ford, American Express, Sprint, Staples, Procter & Gamble and General Motors.
I actually thought we had a chance for a better America with Sen. Obama but that notion is certainly out the window now. Race card played again, just like all the rest. So-called people of the cloth purporting to be Reverends (people of GOD) certainly don't represent my GOD who is supposed to be an all-forgiving GOD, and Sen. Obama doesn't appear to represent all Americans as I thought he might! Too bad for all of us!

People everywhere should notice just who is crying out the loudest on this... The ones immediately offended have the right. Others, who for their own agenda, the ones "insisting"... only insist on any issue when it's against a white.

Needless to say, as others mentioned already, the "insistors" are themselves guilty of disrespect to others and none of us will see them jobless because of it. A few I used to listen to... the few who I used to percieve as proof America being on its way to a more understanding and equal nation are totally changing my mind on their narrow minded bug mouthed insistences.

Imus was wrong... and should be admonished... the the ones crying for it are guilty in their own right of being racist, insulting and hypocrate. To use the word 'ho' should be equally insulting no matter what color uttered it. And that's how everyone should view it. The Imus controversy is really not Imus... the controversy is on double standards... which Al Roker should be more tired of than the individual Imus. Why are whites screaming about double standards while blacks ignore and scream about Imus?

I'm all for EVERYONE learning where there was a wrong here and it wasn't just with IMUS...

Stop the double standards!! and everyone of all colors will then and only then take a giant leap for mankind.

Why does anyone listen to vultures like al sharpton and jesse jackson...WTF do these losers do for a living besides exploit controversy for their own benefit...sharpton and jackson are thugs!! wake up america

Everyone is exploiting this controversy. Sharpton, Jesse, MSNBC, CNN and all other chatterheads doing interviews on TV & Radio.

We are all insincere because what IMUS, the rappers et all represent is that side of society that is not expressed casually. They are our mouthpiece for things we would like to say but won't because we might get in trouble. May be society has had its fill with shock-jock types for now but that "void" will be filled by something else.

I for one do not like Imus. In fact, I've wanted him off the air for many years. However, I do not think that this should be the reason. Did he say hurtful things? Definitely. For some reason though, outrage has spread. Why isn't there outrage in the black community for all the black rappers who use the N word and call black women derogatory names. The outrage should be directed there. Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have consistently looked for ways to make themselves noticeable on the national front. This is just another way. I harken back to early in Jesse Jackson's career when he used the word Hymie to describe jews. I remember clearly when sharpton falsely accused Steven Pogonos of rape in the Tawana Brawley case. These are the leaders that are making the case against Imus. Imus is clearly in the wrong for this but let's stop with the double standard already.

Dear John:

I understood clearly what you had to say both times, but still you need to stick to the point. The point of this blog was to discuss Obama's reaction to Don Imus. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and all other issues are irrelevant to the posed question. Never did I say I didn't agree with you, but to keep people from getting off on personal tangents we need to keep the conversation about what Obama had to say regarding Imus and nothing else. Several people on this blog have done the same thing.

The fact of the matter is Imus made some bad comments, got busted and is paying the price, while Obama made remarks that were directed at this situation - PERIOD! Debating about whether he should speak up about all the other stuff you mentioned in your previous e-mail is irrelevant. That is a whole other topic!

Stick to what's being discussed and stop going off on superfluous thoughts that mean nothing in the long run.

Incidentally, I agree with you that the comments Jesse and Al made in the past do not qualify them to lead ANY charge against Imus - but as I said, it's a discussion for another blog.


I keep seeing the words "double standard" in these comments. The double standard we are really seeing is that if your comments get national attention you do not have the right to say them according to Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and all the rest who have spoken up on this incident. Wether my voice is heard by 1 person or 10 million, I have the right to say whatever I like within the confines of the First Amendment of the Constituion. Wether you agree with what I am saying, disagree, like, or dislike makes absolutely no difference.

I don't care for Don Imus or any of the other so called "shock jocks" out there. While I don't support what he said I do support his right to say it. That is what we have been fighting for since this country was conceived.

As someone who hopes to represent all of us as a leader it is disheartening to me that this wasn't the first thing said by Mr. Obama. It shows he will play the political card instead of the right card when public opinion is flaring. That's too bad...I thought we might have a real leader in Mr. Obama. Turns out he is just like the rest of the political pack.

You're talking about a politician taking a stance that a spineless politician would take the year before an election. Obama is going to be the keynote speaker at my school's graduation and he's getting protested by a bunch of conservative New Hampshirites. This guy needs to grow a backbone if he wants to stand a chance in a political debate. Take a stance!

When is the protest at CBS and MTV and Best Buy and the like about the rap music industry that made the Imus language an acceptable part of the culture. Let's not let Imus be the sole victim here of "bad language." None of the black leaders have offered a explanation to the rap double standard. What have they done? Meetings with record companies and artists? Nope. They certainly do not have the venom that they have shown this week toward Imus when it comes the "their own." Make no bones about it. Sharpton and Jackson are about black. They do not care about women or latinos or asians. It's about blacks. The black population makes up about 13% of the US population yet they want 50% representation. Rather than being Americans they have to be African American. I was born in Africa and I am white. I guess I am African American. No, I am an American. Maybe I should be European American or Russian American.
And Barack Obama is as much a white as he is black and he use to identify as multi-cultural whcih really best represents America. He now choses the African American moniker for and is sadly going to be saddled with the Sharpton and Jackson legacy of foolishness.

Imas is a bonehead (is that a slur????) but this if just dumb. Sharpton is a racist and Jessie dude is one too but I’ll give him a break as he was with MLK and perhaps has just lost his way. What about the Jewish slurs from Jessie? Where are these racists like him and Jessie when that should have called for their firing? How about Duke? Where was Sharpy and Jessie when Reginald Dennie was smacked up side of the head with a brick because he was white??? Huh?? How about that poor Duke Lacrosse coach that was fired over this obvious case of racism from the black community towards the white? Eh? Sharpy?????? Yo Jessie? Where are you when its only right for your side you racist????? Who gave losers like Sharpy and Jessie the right to be racists and get away with it? Losers

I for one do not like Imus. In fact, I've wanted him off the air for many years. However, I do not think that this should be the reason. Did he say hurtful things? Definitely. For some reason though, outrage has spread. Why isn't there outrage in the black community for all the black rappers who use the N word and call black women derogatory names. The outrage should be directed there. Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have consistently looked for ways to make themselves noticeable on the national front. This is just another way. I harken back to early in Jesse Jackson's career when he used the word Hymie to describe jews. I remember clearly when sharpton falsely accused Steven Pogonos of rape in the Tawana Brawley case. These are the leaders that are making the case against Imus. Imus is clearly in the wrong for this but let's stop with the double standard already.

White man gets fired and all the white community go nuts. Rap music has been increasingly getting worse but as long as it was blacks degrading blacks, it was ok. Never heard a word. As long as the record companies made money, it was ok. White man gets fired for racist remarks, now black people are too sensitive. Welcome to our world. Stop crying.

It's a good day in America when a sexist, racist jerk is removed from the airwaves where he's in a position to influence millions everyday. The world is changing and ol' dinosaurs like Don Imus are moving on.

About seven years ago I noticed many women business owners and aspiring business owners have a tendency to hold back when it comes to marketing and selling in business. Areas critical to their success. They’re terrified of being thought of as pushy or aggressive so their efforts are often reticent and they get passed over even if they’re highly qualified and/or offer great products and services.

I ended up writing a book to empower women who are home-based business owners (Testosterone-Free Marketing). My experience mentoring women and the thousands who've bought my book has taught me much of the reason women hold back and are afraid to project more assertively goes back to prior ridicule and degrading comments, fear of ridicule and criticism for just being women - as the Rutgers basketball players encountered.

As a result millions of women hold back in life and in business. This impacts each woman's personal economy and our national economy as women are starting businesses at double the rate of men. African American women are starting businesses at four times the rate of men. So the long-lasting impact of degrading, throwaway comments aimed at women is huge.

I agree with some of the above postings, some I do not. Don Imus made a mistake. He took a joke way too far and crossed the line and millions have heard that one line over and over and over. How many times has a comment flowed out of your mouth and then you think to yourself, "why did I say that?????" The people that have pointed out the mistake that Imus made, for example Sharpton and Jackson, well, I am sure neither one of them have ever made a racial remark about anyone, right? Please. People are stereotyped, made fun of, etc. no matter their race, age, sex, income status, the list goes on and on. How many times have African Americans slammed "white people" on Def Comedy Jam?
Here's my question, what about all of the positive things Don Imus has done over the years? What about the direct impact he has had on people's lives, changing them for the better? I have listened to Imus for years, and watched him on MSNBC. I purchased the cleaning products that he talked about on his program. He was right, they are toxin-free and work better than anything else on the market. The profits, do they go in his pocket? No. They all go to the ranch out West that he and his wife started 10 years ago. The ranch for children with cancer and for children that have lost a sibling to SIDS. Not the ranch for white children only, but a ranch for ALL children, regardless of race.
Another recent hot topic on the Imus show, the veterans and how the buildings they were staying in were in horrible condition. Apparently, The Washington Post first broke this story. However, I do not read that newspaper, but did hear the news and the continual follow-up stories on the Imus program. Imus pushed and pushed for people to be held accountable for what these men and women were having to endure after fighting for our country. He pushed and pushed for things to change.
Bottom line, Imus crossed the line and made a comment that shouldn't have been made, he made a mistake. He's human. I only hope that he will be able to continue on with a program elsewhere.

Mr. Obama wants to be President. Will he do anything for it?
Will he suck up to those two phony, supposed to be Revs, Jackson and Sharpton. I know that Jesse Jackson is an ordained Baptist minister, but who ordained Sharpton? James Brown? Sharpton is the self appointed guardian of all things Black. He has never apologized to anyone in the Brawley case, or to those young men in the Duke case, and he never will. He has made offensive remarks regarding Jews, has he ever apologized.
The Imus case was about the injured parties, those wonderful young
player of the Rutgers University women's basketball team, not about Sharpton or Jackson or Obama. If Mr. Obama jumps to a decision because Jackson or Sharpton says he should, maybe a second President Clinton is not such a bad thing.

What has happened to the producer, Bernard McGuirk, who was engaged in the conversation with Don Imus? What is his punishment with Sumner Redstone and WFAN? He has been the producer with Don Imus since 1987. That is 20 years of enabling. “Jigaboos” as stated by Mr. McGuirk, is equally deplorable as to what Don Imus said about the Rutgers basketball players. Charles McCord also works for CBS and WFAN. What happened to him? Where is the consistency in discipline? WAXY-790theticket in Miami has Sid Rosenberg. He has had to apologize to Don Imus numerous times for remarks he has made prior to this, just to get back on his show. Why? Don Imus could tell us the answer. This is another double standard to the situation. Everyone needs to be held accountable. Unfortunately, their shock-stock value just went through the roof. Don Imus should have never given Al Sharpton an ounce of credit by going on his show. He is not a spokes-person for the African-american community. He has his own closet full of skeletons. When do the corporate sponsors open their eyes to what is happening? The cycle will never be broken. Not when so much money is involved. It’s a lot like paparazzi and the entertainment industry. The people that buy the magazines that paparazzi sell their photos too are enabling the situation. A dynamic way to try and change the situation is to challenge your time on earth and not always consume what is being sold by society. Visual, verbal, it all has an impact. Rap Music has been a catalyst that a lot of people have moved past. Don’t be naive to think that those basketball players at Rutgers don’t own or listen to the music that engages this type of behavior. The women of the Rutgers basketball team didn’t deserve this type of attention. They were having their moment. It’s unfortunate that these young women were described in such a hateful manner. Don Imus was caught in a situation that has been boiling for a long time. With his status and personal philanthropy, it will be interesting to see what kind of person he becomes after all of this. Guess he has the free time now.

I need help. I cannot understand why Imus's remrks are "racist". Probably they are defamatory, but I see no racism in it. Or is it "racist" for a white person to insult a black one? If that is the case, those who feel aggreived required terapy. "Hey man you call me idiot because I am black". "No, Sir, I did so because of your poor intellect which, not being a racist, I evaluate on a common benchmark". It is time to fight back blacks' emotional backmail. It has become a patethic feature of black sub-culture threatening to impair individual and collective black growth and an unacceptable un-American threat of the freedom of speech and thought of non-blacks. Why should a non-black need to be more sentive when talking to a black than a non-black? Because I am not a racist, I refuse to answer thinking of blacks as lesser being than other. If it is on account of their forefathers having have it rought 150 years ago, what about our Vietnamese and Korean co-citizens?

Not one person has mentioned something really important in regards to the Rutger's girls. Since we are in the year 2007 and the fact that we are now living in the information age, I think it is safe for me to assume that the parents of each and every one of those girls, along with all the important people that surround them in their lives should have given these girls the strength and self-confidence needed to undergo any kind of verbal criticism that anyone throws their way. Weve all gone through this, some more than others but no one is immune to verbal attack at some point in their lives. I have many friends of all ethnicities and they are very confident with themselves and they are passing these important values to their children, to be proud of their heritage and turn away from negative comments and people that may try to tear them down.

I have a teen son and brought him up as a single parent, he knows where he comes from and where he's going in life. Are these girl's all alone in life and just have their coach to raise them and lean on things when times get tough? I doubt it. Personally, I wouldnt leave my child's life up to some coach or teacher or any stranger out there.

As Ive watched this story unfold over the past week Ive noticed that in America and especially with the media's help, it's beneficial to play the victim. How sad! Can you say, Drama? We had the opportunity to view 2 Press Conferences this week, the one with the Rutger's girls and the one with the Duke Lacrosse Boys. Did anyone besides myself notice the difference? I almost fell asleep watching the Rutger's Press Conference. I had to put C. Vivian on mute as she rambled and didnt stay on the point and I truly wanted to hear what they all had to say. She sounded like Al Sharpton to me, ZZZzzz. In my opinion, they said next to nothing. And I am really suspicious as to why they waited several days before meeting face-to-face with Imus. What was goin on in the background during the few days in between? Were they being promtped on what to do because of some undisclosed plan and the mob scene that was being created?

Al and Jesse are stuck in the 60s and need to retire. Let's get some younger people in there to discuss this ongoing tension between caucasions and minorities.

The problem I have been finding in the whole debate on radio, tv and blogs is that too many people are invoking the First Amendment. I understand that Imus is an American and can make any statement he wants and hold any beliefs he wishes, but broadcast is a business. He could walk down the street and yell his on-air comments at the top of his lungs and no one could do a thing...He can't be voted off the island. But radio and tv are sponsor-based businesses and have to follow the whim of the people. If people are offended, the sponsors bolt because they are looking for people to buy their products, not associate them with the comments of a man who, let's face it, does not have a sterling reputation when it comes to race, gender or preference. It's the reason there isn't a nationally syndicated KKK program, or something else of that nature. This is business, the business of keeping sponsors happy. The First Amendment doesn't even enter into it.

Dear John,

To tell you the truth I have never heard any of Imus's shows but when I heard what he said about some black women, "Yes I said black women" not African Americans!! This Political Correctness in America is a bunch of crap!!! I’m White does that mean I’m an American American no I’m just American. People say we need to be more respectful and not say the "n" word or should I say "Nigger" where are those people when I'm called a "Honky" or should I say the "h" word, its life, people say things get over it!! If these black women would have been called "Nappy Headed Hos" by a black rapper such as Snoop Dogg none of this would have ever come about not only that but they would have probably taken it as some kind of "ghetto" complement. You would have never ever heard anything from this hypocrite Al Sharpton who does this loser think he is. If you listen to just 5 minutes of any of these black rappers songs "if you can stand it for that long", you will hear worse things than what Imus said.

Where is the free speech, what’s America coming to when you can't say what you want on your own radio show. I do disagree with Imus, if I would have said the same thing and got the same response no one could have paid me enough to apologize come on Americans!! "IT'S FREE SPEECH"



Whilst Imus' comments were certainly counter-productive to society as a whole, as a Black woman myself, I have maintained for years that the Black community NEEDS to urgently address the images, perceptions being perpetuated by blacks themselves under the guise of art/music. Black people have been psychologically scarred from slavery and its ensuing years, as the image of black people from those times has become a part of the psyche we inherited from previous generations ("the sins of the fathers shall be passed on to the children"). History taught us about the sub-human conditions we endured, the prejudice and hatred against us, the depiction of our color, our hair, our bodies as ugly and undesirable... as children we see magazines, commercials showing whites as beautiful and even within our own race we do things with our hair and skin in an effort to recreate these European projections of beauty. There is no doubt the black race has been deeply psychologically scarred from its interaction with white socities. However, when are we going to take the responsibility to re-create and perpetuate a strong, positive self image for our children to emulate? Why do we waste so much energy and anger trying to make white people take responsibility for re-defining who we are? The truth is, children who are born and grow up listening to the music of our own people referring to strong black women as "hos" and other derogatory names will grow up believing that is the way it is. When our highest aspirations are to drink crytal, wear designer clothes, drive fabulous cars, have unlimited money and women then we create a generation of superficial people with no concern for the greater good of our own race. Children do live what they learn....that is psychology 101. It is time black people stop being angry with whites and take the responsibility for raising our children with a sense of pride, integrity and deep appreciation for everything we have overcome and the limitless potential within every one of us.

Well, here's Dr BLT's answer to the whole Imus ordeal. You heard it first here:

Imus Forgive
words and music by Dr BLT (c) 2007

Obama hasn't yet heard any racist comments about his Presidency, or himself, that could be equated with the Imus remarks.

Criticism, slicing and dicing is what Americans do to uncover the debatable issues to see resolution.

If every reference to Obama must be considered racism because it is negative, he certainly should not be President or it will end free speech in America.

What would be his reaction by the standard of treatment of Bill Clinton or George W. Bush on late night TV, political cartoons, comedy skits, etc.? Obama did not have to run for President, and being black should not be a shield against negative remarks that have more to do with criticism than with racism.

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