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Sweet blog special: Obama asked about Sun-Times story about ties with Rezko during debate.


ORANGEBURG, S.C.--During the Democratic presidential primary debate, NBC anchor Brian Williams asked White House hopeful Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) about Monday's story in the Chicago Sun-Times about his ties to a shady Illinois political figure and if that is contrary to his claim of running a campaign with a new kind of politics.

Williams, not referring to Tony Rezko by name asked this question....

click below for question and Obama's repy.

WILLIAMS You've promised in your campaign a new kind of politics, but just
this week the Chicago Sun-Times reported on questionable ties you have
with a donor who was charged last year for demanding kickbacks on
Illinois business deals.

Aren't you practicing the very same kind of politics that many of
the others on this stage have engaged in?

OBAMA: Well, not all, we have thousands of donors. This donor
engaged in some ethical (sic) behavior and I have denounced it.

But I have a track record of bringing people around this new kind
of politics, since I was in the state legislature.

The first bill I ever passed was campaign finance reform
legislation -- the first in a generation in Illinois.

Here, in the United States Senate we were able to work to
strengthen the lobbying ethics reform bill, despite the resistance of
some of my colleagues in both parties.

And, in terms of how we've been running this campaign, we have
seen that I have not taken money from federal registered lobbyists.
We are not taking money from PACs.

What we are doing is organizing ordinary people to do
extraordinary things all across the country. And that's what its
going to require in order to change politics in this country.

OBAMA: We know what the challenges are, and we've got good plans
and ideas on health care and education and energy. What's been
lacking is the political will to get it done, and that's the kind of
movement that I intend to build during the course of this campaign.

MODERATOR: Senator, thank you.


Is Senator Obama lying?

They all had those questions. Edwards 400 haircut, ect.
Oh, and despite the incredible stupidity of the pundits, the american people voted Obama as the winner.

What Obama didn`t explain was the sweetheart deal he got from Rezko. Rezko bought a lot next to his house and sold it to him for 1/6th of the price he paid. Obviously Rezko expected something in return from Obama.
Hillary was the clear winner because of her poise, self confidence and knowledge and as usual Obama was a shallow empty suit.

Yes, I will agree with you that Biden and Dodd did better than the first tier candidates. I was particularly surprised at how well Dodd did, since I really didn't know much about him. However, I'm not willing to say the same about Richardson. That being said, I think it was easier for them to be more candid because they were second tier candidates and didn't have as much to lose. Obama and Clinton had more to lose than the others and were more guarded. Between Obama and Clinton, Senator Clinton did better because she is use to real debating. Senator Obama basically had an easy time during his senate election against non-candidate Alan Keyes. And the press has been treating Obama more like a Hollywood celebrity than a public servant. So he has been able to use that Hollywood smile and speak in generalities. Now he has to actually "interview" for the job. So debates do serve a purpose. I look forward to more.

One thing I did learn from the debate is that Bill Richardson is a racist. Also, maybe the naive, childish Obama supporters saw how very ordinary he is when confronted with some tough questions. I think now it is pretty clear why Obama has been avoiding the interviewers who will ask him tough questions.

Yeah, and isn't Obama suppose to be friends of the unions and the working-man. So why did he back Dorthey Tillman last week? Whom the unions were against. And who made racist comments against Hispanic-Americans in the past.

to John H. Olsen: You asked if Obama was lying. I can give you the answer. 'Only if his lips were moving'.

The Obama con job will keep unraveling with each further debate. After a few more debates the only vote he will get is the black vote and the guiltiest of the guilty white liberal vote.

Reba, you seem to be confused on the facts. Obama bought 1/6 of the lot for 1/6 of the price Rezko paid for the whole lot.

As I predicted and continue to stand by my word, Barack Obama will self-destruct within the next year to the point of literal extinction. He will become a footnote in the annals of non-presidents of the likes of Dukakis, Geraldine Ferraro and that pair of clowns, Kerry & Edwards.

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