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Sweet blog special: Clinton to speak at Rutgers on Monday. In the wake of Imus uproar.


WASHINGTON--In the wake of shock jock Don Imus racist and sexist smear of the Rutgers basketball team, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton on Monday will speak at the university's well known Center for American Women and Politics and the Eagleton Institute of Politics.

Clinton on Wednesday launched a "Respect for Rutgers" drive on her campaign website, handing the team the best position on her front page. A centerpiece of Clinton's campaign strategy is locking up female votes.

Her Rutgers speech is titled "Because politics matter.""

-- Anniversary Lecture Series --
Eagleton Institute of Politics
Center for American Women and Politics

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton

Because Politics Matters:
Women and Public Leadership
Monday, April 16, 2007
Trayes Hall, Douglass College Center
100 George Street
New Brunswick, NJ


Are our comments ever going to be posted or what? What's the point of a blog if not one message is being posted. I posted about 2 hours ago? Huh?

OK, This is the third time I've tried to post. Here we go again.

Gee...I wonder what Sharpton and Jackson will do now that the cameras have disappeared, the media has left their doorstep, and another press conference would prove redundant? They have their sacrificial cow. Now what? I have a few suggestions? First, let them go down to North Carolina and stand by the 3 young men who were victims of a racist and corrupt prosecutor's office. If they want to beat their chests and say how moral and "fair" their intentions were in the Imus case, let them be moral and fair to those young men at Duke University and support them and say how they were abused. But it won't happen. 2. Sharpton needs to apologize for the harm he has caused in the Tawana Brawley and Crown Heights affairs. For no other reasons then pure greed and personal vengence for perceived "injustices" against individuals of his ethnic group, he manufactured falsehoods and mythical incidents that severely damaged people's reputations. And he did this with impunity and without one utterance of apology in either case. He needs to recant. But it won't happen. 3. Jesse Jackson did apologize for his recent marital "indiscretion", but has he shown remorse for calling NYC "Hymietown"? Jews being "interlopers"? I haven't seen any retractions. Jesse, for heaven's sake, apologize for your anti-semitic remarks! But it won't happen, either. In fact, I haven't seen one shred of compassion from either of these supposed "Reverends"! I look in their eyes and all I see are dollar signs and hypocrisy. These individuals have made quite a comfortable living for themselves as muck-rakers and race-baiters, and they think that they are so elevated above the rest of mankind that they don't have to apologize to anyone. One last question: Who will they go after now? CBS Records, who rakes in hundreds of millions of dollars while allowing their rap "artists" to pump out audio venom against women and people not of their ethnic persuasion? It's not going to happen. These two men have no morality, or they would would have called for the same boycotts against record companies long ago. Hypocrisy is a very unattractive necklace to wear around one's neck.

Imus' comments represent an underlying racist opionon against african-american women and women in general but it goes beyond commen decency. He needs to "go back where he came from". Sincerely, From a Caucasion woman.

Clinton is in her usual form of exploiting for her own chance to be in the spotlight. The young women are not of concern to Clinton, just the spotlight she can get for her ego.
Clinton cares about no one but, herself.
I wish the media was more savvy in seeing things like this as not anything more than a sound bite moment for Hillary.

Nice maneuver on the Clinton's Team !!!!!! Obama is on your heels..

The person who thinks Hillary Clinton has no personal interest in what the Rutgers women are going through obviously has no idea the kind of crap Imus has said about her. She and Gwen Ifill (among others) have carried Imus's public distain for strong women with dignity. Now they all get to watch together as the bully goes down. Women rock!

Rutgers, sharpton and jackson have been a team. I've seen the rutgers coach and sharpton together on television. I am disgusted by a college (Rutgers)that teaches double standards.

Clinton at Rutgers, Ho-Hum.....

Women rock? Are you a sexist Jan? I have been hearing more and more this might have been a ploy by Imus to get out of his contract and go to satellite radio for more cash. And if that happens I will laugh my proud, white, conservative, male head off.

well, hillary has lost my vote...rudy, who has supported imus and the right to free speech isn't jumping on the bandwagon....if somebody can show me how these comments have hurt anybody, cme forward...imus's listeners are males over the age of 40 earning over 100g per year...what can imus possibly say to them, in humor, that would cause them to go out and degrade women...really!
the rapsters, whose audience is filled with potential felons, degrade and desensitize blacks and women, and continue to do so...where are the thieving, opputunistic uneducated sharpton and jackson..
i truly hope there is a serious backlash against cbs, nbc and the gutless sponsors who pulled out of imus's show...leslie moorevs should grow a backbone (and something else) instead of cowtowing to sensationalism...and that goes for the rest of you news hos

Well, Imus is a jerk. No arguement there. But when he was bashing Bush, the war, campaigning for Kerry, having democrat politicians on his show, having Joe Biden announce his candiacy on his show, and so on, he was ok. Wasn't he?

And Jan, yes, he made nasty comments about ladies. But he also said, "Atty. General Gonzales should resign and then caretake lawns like ALL THEM PEOPLE do." So I ask, "did you find that also degrading, racist, and insensitive?" Or, as I suspect, you probably enjoyed when he said that.

BTW, everybody didn't the Tennessee ladies basketball team BEAT the Rutgers ladies team? I think its awful how the Tennessee girls are just cast-off to the side in all this. Not getting any acclaim and notice for their great accomplishment.

This is more of Hillary's grandstanding. Obama is guilty of the same. Imus was and still is a has-been. Clap him off the stage and all 140 of his listeners. This story, like so many others, was not worthy of the press that it got. There are far more pressing problems in this country and some of them racial that requiring fixing, before we head off on a tangent to crucify a moronic DJ. I know he's a moron because he actually has Democratic candidates on his show and gives them a pass on their lack of original ideas.

to anonymous: Are you aware you spell caucasian (Caucasion) absolutely the same as Black Wiseman does? How interesting.

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