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Sweet blog scoop: Obama speech today to be the “30,000 foot view on foreign policy.’’ UPDATE SPEECH POSTPONED. 75 minutes before delivery.

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UPDATE..This statement from the Obama campaign....
Due to the tragic events at Virginia Tech yesterday, Barack Obama’s speech to the Chicago Council on Global Affairs has been postponed. The speech will be rescheduled for next Monday, April 23 at 11am at the Fairmont Hotel.

WASHINGTON—The international relations speech to be delivered this morning by Democratic White House hopeful Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) in Chicago is being billed as the “30,000 foot view on foreign policy.’’

Obama is addressing the Chicago Council of Global Affairs at the Fairmont Chicago on Columbus Drive at 11 a.m. central today. Last November he used the same group as the venue to deliver a speech on withdrawing troops from Iraq.

Today’s speech—this is as of Monday late afternoon—was not supposed to dwell on Iraq. Instead, the purpose is to lay out Obama’s “vision” on the threats and challenges facing the U.S.; how to restore U.S. leadership in the world and how to grapple with threats to the U.S.

Each segment could be a separate speech; team Obama however, wants to start laying out some of his bigger picture views, some of which is already in his book “Audacity of Hope.” So why make the speech now? Apprarently it is time for Obama in his presidential campaign to state priorities and say things on the stump that he has written in his book.

He will draw on his unique persona to make some points: Obama is American with an international background, living as a child in Indonesia. (Still not clear if Obama will be cancelling a trip to Indonesia this summer that had been on his calendar.)

Obama will call for the U.S. to more effectively engage the developing world and will discuss how Africa and Asia are integral to U.S. security. That’s a theme Obama used during his trip to Africa last year. He may not go over ground he has already plowed on Iraq. He is supposed to touch on the need to re-invigorate a process to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Obama will also say the U.S. needs to renew alliances in international institutions such as the UN, NATO and the World Bank.

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