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Sweet blog scoop: Clinton's first Chicago fundraiser May 7 at the Palmer House.


WASHINGTON--The Palmer House Hilton served as Bill Clinton's temporary headquarters during the 1992 primary when he won the Super Tuesday primaries and clinched the Democratic presidential nomination by winning the St. Patrick's Day primary in Illinois.

Now Democratic White House hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton makes her first presidential fundraising incursion May 7 in her native Chicago--chief rival Barack Obama's hometown--at a fundraiser targeting lawyers at the same hotel.

"Save the date" invitations went out Wednesday afternoon for the event, where co-hosts--not listed, the event is still being organized--are asked for $2,300.

During the first three months of this year, Obama raised $3,756,716 from Illinois, most from the Chicago area, compared to $373,500 from Illinois for Clinton. Still, Clinton has a very loyal group of well-connected friends in the city--dating from her high school days in Park Ridge, to her years in Arkansas and two terms as First Lady--who will shake the money trees for her.

here's the invite.....


Illinois Lawyers for Hillary

Cordially invite you to a cocktail reception

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton

Monday, May 7th, 2007
5:00 pm

The Palmer House Hilton
Adams Room
17 East Monroe Street
Chicago, IL 60603

$2,300 Co-Host
$1,000 Individual

Please make checks payable to
“Hillary Clinton for President Exploratory Committee”

RSVP to Coety Wyse 202-615-9530 or


do you think she will get a little change here? Her old home town is not too generous with her.
I am hoping very few show up to the fundraiser to begin with.
Give our money to our Senator.

Good for Hillary! It is time she begins fundraising in the state that is her birthplace. She will do very well we are sure.

We lived in Nevada for 23 years and we are just thrilled that Hillary is polling in first place in that State. She has a strong and growing organization in Nevada and the support of both of Harry Reid's sons - one of whom is running her Nevada campaign (Rory Reid).

She has plenty of support in Chicago just as she does all across the nation – witness the Washington Post / ABC news poll released yesterday showing her maintaining a 15 point lead over Obama.

Obama is a very good public servant with a bright future – However, if he’s still this far behind Hillary after the love fest / media hype of the last 5 months, then his supporters should be concerned. The free pass from the media will end sooner or later. So if he’s not gaining now what’s going to happen when the infatuation wears off and he’s forced to answer hard questions and take hard positions?

Hillary is a tested, experienced candidate who is strong enough and capable enough to go all the way.

I live in California and I am a strong supporter of Hillary Clinton.She's smart, focused on the issues she believes in and works hard for her constituents. Obama may eventually become a good public servant but in this election we need someone who has experience and not somebody who's a better public speaker. When the tough gets going,Hillary is going to rise. Obama is just a flash in a pan.He will not be able to solve the complexities in running a good government. He's all talk but no substance. We need the walk not the talk.America was once respected by countries of the world and was great with Bill Clinton.Let's be together with Hillary and make our beloved nation great again.

Mrs. Clinton is losing ground to Mr. Obama. Watch out Hilary, here comes Obama!!! Thank goodness!!

Hillary is a winner!! who says a woman cant run this country as well as a man ? She has my vote. I think others will see too , that she's not just another "pretty " face .

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