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Sweet blog scoop: Clinton launches Chicago fund-raising drive.


WASHINGTON---Democratic White House hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton is putting together a Chicago-based professional fund-raising team, conceeding no ground to the city where chief rival Barack Obama lives.

Clinton hits Chicago on May 7, to headline a lunch benefiting the Mercy Home for boys and girls. There will be some separate fund-raising activity in Chicago for Clinton at that time.

Clinton's team signed on Rafi Jafri to be her Chicago finance director. He started last week, leaving the firm of Dykem Gossett to extract cash from the city where Clinton was born. Clinton has a core of loyalists in Chicago who have been raising money for her.

Jafri's deputy finance Director will be Coety Wyse who just wrapped up an assignment as a fund-raiser for Ald.-elect Sandi Jackson (7th), the wife of Rep. Jesse Jackson (D-Ill.)


I hear Chicago is pretty much locked to Obama. Hope Hillary finds very slim pickings.

Hillary and her campaign are desperate. They are almost, but not quite in full panic mode. By the 4th of July, Obama will lead in a national poll. By labor Day Obama will be leading in ALL national polls.

Hillary is not going to raise a dime in Chicago, but Obama is going to raise a TON in New York and California.

I hear the opposite. It is a little early to conclude that either candidate has a lock on Chicago in my opinion. The real issue of course is Illinois.

Despite the hype and fawning press coverage that Obama has enjoyed since October 2006, Hillary retains a comfortable (and in many cases commanding) lead over Obama. When will the hype translate to a lead in the polls? The Gallup poll released yesterday has Hillary leading Obama 38% to 19%. Obama has not gained any traction. Must be frustrating to his supporters. If he can’t gain now what’s going to happen when the hype and adulation cease and he has to perform and answer the tough questions?

According to the press and pundits, Hillary outperformed Obama at the two recent forums they appeared at together (the Fire Fighters Union and the Health Care Forum in Nevada).

Don’t kid yourselves – Hillary will raise plenty of $ in Chicago.

Nothing against Obama – he has a bright future and may someday be elected president. But it won’t be in 2008.

Let the fun began. All of you Obama addicts have some surprises comming. There is a story here, it's about Obama the very carefully originated and managed myth and the real Obama. When the press and the media who kneel at the alter of Obama come out of their stupor somebody will write about it. I don't think it will be the local folks, it will come from the outside. Then the local press will slap themselves for having this story right under their noses and they didn't see it.

Pamela are you married to that anti-Semitic racist Andy Martin because you sound just like him. Come on Pamela tell the truth.

Craig, you sound desperate. Are you out your mind? Do you really want Bill to go now on the kithchen of the OVal office to do stuff. Come on, do you really want to spend for years listen the press talking about scandal?

I got news for Monina is writing a new book that will be out the summer. Guess what? Tille : MY LIFE WITH SWEET BILL IN WRITE HOUSE. I already place an order for the 1st copy. Would you buy it?

I think there is too much focus on Obama's fundraising success. Remember that four years ago Howard Dean was in the lead in money, but he faild to assemble a winning campaign organization. Amid the media fixation on Obama matching Hillary Clinton in funraising, they are ignoring a much more important race. Hillary Clinton and her husband are quietly hiring all the top campaign talent across the country, and building the infrastructure for bringing out the vote. While Barack Obama is no doubt acheiving major visibility from the media, I don't see evidence yet that he is matching Hillary in building the campaign machine necessary for winning the nomination.

I doubt if Senate Clinton would be able to raise too much in Chicago, Ombama has pretty much cleaned up there. As far as the poll, they are not always correct,Obama is the front runner and will be our next president.

Changing the subject a little bit, the comment in, "Obama Moved Too Slow on the Imus I"ssue for Some Blacks, that didnot phase me one bit. I'm black, and that does not change my vote if he never spoke about Imus. For those Black folks who thought he moved too slow, please get over it because that is one of Clinton's tatic for you to change your folk and tear Obama down. Please wake up and smell the coffee.

Obama has sewn up Chicago!! What a laugh! Obama has some advantages of being the local boy but folks in Illinois are not about to hand over the store to him.

Obama has shown himself to be a liar. He lied about his Muslim past as exposed by his childhood associates in Indonesia who attended mosques with him. His handlers now claim Obama was never a "practicing" Muslim! He lied about the "great painful revelations" that he waxes eloquently in his "memoirs", events which never occurred - as exposed by columnist Richard Cohen. Kerry was drowned by the Swiftboat veterans for over stating his "heroism", likewise Obama will be slaughtered by Hillary for lying about his past. Obama has deliberately suppressed his white half parentage by keeping his white grand mother in hiding. Obama claims he has done a lot for the black poor in Chicago. Could someone tell what? What has Obama done for poor among Hispanics, Asian Americans,Native Americans and even those whites who lost their jobs due to factory closures? And Obama's ignorance about health care is appalling. He was beaten badly in the recent debate in Nevada where Hillary was the undoubted star!!

Let Obama's supporters mull over these points and re-assess their "blind" support to this greenhorn upstart. If Democrats are foolish enough to nominate Obama, ANY Republican nominee will thrash him and he will join the ranks of silly candidates like McGovern, Mondale, Dukakis, Kerry who handed over the Presidency on a platter to Republicans.

I see that the racist Clinton mafia will stop at nothing to destroy a black mans reputaion in their quest for power.

If Clinton attacks Obama the way some of her supporters here do, I will be sure to do all I can to get black people to support John Edwards.

You people sicken me.

Newsflash! -- The Illinois primary is over nine months away, and Hillary Clinton has been through quite a few more national campaigns than our junior Senator. I am confident she knows what she is doing, when it comes to campaigning for National office. Further, as one of Obama's constituents, I really wish he were spending his time doing the things he promised he would do FOR ILLINOIS -- in Washington, D.C. -- rather than running all over the country vying to be President.

dlake-- Hillary won't raise a dime in Chicago? For a reality check, go to the Huffington Post Fundrace page, she's doing quite well here. Hillary has a strong Chicago base that would never consider voting for Obama if Clinton is not the nominee. We know who the RIGHT choice is, as opposed to the Wright-- uh, wrong choice.

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