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President Bush on Monday--the fourth anniversary of the U.S.-led capture of Baghdad--returns to the issue of immigration. Since his first term, Bush has been trying to convince fellow Republicans--more than Democrats--to overhaul the nation's immigration laws and find a way to legalize the status of millions of immigrants living in the U.S. illegally.

Bush tours a section of the Arizona-Mexican border this morning in Yuma, and then makes another pitch for Congress to send him an immigration bill. Last year, the GOP-controlled Congress stalled. This time around with a Democratic-led House and Senate the outcome may be different. But presidential politics will complicate the effort.

GOP White House contender Sen.. John McCain (R-Ariz.) last cycle teamed with Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.) to craft a bipartisan immigration bill. McCain, seeking to woo factions of the GOP who are conservative hardliners on immigration--meaning that any break towards legalized status is seen as amnesty--would loose viability within the GOP base if he were to work again with the liberal Kennedy.

Key player on the House side: Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.), the lead on immigration issues.

For information on the bill Gutierrez is sponsoring, click over to http://luisgutierrez.house.gov/

This from the White House.....

APRIL 9, 2007

This morning, President Bush will participate in a tour of the Yuma Sector Border, which he will follow with remarks on comprehensive immigration reform. The President believes that America can simultaneously be a lawful, economically dynamic, and welcoming society, and he is working with Congress to secure comprehensive immigration reform legislation that addresses the problem of illegal immigration and delivers a system that is secure, productive, orderly, and fair.

9:00 am:
MST THE PRESIDENT participates in a Tour of Yuma Sector Border
Yuma Sector Border | Yuma, Arizona

10:25 am:
MST THE PRESIDENT makes Remarks on Comprehensive Immigration Reform
U.S. Border Patrol – Yuma Station Headquarters | Yuma, Arizona


Office of the Press Secretary

(Yuma, Arizona)


For Immediate Release April 9, 2007

Acting This Year To Pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform

President Bush Discusses Progress Securing Our Border And Outlines Five Objectives For Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Today, President Bush Toured The Yuma Sector Of The Border In Arizona And Made Remarks On Comprehensive Immigration Reform. In May 2006, President Bush visited the Yuma Sector Border and announced Operation Jump Start, under which up to 6,000 National Guard troops have been deployed to the Southern border to complement the work of the Border Patrol. Today, President Bush checked on progress in securing the Yuma Sector Border and dedicated the new Yuma Border Patrol Station.

Ø The President Called On Congress To Act This Year To Pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform That He Can Sign Into Law. Our Nation deserves an immigration system that secures our borders and honors our proud history as a Nation of immigrants. There is a desire on the part of Republicans and Democrats alike to get this problem solved, and by working together, we can enact comprehensive immigration reform into law this year.

Ø The Lessons Of Past Experience Is Clear: All Elements Of This Issue Must Be Addressed Together – Or None Of Them Will Be Solved At All. Illegal immigration is a serious problem that has been growing for decades. Past efforts to address it have failed because they did not do enough to secure our Nation's borders, failed to address the underlying economic reasons behind illegal immigration, and failed to provide sensible ways for employers to verify the legal status of the workers who they hire.

Ø Thanks To The Coordinated Efforts Of The Border Patrol And National Guard Members Deployed Under Operation Jump Start And Other Enforcement Efforts, Illegal Border Crossings In The Yuma Sector Are Down. More than 600 National Guard members are serving at the Yuma Sector as part of Operation Jump Start. In the months before Operation Jump Start, an average of more than 400 people a day were apprehended trying to cross the Yuma Sector Border. That number has dropped to fewer than 140 a day since the start of the operation.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform Must Accomplish Five Clear Objectives

1. Securing The Border

Securing The Border Is A Critical Part Of Our Strategy For Comprehensive Immigration Reform, And We Are Increasing Manpower And Improving Infrastructure And Technology At The Border. Since the President took office in 2001, we have more than doubled funding for border security – from $4.6 billion in 2001 to $10.4 billion in 2007. We have expanded the Border Patrol from about 9,000 agents in 2001 to about 13,000 agents today. By the end of 2008, we will have a total of more than 18,000 agents, doubling the size of the Border Patrol under the President's leadership.

Under Operation Jump Start, National Guard Members Are Supporting The Border Patrol In Texas, California, Arizona, And New Mexico. As we work to complete upgrades at the border, Operation Jump Start is providing the Border Patrol with immediate reinforcements. National Guard Troops deployed under Operation Jump Start are assisting the Border Patrol with surveillance, intelligence, construction, and logistics.

Ø Operation Jump Start Has Put More Manpower On The Border And Allowed The Border Patrol To Move 563 Agents Into Front-Line Positions. The number of people apprehended for illegally crossing our Southern border is down by nearly 30 percent in 2007 from this point in 2006.

We Have Effectively Ended The Practice Of "Catch And Release" For Every Non-Mexican Apprehended At The Southern Border. More than 85 percent of the illegal immigrants caught crossing the Southern border are Mexicans, and virtually all are sent back home within 24 hours. For years, however, most apprehended non-Mexican illegal immigrants were released back into society on this side of the border – with a notice to appear at a future court date – because the government did not have enough detention space to hold them. The President believes this practice is unacceptable, and we have effectively ended it for every non-Mexican apprehended at the Southern border.

Ø We Have Added Thousands Of New Beds At Detention Centers Across The Country. Since the President took office, we have provided funding for 7,798 new beds to accommodate apprehended illegal immigrants – a 40 percent increase over 2001.

Ø We Have Expedited The Legal Process To Cut The Average Deportation Time. We are also making it clear to foreign governments that they must accept back their citizens who violate U.S. immigration laws.

2. Creating A Temporary Worker Program

We Cannot Fully Secure The Border Unless We Take Pressure Off The Border – And That Requires A Temporary Worker Program. By creating a lawful and orderly channel for foreign workers to come to America on a temporary basis, a temporary worker program would help reduce the number of people trying to sneak past the Border Patrol, freeing agents to focus on apprehending violent criminals and terrorists who pose a threat to our security.

3. Holding Employers Accountable For The Workers They Hire

Enforcing Immigration Laws At The Worksite Is A Vital Part Of Any Successful Reform. We are cracking down on employers who knowingly violate the law. To make worksite enforcement practical on a large scale, the President has called for the creation of a tamper-proof identification card for legal foreign workers and a better system for businesses to verify the legal status of their workers. By taking these steps, we will make it easier for businesses to obey the law – and leave them no excuse for violating it.

4. Resolving The Status Of The Millions Of Illegal Immigrants Already In The Country

The Administration Is Working With Democrats And Republicans To Find A Practical Answer That Lies Between Granting Automatic American Citizenship To Every Illegal Immigrant And Deporting Every Illegal Immigrant.

Ø The President Opposes Amnesty. Amnesty is the forgiveness of an offense without penalty. It should not be given to people who entered our country illegally.

Ø Illegal Immigrants Who Have Roots In Our Country And Want To Stay Should Have To Pay A Meaningful Penalty For Breaking The Law, Pay Their Taxes, Learn English, And Work In A Job For A Number Of Years. People who meet a reasonable number of conditions and pay a penalty of time and money should be able to apply for citizenship, but approval would not be automatic, and they will have to wait in line behind those who played by the rules and followed the law.

5. Finding New Ways To Help Newcomers Assimilate Into Our Society

We Will Honor The American Tradition Of The Melting Pot And Help Immigrants Assimilate By Learning Our History, Our Values, And The English Language.

Ø Last June, The President Created The Task Force On New Americans To Look For Ways To Help Newcomers Assimilate And Succeed In Our Country. Many organizations, from churches to businesses to civic associations, are already working to answer this call.

# # #


The American people have yet to be shown just how an eighth amnesty since the "one-time-only" amnesty for 2.7 million illegals in 1986 will put an end to illegal immigration and produce long-term benefits for this nation.

The media have failed miserably in their responsibility to keep their readers and viewers informed about the real costs of today's unprecedented levels of immigration, nearly half of which is illegal. Nearly ever column inch or TV sound bite given to the immigration issue paints illegals as "victims" who are "forced to live in the shadows" as they "search for a better life." But where is the coverage of the millions of less-educated American workers who can't find decent jobs that pay a living wage?

We have yet to win President Johnson's "War on Poverty" begun 40 years ago, so why is our government so eager to import more of it?

If the amnesties recently proposed by either the Bush White House or Gutierrez/Flake are implemented, then this country will in effect no longer exist. Our sovereignty, borders, the right to self-determination all will be wiped away by one stroke of the presidential pen and will give the American business community what it has been striving for for decades: An unending supply of cheap, foreign labor that will continue to deprive America's own working-poor of those jobs that once allowed them to support themselves and their families.

Dave Gorak
Executive Director
Midwest Coalition to Reduce Immigration
LaValle, WI

Great points. We need to stop all legal immigration and have no amnesties.

US President Bush has a great plan. He wants those illegal immigrants to be legal. But this could be hard to achieve. Those illegal immigrants might be afraid to let the public know that they are illegal immigrants. But they just have to trust Pres. Bush.


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