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Sweet column: Obama's stealth fund-raising.


WASHINGTON -- Barack Obama's image managers don't want you to know about most of the donor events he is headlining -- including one tonight in Manhattan for Democratic elites where the top hosts have raised $100,000 each for Obama's White House bid.

Obama makes his second visit this week to New York -- Hillary Rodham Clinton territory -- as his campaign insists you don't deserve to be able to know where he is going to raise millions of dollars unless he or his operatives feel in the mood.

In the span of about five hours Monday night, Obama appeared at small events in Manhattan, and then he breakfasted with donors Tuesday morning.

Last Sunday, the Obama campaign wanted all of the stories to be about his visit to Selma, Ala., to mark the anniversary of a historic voting rights battle -- so there was no advance official disclosure that he was flying to Boston from Alabama to scoop up campaign cash.

The Obama team pushed back one Boston event so Obama could stay longer in Selma. He used the time to create a photo op with himself and former President Bill Clinton without archrival Hillary in the frame. I watched Obama skipping out of Bill Clinton's induction into the Voting Rights Hall of Fame -- after allowing a decent amount of time for pictures.

Obama's counselors did not want you to know that on Feb. 22, he hit St. Louis for a fund-raising event. They did not want you to know about the existence of fund-raisers in Ohio.

Raises questions
His handlers are yielding some ground. That's progress. At least we know that Obama is in New York today.
After word leaks out about some of Obama's bigger events, sometimes they are posted on Obama's "public schedule." And, in some cases, the handlers are allowing one -- yes, only one, but one is better than none -- print reporter in to take notes and share the pool report with the others.

Today in New York, Obama has on his schedule a "young professionals" reception that will have pooled coverage. Opening the reception kind of fits in to Obama's drive to fashion himself as the candidate of generational change. What's omitted is a mega-event that will probably take in at least $1 million at the Grand Hyatt with Obama and wife Michelle. Chairs have to raise $100,000, hosts $50,000, co-hosts $25,000 and supporters, $1,000 to $4,000.

This sort of selective release of information about even what city Obama is visiting on a certain day raises questions about the credibility of Obama's claim that "we are going to transform the political process." Obama putting the kibosh on reports of his fund-raising travels is politics-as-usual. Not wrong. But not different.

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Raises questions, huh? He's running for president, he BETTER be at a fundraiser every chance he can...if he can't compete with Hillary's $$, he may as well hang it up now. How shocking! A candidate running for office is going to fundraisers to get money for his campaign! What will they think of next? You're sounding unusually petty and small this morning Ms. Sweet, beyond your usual petty smallness. Obama and his staff not giving you enough personal attention lately?

Is this becoming the official "Insinuate that Obama is a Fraud" blog?

Sure seems like it of late.

Obama also breathes air. Not wrong. But not different.

Is part of the secrecy perhaps to prevent Clinton operatives from keeping tabs on who's giving money to Obama's campaign? They can be vindictive according to what I've read about them. Or, is that information freely available anyways after someone donates to a political candidate? Wouldn't be the first time I've been wrong about something.

Well, I don't have a problem with Obama attending fundraisers. If he wants to become president, then we will just have to accept the fact that he has to raise a substantial amount of money to be able to run a successful campaign.

What are we doing here? Searching for specks of dust to taint a candidate? Nuts. America is tired of this.

Poor reporting. Talk about national issues, international issues. Your reporting is meant to confuse people. It's obvious you come out already having an agenda to smear his campaign

Do you work for the Clinton campaign? Who cares where and when Senator Obama is holding his fund raisers! As an American citizen, does he not have the right and privilege to raise money for his Presidential campaign, every other candidate is doing it. I believe Senator Obama will bring change to the way this country has been run for the last 8 years, but that doesn't mean he needs to notify you, Lynn Sweat, of all of his comings and goings. Maybe you should focus on the fact that Ms. Clinton’s lead on Senator Obama is falling and falling fast and stop crying about not being invited to Senator Obama’s campaign events. Just buy a ticket!

Lynn Sweet Goes Sour Over Barack Obama

You heard of never messing with us women scorned right? How about a Woman reporter scorned? If you mess with her, why , she's likely to start writing bad things about you. Apparently, that's what's going on with Lynn Sweet of Chicago Sun-Times based on what I read in her article. She's bitter that Barack Obama doesn't "report" to her , every single fundraising event he attends. Mama don't like that. So what did Lynn do? She writes a nasty little column designed to make Barack Obama appear as if he's doing something wrong, like he's going behind his supporters backs to raise campaign big money and is hiding from the Media. She complains that he didn't invite the Media along to a variety of events and didn't bother telling them where he was going to be and when so they could rush out there and write about how Black he is or isn't. Then, at the end of her piece of .... , she notes that he did nothing wrong , but that she expected him to be different . Shame on Barack Obama for not seeking Media attention for every single thing he does. He's supposed to be actively seeking the limelight. He's supposed to be salivating at the mouth for any and every opportunity he can to get a camera shoved in his face or to get some little or no name journalist to write a petty story about him. I didn't know that's what journalism was for. I knew it's for reporting news. I knew it's to inform the public. I just was unaware that it was also a place where journalists can air their personal frustrations . I didn't know the Chicago Sun- Times was Lynn Sweets " Dear Diary" . I generally like her columns , but I guess , I'll wait until her bitter feelings subside before I read any more. I hope you feel better Lynn.

Give me a break! How else do you expect him to finance his campaign now? This is the "sweet " proof that you are trying hard and hard and you fail and fail to find something pertinent to say against him.

Shouldn't you be writing for the National Enquirer or some other snide and gruesome rag? Did you attend the "Nails on Chalkboard" School of Journalism? It is really shameful writing-it drips with sneering innuendo. It is so pathetic that this is the best "dirt" you can find. Your last name should be "Sour."

lynn sweet, take a deep breath: Obama is transformational politics incarnate. He doesn't have to provide fodder for the clinton machine to prove anything. In a campaign where the clintons are literally bullying donors, he's got to apply discretion. leave the man alone and report on Dick Durbin for a day.

Why all the negativity about the fund-raisers??? It's unrealistic to think every event Obama attends is supposed to be publically displayed and/or announced.

I agree. This is a ridiculous column. Of course he needs to raise money. How else is he supposed to be elected? Sweet, my goodness, this is one of the most absurd columns I've ever seen.

"Stealth," "don't want you to know," "raises questions", Yes, raises questions about your agenda, Lynn; insidious, merit-less, implications, shades of "Willy Horton" style journalism; sad.

Just a little miffed because the PRESS isn't privvy to EVERYTHING? Gee, wonder just why that might be? Seems those of you in the MSM are on a mission to discredit his character at any cost since his rise in the polls. You all must be having slow news days lately, dishing up such nonsensical, vacuous drivel so regularly; journalism-as-usual; DEFINITELY wrong AND sadly, NOT new.

Oh, for your edification, his supporters were made privvy to his upcoming NYC fundraiser quite some time ago. Conveniently, you also FORGOT to mention the 2 hr. "after party" event, made available to us "grass roots" types, not at 1000.00 and up a ticket, but 100.00. Oh, and the inside scoop...venue change for the after party, from a local eatery to the Hyatt Grand Ballroom, due to demand; over 2,000 ticket requests. You might want to report on that tomorrow, too. We're one step ahead of you, Lynn

I don't think it insinuates that he's a fraud. But when he portray's an image that he is not your typical washingtonian, and then tries to keep his typical washingtonian activities hush hush, it does leave the question open to his truthiness.
Maybe Obama isn't all what he's cracked up to be... just maybe.

As usual, a few Obama minions chime in to kill the messenger.

For those who missed the point, let's recap:

1) Major theme of the Obama campaign is how he is a "breath of fresh air" and "changing politics as usual."

2) In fact, Obama is just like all the old school politicians.

So the point of the column is not character assasination or stumping for HIllary (or John or Bill or Joe or Chris or Aunt Sally). The point is to hold pols accountable when they try to spin the public.

The right wing has the "dittoheads." What's the name for a liberal/progressive who drank the Kool-Aid and can't see anything wrong with their idols while echoing everything they say?

Everyone knows that to compete with the Clintons (seems like they're a team these days)it will take huge ammounts of cash. This is an unfortunate fact of political life. I don't remember Lynn publishing or commenting on the story about Barack challenging the Federal Election Commission to allow him to give back donations if the Republican nominee will agree to abide by Federal Financing of the general election. THIS IS DIFFERENT!! In a way you are heping Barack by laying these petty floof stories. It gives him the opportunity to show his mettle. After a year of this sophmoric jibberish, we will have a new president- of the people. Not one who needs to pander to the msm!

In this case, Lynn Sweet has HIT THE NAIL RIGHT ON THE HEAD! By refusing to come clean, Obama is practicising the "old politics," no matter what kind of sophist spin David Axelrod or some other "clever, amoral handler" ATTEMPTS to put on it. And ESPECIALLY because he is "claiming" to represent the lower 80% of people in this country..... HIS CLOSE ASSOCIATION WITH PRIVATEERS AND HEDGE FUND MANAGERS WHO DESPISE THE LOWER 80% of the people is really a way that Sen. OBAMA IS PUTTING A CURSE ON HIMSELF....... Why is this the case?

Say it ain't so, Sen. Obama....... Denounce Cheney-loving George Soros and the other off-shore hedge fund contolled and directed economic policies that are destroying the people and you m-i-g-h-t win some respect!!!!

I don't recommend anyone hold their breath till then!!!

Gerald Pechenuk, LaRouche PAC, Chicago

Um, every campaign does this. Next we will be learning the shocking news that those "home made" posters at campaign rallies are, gasp, not home made.

David you could be correct. He probably doesn't want Clinton's operative to know who's giving him money. Obama did say about transforming politics(slash and burn) by I don't think he meant on fund-raising.

STOP IT! People, Obama is a politician, he is not a knight in shinning armor. He is a politician. Stop expecting him to be different, a breathe of fresh air. That's a joke. He's too ambitions to be a breath of fresh air. He wants it too bad to be an agent of change. I was disappointed that he decided to run, because the people that can and possible will put him office will dictate the agenda of his presidency and it won't be the people.

To be for and elected by the people takes to long. He wants it now!

The man needs every penny he can get to run against theClinton machine. And some of the quiet ones may be due to not letting Hillary know what he is up to or how much he really has right now. The more y9u surprise your opponet the better

Senator Obama is keeping his sources close to the vest?

------I say kudos to him!!

When the quarterly reports roll in, the only way he won't cream Hillary Clinton is if those desperate to see her as the Democratic nominee (Rupert Murdoch and other righties for example) keep up the frantic pace of bank-rolling of her campaign.

I think it's smart for Senator Obama to be descreat for this reason: If you notice, every where Obama goes, Hillary follows. Everytime he's interviewed on talk radio -- guess who calls in afterwards to be interviewed? It's like a bad rash!!!

If he lets the cat out of the bag on who his heavy hitters are, she'll sick the Big Dawg on them to try and persuade them to jump onboard with her.

Her campaign pays attention to all of the Democratic blogs, forums, and grassroots sites -- and I'm sure they are worried.

Why? Because on the largest left-leaning sites on the net, she always comes in near dead last in member polling for '08 candidates. It's the -MEDIA- who keep telling us she's in the lead.

Her campaign knows better and they are worried about this sensation known as Obama.

I think it's brilliant that he's keeping his sources and locations a secret. If you had her tailing your campaign, wouldn't you? ;)

Thank goodness he's attending some large fund-raisers. Are there any politicians that are running for president, NOT attending fund-raisers? Now that would be a story.........but we all know that running a presidential campaign takes big bucks! Why don't you write about all the small rallys, meet and greets, house parties, town hall meetings meet the candidate events that he's attending? Now, that would be interesting. Why? Because what you will find, at these evnets, are average American people doing everything they can to contribute to his campaign so that this country can live with hope, honesty, and change! Big bucks from these events? Not at all. But he still attends, when he can. Or, if that's too boring for you. Why don't you write about the movement that's taking over this country? What movement? "The People" speaking out and standing up for what they believe; trying to take 'our' country back!

Transparency in fundraising is something all of these candidates owe the public. Barack is no different. If he wants to hide his fundraisers from the public, then he deserves the criticism that he gets.

I wonder why there are not any journalists reporting about how the politicians are responding to the correspndence (issues) that they receive from their consituents.

Political Commentary
Sunday, March 11, 2007
Contact Mark S. Allen @ 773-392-0165

Rev. Jackson Shouldn't Criticize the Words and Civil Rights Agenda of Obama/Clinton

When Barack Obama took an organizers job that other Chicago residents would not take fighting for the people in Altgeld Gardens, that was fighting for the least of God's people. When Obama took the lead on the city wide voter registration campaign of 1986 that registered over 100,000 new voters, was the difference in the election of Carol Moseley Braun and reelection of Harold Washington, and our civil rights agenda.

Rev. Jackson's daughter, Santita Jackson is a talk show host based in Chicago and heard nationally by those across the country who listen to the new 24 hour Black owned news/talk station WVON-AM 1690. On her program following the commemoration of Bloody Sunday march in Selma, as host, and a learned one, Santita Jackson properly educated a guest on her show on his live report from Selma that the major discussion was that Rev. Jackson's absence allegedly showed his lack of support for keeping the civil rights agenda alive. Clearly that kind of national public criticism was off base for he did not know of Rev. Jackson's mission and expansion of his leadership to be in Ghana, and that Rev. Sharpton and others were proper examples of how the Joshua Generation was fulfilling their rightful places at major civil rights activities.

I was hesitant to respond to the calls I got from certain media to respond to the recent SunTimes commentary by which it appears that Rev. Jackson is critical of Obama's alleged lack of a public civil rights agenda. As a former staff member to the likes of Rev. Jackson at PUSH or James Compton at The Chicago Urban League, it was always frustrating to take calls from people who would have private and public criticisms on various positions that these leaders allegedly didn't have on behalf of the least of God's people. That criticism of Compton and Jackson and others from our "Moses Generation," was as not true as the criticism of Obama today that he has no specifics for the next phase of a Civil Rights agenda.

How could you criticize the Chicago Urban League and the leadership of the former President James Compton when it was his leadership that established years of historic programming that sponsored citywide voter registration campaigns, and programs for prenatal care, computer training, minority contracting, educational and other needed social service programs? Now, after more than 20 years of going as far it could go with social service programs, the new President, Cheryle Jackson has clearly prepared an empowerment agenda that truly satisfies the critics who would say that the Urban League's agenda didn't take Black people far enough. She has responded with an aggressive agenda that includes acquiring real estate for the sole purpose of Black business development and other grassroots economic development projects to lift up the disenfranchised. Cheryle Jackson made it clear that she stands on the shoulders of those who came before her, and asked the public to trust that her vision will now take us to a real point where more Black men have the legitimate opportunities to go to college and contribute, versus jail when they find themselves with nothing but illegal economic options to provide for e their familles.

When I traveled as a national staff member for Rev. Jackson's '88 Presidential Campaign. city after city, state after state, skeptic after skeptic, would have criticisms of Rev. Jackson's "One Big Tent," "Rainbow" concept even as the Jackson '88 campaign would eventually wake up 7 million voters to the themes of Keep Hope Alive and Rebuild America. And meeting after meeting when some of us may have been buying into the public criticism of our '88 efforts that Rev. Jackson gave us all the reasons why despite the critics, we were "winning everyday." He made us to understand how we were achieving victory after victory as we kept counting the numbers of time other campaigns used our messages as theirs and as more and more people participated and the number of new Black and progressive officials were growing.

Rev. Jackson said something to the effect of "words are good, but where is the agenda?" For 30 years I have worked under the belief of Rev. Jackson's words, from "I am somebody," "Down with Dope and up with hope," "Keep Hope Alive," and his current "Access to Capital" campaign of his Wall Street Project. While it may not have been the best of words for some, it was more than enough to take his Moses' (Dr. King) agenda to the registration of more voters than any political leader living, the environment of thousands to get access to jobs and business and political office across this country, and yes, he helped set the stage for this current campaign of Obama and Clinton.

I do not know Senator Clinton enough to speak with authority on her sincerity on making her words real on behalf of the Black and progressive leadership that have been quick to support her campaign. I met Barack Obama when he came to Chicago and did not know one side of town to the next, but from working in Altgeld Gardens and working on a freedom fighters salary, coordinating the campaign to out 100,000 new voters on the books for Chicago's political empowerment movement, to capturing the mindset and consciousness for people of color and all economic levels, but most importantly, the current inspiration of new generations of voters across age, class and racial lines not seen in some time. A classic example of taking Rev. Jackson's words of "Keep Hope Alive" to Obama's "Audacity of Hope". A perfect fit in my judgment of the current Moses to Joshua generations.

While people to this day continue to attack Rev. Jackson, Rev. Sharpton, Minister Farrakhan, and other elder leaders of this black and Progressive power movements, there current and future legacies are defined by those who followed first, their words of purpose to define what their specific agenda would be to empower a disenfranchised people. Clinton and Obama seem do different and my experience of the Jackson '88 campaign suggests that as these days progress, the public criticism that Rev. Jackson and others currently project will result in Obama, Clinton, and other candidates specific position papers and their platforms adjusting accordingly.

To some degree, Rev. Jackson, Rev. Sharpton, Minister Farrakhan's criticism of Clinton and Obama don't seem to follow the same formula and process that the masses were directed when following their major movements. Minister Farrakhan and The Nation of Islam are still being challenged by many in the grassroots community on benefits of the Million Movement. As Rev. Sharpton throws out the possibility of running for President again, callers to local radio stations and grassroots meeting are still debating over just what did Sharpton's previous campaign achieved in terms of national platform, new Black and progressive elected officials, etc. And based upon local criticisms is the reason why I thought Rev. Jackson focused so much on why he was going to endure that he take this latest Wall Street Project Agenda directly to grassroots communities so people at the local level could not continue to say that his and other national leaders are leaving the least of God's people behind.

Minister Farrakhan spoke the words of a united front and operational unity; Rev. Sharpton speaks the words of keeping it real; Hillary Clinton spoke the words of belief that she knows she's a benefactor of Bloody Sunday; Barack Obama spoke the words of standing on the shoulders of Selma; Rev. Jackson speaks the words of no such thing as back in the civil rights days. I could join the chorus that those are words and their agenda still has not yet stopped the trend of more Black men going to jail than college. Despite the agenda not getting Black and progressive people exactly where they need to be, that doesn't mean that we should not believe in their respective words of faith. I believe them. The words of Clinton and Obama must be believed in order for the rest of us to work at challenging them to develop a specific agenda that truly begins to lift up the many grassroots people that today still feel left behind by all leaderships.

There are Joshua's on the way, but the Moses must work together to lift the Joshua's up where they have prepared themselves to belong, not attack the beginning of the lift-off process. From Keep Hope Alive to the Audacity of Hope. United front, now operational Unity. That's Keeping it real Rev. Jackson. The next generation of the civil right movement is alive is in us all, whether it comes out of our mouths the way everybody wants to see it on an everyday basis. It's in our actions, but it begins with our words.

Mark S. Allen
Associate Editor
The South Street Journal Newspaper (55,000 Chicago weekly) & Cofounder
The New Black Independent Media Coalition
449 East 35th Street, 1st Floor
Chicago, Illinois 60616
773-776-8353 -- 773-373-7000 -- 773-392-0165

to Mark S. Allen: Mark, since you are very close aquaintances of alot of these people in the news, could you answer some questions on thoughts I've always had? Thank you.

Since you are close to Operation PUSH and Rev. Jackson, could I ask the following:
1. Does Operation Push put out a yearly report like everybody else on where every dollar comes from and how every dollar is accounted for? Could you inform us folks on this blog where we could get access to such information?
2. Rev. Jackson was protesting the idea of Wal-Mart coming into the city. Since that store is NON-union and what have you. I'm curious, are the workers at Operation PUSH in a union and if so, which one?

You spoke of Minister Farrakhan. Now here is something I've always been wondering about. Are there any caucasians in his 'Nation of Islam'? Afterall, we're talking a religion, not a private club, right? There are predominant white muslim nations in the world, you know. Examples being Turkey, Bosnia, Albania, Iran, Azeribaijan, and much of Bulgaria, and so on. I'd find it discriminating and a slur at Islam if whites weren't allowed as full-status members of his sect. You agree?

You said Obama taking a job at Altgeld Gardens was taking a job for 'the least of God's people'. What kind of comment was that? To me, God has no MOST or LEAST. We're all equal.

About the Selma Commeration: Why were only democrats invited? I mean people who are now republicans MARCHED WITH DR. KING AT SELMA. Ken Hamblin (radio talkshow host) is the first that comes to mind. He even got hit with a brick in the head. Surely, you'd agree he had a right to be there? I'm amazed he isn't invited but I bet Al Gore and Robert Byrd were. Gore's father led the filibuster v. the Voting Rights Act. And Byrd voted v. it. Does this mean that if Jackie Robinson was still alive, he couldn't be there? Since he was a republican.

You seem to say people attack Rev. Jackson, Minister Farrakhan, Rev. Sharpton, etc. Mark, why use the word ATTACK? There just human-beings like you and me. And we have the right to ask critical questions of them just like anybody else. Just like we do a president, governor, mayor, or leader of any organization. Do you agree?...again, thank you.

To John:

You said:
"You spoke of Minister Farrakhan. Now here is something I've always been wondering about. Are there any caucasians in his 'Nation of Islam'? Afterall, we're talking a religion, not a private club, right?"

I say:
I'm not sure if there are whites in the NOI or not, but if there are not, it's not an indicting situation unless whites ARE NOT allowed. If they are not there just because they don't want to be (which is most probably the case) then what's the point of your concern.

You said:
"You said Obama taking a job at Altgeld Gardens was taking a job for 'the least of God's people'. What kind of comment was that? To me, God has no MOST or LEAST. We're all equal."

I say:
Surely you jest, right? Do you read your bible, or do you just do like so many conservatives and sieze any opportunity to use matters of faith as a weapon even when they don't know what is really in the bible? And if you do read your bible, do you understand the context in which things are spoken/written? Let me try and help you out a little. Read these verses where Jesus Christ Himself is speaking:

Mat 25:34 “Then the King will say to those on his right, ‘Come, you who are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world.
Mat 25:35 For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in,
Mat 25:36 I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.’
Mat 25:37 “Then the righteous will answer him, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you something to drink?
Mat 25:38 When did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or needing clothes and clothe you?
Mat 25:39 When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you?’
Mat 25:40 “The King will reply, ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did for ***one of the least of these brothers of mine***, you did for me.’
--end scripture--

So you see John, even Jesus used the distinction of "the least of these", however, let's add some context shall we. YOU are using it in the context of people being equal in their humanity, but the writer of the post you responded to (Mark) as well as Jesus Christ in the scriptures, are using it in the context of provision. They are referring to "least" as an expression of those that are poor, needy, and less fortunate than others. In other words, it's "least" in material substance. Surely you don't believe that in THAT (correct) context, that we are ALL equal do ya? I didn't think so.

And by the way, I grew up in the Altgeld Gardens projects and I assure you, that the people there fit the characterization of "the least of these" that Christ referred to. So remember, what you do for THEM, is tantamount to doing the same for Christ. And vice-versa, what you DON'T/WON'T do for them is also tantamount to witholding the same from Christ.

Got it? Okay, Sunday School is dismissed.
P.S., I know us Dems aren't suppose to know this Godly stuff, and Ann Coulter declares us Godless, but the truth is Ann Coulter is as confused about what and who is Godless as you are confused about the meaning and context of "the least of these".

You said:
"Does this mean that if Jackie Robinson was still alive, he couldn't be there? Since he was a republican."

I say:
**Sigh** You conservatives never quit. Why do ya'll always try and act like the republican party of old is the same republican party of today? Do some research and you will find that there was a complete ideological switch between the democratic and republican parties years ago, and people followed the ideology that they agreed with regardless of the party name. Therefore, the answer to your question is Jackie Robinson(like most African Americans who were also once republican) would probably NOT even be a republican today.

and lastly, You said:
"Ken Hamblin (radio talkshow host) is the first that comes to mind. He even got hit with a brick in the head."

I say:
Thanks for clearing that up. I always wondered what was wrong with him! LOL

If you really want to know when Barack is going to be in town, just sign on as a volunteer. The volunteer group in Saint Louis was asked to get people out to help at the reception for the rich folks. We even got to meet Barack and eat the same buffet as them, and no one even acted like we were contaminating it.

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