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Sweet column: Obama's gaffes start to pile up.


WASHINGTON -- Sen. Barack Obama's presidential campaign, 46 days old on Tuesday, has run into some speed bumps, created because of a series of missteps magnified because he is under microscopic scrutiny.

It's too early to say whether the gaffes slow Obama's momentum -- or if they become barricades, extracting a more significant price for the Illinois Democrat's White House bid. They are getting noticed.

Consider the items that have been accumulating since Obama announced on Feb. 10:

• Marking the anniversary of the March 1965 "Bloody Sunday" in Selma, Ala., Obama, speaking at a church, said his parents got together "because of what happened in Selma." Obama was born in 1961.

• Obama told Larry King on CNN -- asked about that anti-Hillary Rodham Clinton YouTube ad, a doctored version of a spot created for Apple computers -- "We don't have the technical capacity to create something like that."

Obama did not know what he was talking about. Any professional media consultant can manipulate images on video. Turns out the creator -- unmasked last week as a political operative who worked for a firm overseeing the technical side of Obama's Web site -- made it at home on a Mac.

• Obama, asked if homosexuality was immoral, in the wake of comments by Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Gen. Peter Pace, sidestepped the question. After pressure from gay groups, Obama issued a statement stating he did not agree with Pace "that homosexuality is immoral."

Cynicism is like terrorism?
• One of Obama's stump lines is that the biggest obstacle he fights is not any of his rivals, it is cynicism. He used a variation of it during a reception he hosted at a conference here sponsored by AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. Displaying a tin ear, Obama said that one of the enemies is not "just terrorists" or "just Hezbollah" or "just Hamas" -- "it's also cynicism."

• The Tribune dug this up: Obama, in his memoir, Dreams of My Father, writes of a story in Life magazine that influenced him -- about a black man trying to bleach his skin white. No such article could be found in Life or Ebony.

Insider or outsider?
• Another Obama stump line -- he said it again Tuesday morning to the Communications Workers of America here -- is that "I've been long enough in Washington to know that Washington needs to change." He is running against Washington yet his campaign is populated with political professionals who are Washington insiders.

• Obama's embrace of some rhetoric used by rival John Edwards is getting attention. Edwards, in a 2003 speech made for his first presidential run said, "I've spent enough time in Washington to know how much we need to change Washington."

Bill Burton, an Obama spokesman, said in reaction to the Obama stumbles: "If there are people looking for a candidate running to be the darling of the Washington insider crowd, this campaign is not for them. We are encouraged by the growing, unflinching support of Americans who believe we can transform our country by changing our politics."

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What happened in Selma was the Civil Rights movement. Obama made no gaff on that. The You tube ad - He's not a tech guy - I would have thought the same thing he did. Immorallity of homosexuality - He took time and gave a considered answer - BRAVO. AIPAC comment - He's right, and we all know it. Life magazine referance - Sounds to me like he just plain made a simple mistake and referanced the wrong publicatrion - is this important in ANY way? Paraphrasing Edwards - how many campaigns do NOT say they are about change? This is nothing. Ms Sweet - your hatred of Barack Obama so thinly veiled that I think you may as well just admit you are unable to make a reasonable judgment about this candidate.

Ms. Sweet,

I applaud your tenacity, effort, and willingness to put all the pieces of the puzzle together for us. What would we do without journalists like you, who can literally make a mountain out of a mole-hill? I don’t care, not one iota, about any of the dribble that you feel makes Mr. Obama a potentially questionable candidate. Tell me something about his stance on healthcare; tell me about his stance on our nations defense; talk about his stance on the public education system; just don’t waste my time telling me he referenced the wrong publication in his book and because of this and other “gaffes” his candidacy is now doomed. I’m not looking for a perfect person, there is no such thing. You don’t have to try very hard or look very long to find a mistake to point out or a fault to magnify, so why bother? No one is perfect; I just want a candidate who’ll do their best to make good on his or her intentions.

I cannot believe you bought into this hit job. I thought you smarter than that.
You know as well as alot of other people that he is not like the same old style politician. He does it his own way and he does it differently. The fact that the DC inside the beltwayers think he makes gaffs is he is not running a Hillary style campaign. He is focusing on the people and not on kissing ass.
this is what is drawing people and why his support is growing and people are excited about him.
I totally agree with Burton and this is the image the voters are taking away.
but, because he is not kissing up and being establishment and tired like Hillary, the DC pundits have taken to doing hit jobs and trying to slam him.
DC insiders are so out of touch, that they cannot figure the obvious things out. They, like Hillary, live in a bubble.
You need to be honest with your fellow journalists and when you are on the air and tell it straight.
Let them know their hit jobs are not going help in them pushing their chosen candidate and that smearing Obama is not going down well at all. It is obvious and it is nasty. And, you know the Senator does not deserve this trashing of his character and intellect and his abilities. You live in Illinois and know he is the real deal and a very capable candidate for the job.
Instead of going along, I would think you would give insight and disspell the trashing of him.


You are quickly losing any credibility as an objective journalist. Seriously. Take a step back and look at the immense silly things that you've been focusing on of late and ask yourself if you're proud of your contributions to election reporting. Ask yourself if you're providing information that is important to voters.

There should really be only one answer.

This is becoming a replay of the lies and innuendo told about Gore in 2000...

Next you'll be saying Obama invented the Internet (which, in case any people don't know, Gore never claimed).

Senator Obama is suffering from what all the candidates, whether they be Democrats or Republicans, will eventually suffer from, too much exposure, too soon. Each utterance made will be sliced and diced for authenticity. Each statement will be put under the media microscope with the intent of finding a slip up or a shading of the truth.

We are nineteen...NINETEEN months from the presidential election. Countless millions of dollars will be spent to attract the hardcore, from each party, to assure a primary victory. Ninety percent of the electorate, who vote, aren't even paying attention to any of the candidates nor are they putting any credence in what is being said or promised.

We have an Iraqi war taking place. There is the subprime mortgage fiasco still unfolding. Nineteen months is a lifetime in politics. What is being said today will be meaningless next week let alone nineteen months from now.

Let Senator Obama, Senator Clinton, Senator McCain and all the other presidential candidates pontificate all the want now. Let them stretch the truth. Let them burnish their resumes. Come nineteen months from now the only thing that is going to matter is what the two eventual winning candidates stand for on election day as voters go to the polls.

Is this all you came up with against Obama? It really makes me want to vote for him.

Could Obama have remembered TIME magazine instead of Life when referring to skin bleaching?,9171,899347-5,00.html

"Time, Oct. 28, 1966: The Negro thus has to look inward and, in so doing, is slowly beginning to discover a long-submerged sense of pride. That sense is essential to remedying the lower-class Negro's other social and economic ills, since only pride can overcome the defeatist attitude that has contributed so much to his high rates of unemployment, illegitimacy, delinquency and crime. In Rochester, St. Louis and a dozen other cities, Negroes in the past two years have organized to clean up their neighborhoods, finance small businesses, pressure for school improvements and get police action to chase out the "white hunters," white men who crash the ghetto in search of black prostitutes. There is a trend among Negro coeds and career girls to wear their hair "natural" instead of attempting to unkink it by "conking"—rinsing it with lye and binding it with handkerchiefs. Yet for every Negro who flaunts his identity, a hundred try to camouflage it. Advertisements in the Negro magazines still hymn Nadinola skin bleach: "Lightens and brightens skin."

And surely Time wasn't the only magazine. Clearly there were the advertisements for skin bleach -- complete with images of African-Americans trying to lighten their skin.

If it was Jet or Ebony or Time or two of them melded into one and not Life what? Do you have an editor? A duty, perhaps, to report what is meaningful or at least do some real reporting and put your claims in context?

This is your hit-piece. I'm sure there will be more to come. Do to Obama what Margaret Carlson did to Gore. Death by a thousand cuts.

Remember this...

What is the state of the mainstream press corps? In the aftermath of the first Bush-Gore debate, Margaret Carlson painted a stunning portrait of an uncaring, millionaire press corps. Why were pundits stressing minor factual errors by Gore and ignoring massive policy blunders by Bush? Appearing on Imus, Carlson revealed the soul of the corps, and no, we’re not making this up:

CARLSON (10/10/00): Gore’s fabrications may be inconsequential—I mean, they’re about his life. Bush’s fabrications are about our life, and what he’s going to do. Bush’s should matter more but they don’t, because Gore’s we can disprove right here and now…You can actually disprove some of what Bush is saying if you really get in the weeds and get out your calculator or you look at his record in Texas. But it’s really easy, and it’s fun, to disprove Gore.
Those emphases were strictly by Carlson. It’s “fun” to disprove Gore’s errors, she said—and it’s “easier” than trying to work with Bush’s more significant blunders. Carlson took her troubling presentation through one more weird iteration:
CARLSON: I actually happen to know people who need government and so they would care more about the programs, and less about the things we kind of make fun of…But as sport, and as our enterprise, Gore coming up with another whopper is greatly entertaining to us. And we can disprove it in a way we can’t disprove these other things.

You are absolutely correct. I have been telling folks all along to slow up on the consumption of the Obama flavored kool-aid. More will come as time goes on. The other response was correct what Obama said in Selma was not a "gaffe", it was an opportunistic lie. The You Tube incident-Obama should have checked with his people (he probably did) to make sure that it was not attached directly or indirectly to his campaign.
His position on homosexuality shows that he is no different from any other politician. He plays whatever card he needs to play. He thinks homesexualty is immoral so he should have had the guts to say so (if he's really that different) but he didn't. Life magazine? Give me a break, you ain't gonna find it in Life, Look, Ebony or even Photoplay. The article doesn't exist, pure and simple. I could go on and on but I won't. Food for thought- Having a vision requirers you only to be a dreamer. Being reality based combined with experience and managerial skills makes you qualified to be a good President. I don't know that is yet but I sure know who it isn't.

This has to be one of the worst columns I've ever read. Is this supposed to be satire of all the weak hit pieces on Obama?
The only item that possibly constitutes a gaffe is the Selma line. Everything else is so weak, it's laughable.
Do you guys in the media realize how silly you look when you write stuff like this? This won't hurt Obama, it'll only help him.


While I don't agree that you are biased against Obama, I do think that you've been drawn into promoting someone else's talking points. This same meme is being pushed elsewhere, as evidenced by this blog response.

UPDATED: Rookie mistakes plague The Politico

Lynn, please don't allow yourself to get sucked in to printing bad talking points like this in the future. You're much better than this.

Ms Sweet, I must say that with your obvious dislike for the Obama candidacy, if these types of issues are suppose to indicate the Senators inability to lead the nation he must be an outstanding candidate. I would bet if you put any of the current or past candidates for President under this same scrutiny it would reveal a lot more and worse incidents than what you have been able to come up with by the Senator.

I read this column twice. Nothing here even comes close to the definition of the word "gaffe." Under a micropscope indeed...even hugle magnified by the normally level-headed Lynn Sweet, these are so minor as to make the column laughable, either a calssic "slow news day" or someone straining to take shots (blanks in this case) at an immensely appealing candidate.

Obama was using the events such as Selma in a metaphorical sense, as opposed to giving a strict and literal interpretation of the events of Selma 1965. Therein lies the significance and import of Obama's very poignant and accurate statement.

Up until now Obam has been the media`s darling; otherwise this shallow empty suit would not be a candidate for president.
The Democrats are being sold a bill of goods about this guy.
Just because Obama has a mulicultural background does not make him qualified to be president. A white person with his paper thin resume would not be a front runner for the presidency.

I think most Obama supporters will still stick around even if they revoke his Mr.Perfect card.

This is the kind of nitpicking that no candidate (or any other public or private person) could withstand. Not one of these items rise to the level of a "gaffe."

It is hyperliteral to read the Selma quote to mean that it was the actual incident at Selma that brought his parents together.

Obama obviously didn't know anything about the YouTube video. Are you blaming him for not being more tech-savvy? How many presidential candidates even knew that YouTube existed before this controversy?

Side-setpping a controversial issue is business as usual rather than a gaffe. I give Obama credit for later coming out with a direct statement about the morality of homosexuality. Have the other candidates come out as decisively?

One of our enemies IS cyncism. Why not? Doesn't seem any more overheated a metaphor than any other campaign rhetoric.

Life? Time? Ebony? Whatever.

John Edwards is far from the first politician to say that "we need to change Washington." As far as I know, he has no copyright on the line.

When a liberal has no valid argument and is weak on valid debate about an issue, topic, or a person they admire, they usually resort to personal attacks, name-calling and accusations of hatred.This seems to be the case with the previous poster, eh? Can we just stick to real debate issues and NOT resort to flimsy accusations, name-calling, or sad excuses? Seems, in my opinion, a liberal always simply makes a MISTAKE, whereby a similar conservative is alweays a LIAR..thats partisan hypocrisy and not valid debate...Thank you.

Blog comments are so funny.

One day Lynn's a shill for the Obama camp.

The next day, her "hatred of Barack Obama is so thinly veiled that I think you may as well admit you are unable to make a reasonable judgment about this candidate."

Guess there's just no pleasing the blogosphere, is there?

Oh, the life of a journalist...

Yesterday on MSNBC's 'Tucker Carlson' show, Lynn Sweet without hesitancy or ambiguity accused Senator Obama of making the story up! How can a journalist make such an indictment without proof?

And does it not show how this so-called objective journalist's opinions are colored by race, forgive the pun. Not only is she indicting Senator Obama's honesty and integrity she's questioning the validity of his experience and feelings as a Black man, which is egregiously racist and elitist. There is not a Black person in this country who can not recall the painful or confusing moment when they realized that darker skin color or, for lack of a better term, traditional Black or "African" physical features could bring scorn and shame.

I can not tell you how old I was or any other inconsequential details, but I remember distinctly the moment when I learned that the shape of my nose was something to be scorned and ridiculed. I was probably 8, 9 or maybe even 10 (who knows), but I remember clearly hearing the words " have a big African nose...put you in Tarzan." Up until then, I paid absolutely no attention to my physical features. I remember as a child people commenting that I had "good hair," but beyond that, nothing. Of course I knew I didn't look the kids on the Brady Bunch or Partridge Family television shows, but I looked liked the kids on Good Times as I thought did everyone in my all Black community.

In my mind, we were all the same--Black. So it wasn't until that moment of ridicule that I realized that I was somehow different: "African"; not White; and not acceptable. Before then, I paid no attention to the skin bleaching cream that was a staple in our medicine cabinet; afterwards, however, I painfully realized why it was there. And whenever I visited other Black homes, I would always check and find it in most cabinets as well. I became more and more acute of the unacceptance of "African" physical features within my all Black suburban community. When I was warned by any number of adults not to stay outside in the summer sun too long, I realized they weren't being protective of us suffering a heat stroke or deydration but rather warning of the dangers of getting "too dark" ("too African"). The same went for the pool...I was constantly warned too much chlorine and sun would make me "ashy and Black". It wasn't until years later that I learned this seemingly universal fear and skorn of "African" physical features had an academic term--colorism--born from a system of slavery where light skinned Blacks were treated with some degree of humanity and dark skinned Blacks demoralized and inhumanized chattle.

However, understanding that the skorn and ridicule I faced as a child was the product of centuries of White racism does not lessen the pain. True, I can't remember how old I was or the friend that made the taunt or the ones that laughed, but I distinctly remember the pain. I also remember sitting in my room with a clothes line pin on my nose for hours praying that my nose would straighten and everything would go back to the way it used to be--when I was young, innocent, and unaware that something not of my making would be a lifelong shame. I can laugh about it now, and I have largely convinced myself that my nose is perfectly fine, but the insecurity hasn't gone away. So, Lynn Sweet, don't tell me that he made the story up. It's a shared Black experience...something you wouldn't understand.

1. Obama was speaking of the whole civil rights movement.
2. Obama's campaign had nothing to do with the Clinton ad.
3. Obama deferred Pace's intent back to Pace.
4. He spoke cynics who doubt peace and their hold on the process.
5. The article is in TIME (nice research ability):,9171,899347-5,00.html

I guess thats enough. Please try to write without out of context and easily disproval nonfacts that you copied from other "journalists" who are also too lazy to research anything themselves.

I am not even supporting Obama and I am getting tired of the media dissecting his every statement looking for things to attack (for the record I am wanting Thompson to run but until then I am supporting Guiliani).

It is people like Obama's mother and father that made a march like Selma possible. Unlike those people who were there for photo ops, I visited Selma in 1987 while we were stationed at Gunter AFB. It was quite eye opening driving that long dusty road imaging that walk. I admire Obama's parents. They lived their life in the only state where they probably could have, Hawaii. Mixed marriages were more "the norm" than the exception there.

The Clinton as was pretty funny when you think of the history of Hillary and her minions. It's no secret that those who did not conform to her way of doing things or who did not fall in step with her were "handled" or were out of jobs immediately. Or has she forgotten the instant dismissal of the White House travel staff upon Bill Clinton's assumption of the Presidency in 1993 or the termination of over 80 federal prosecutors? I'm sure Obama wasn't aware of the technological ability of his staff when it came to graphics. Like most people of his status, those particulars are handled by executive level managers and he doesn't need to know the "hows" just that things can get done. I'm almost sorry his campaign staff didn't design it. It was inventive and reflected the many reports of Hillary's autocratic style and demands of absolute loyalty to a "T".

Pace is an American citizen, is he not? Is he not entitled to his opinion? Personally I disagree with him, but as an American citizen I will defend his right to express his opinion no matter how strongly I disagree with it. It has not been shown to have affected his job performance, has it? Obama was providing us with his opinion as well. Maybe it wasn't as definitive as Ms. Sweet would have liked, but I daresay that not everyone in this world expresses things the way that she likes. I have never heard anyone express reservations about Senator Obama's dealings with homosexuals throughout his years in Springfield or in his work with his Church ministry.

Is cynicism like terrorism? Yes, it is in many ways. They both breed in cultures of hate and ignorance. It may seem like an oversimplification but often hate is rooted in ignorance. Stamp out the ignorance and oftentimes you can stamp out the hate and the accompanying behaviors or at least temper them somewhat.

Washington, Washington, Washington, where is Hercules when we really need him? Is there not a soul in this nation who doesn't believe that a thorough cleaning of DC isn't needed? Do we need a fresh eye in the White House? I think most Americans would say yes. However we also need some people who know the workings of D.C. in order to get things done. It would be wonderful to have total house cleaning but the realist in me knows that's not possible. The idealist in me wishes it were otherwise. I certainly hope that Ms. Sweet has the intelligence to know that as well. Obama is not a novice nor is he a dumb man.

Oh my ... Life Magazine, Time Magazine, Ebony Magazine -- what a faux pas. I certainly hope that is the worst mistake the Senator makes. However, I do vaguely recall social experiments of people trying to change their race chemically. Does it really matter where it was reported? In case Ms. Sweet is unaware, Eddie Murphy also did a great spoof about the subject on Saturday Night Live.

If you want to attack or critique Senator Obama, be my guest but please do so intelligently and thoughtfully on matters of importance and not on trivial misstatements which do not reflect on the man himself.

Never in a million years did I think I'd be defending one of the most liberal democrats running for President but I cannot tolerate trivial blather like this when there are so many more important issues to consider in this Presidential Race.

Let's focus on the economy, foreign policy, Iraq, North Korea, healthcare, illegal immigration and matters much more important than the Photoshopping of a political advertisement placed on YouTube.

Me-too journalism

That's what you've got going on here. It's "pile on Obama for absolutely nothing week," and you've joined the fun.

Where in the heck is the item about his PARKING TICKETS? Talk about a "gaffe" -- that sure is a doozy!

p.s. How does it feel to have a person like "Pamela" above agree with your triviality?

This is what I call pathetic journalism. Please stick to the issue. Nothing here comes close to a gaffe. must be dining with Al Sharpton.!!!

Lynn...How many people have to tell you that it was in Time. I guess you don't want to know that it exist. Be careful you true 'colors' may start to show. Have you recieved your endorsement check from Hillary yet? How long is the tribune going to keep you around?

This is automatically satire about Obama.He is a man of the people and alays put matters straight .Do not be biased against Obama because he is the only potential candidate to lead America.Jounalists are too lazy to cover important truthful stories and reserch and shame on them.

Hi Sweet,
Guese you need to re-examine your motives once more.It is putting your career's integrity in a precarious position.

Ms Sweet:
I think it would benefit you to get out and walk some middle class, middle America neighborhoods and talk to the average American about what matters to them. Obama's "gaffes" are simply show his honesty. You would do the country a service by reporting on his stance on issues like health care, family, education, and jobs. When I canvass neighborhoods the one thing I hear at every door is how sick and tired people are of media spin, political slant, petty arguments, and political rhetoric. The American people care about the education of their children, their paycheck covering the bills, health care, retirement security. Supporters of Barack Obama appreciate that he speaks to these issues.

One more point, Dreams of My Father opens with a preface explaining that the recollections in the book are based on his memory and perceptions growing up. The purpose of the book was to show his perceptions growing up not factual names, places and names of magazines. Here is the article in TIME :,9171,899347-5,00.html

Question: Why aren't the Republicans after Hillary Clinton right now? We know they have mad dirt where the rest came from 8 years ago on her and Bill. The Clintons have been around too long not to have more dirt out there. I'm sure the Republicans haven't come to Jesus or something over the past few years and fallen in love with the Clintons.

Why are they only attacking Obama?

If y'all thought Obama not paying parking tickets and not remembering a magazine name was something, y'all aren't gonna be ready for what you'll see when Hillary seals the nomination.


Thanks for your objective comments. It is about time the news media in Illinois start looking more clearly at his candidacy. The majority of the media in Illinois has given him a free pass for too long. You will obviously be criticized by his supporters who are too narrow-minded, but you are doing the right thing.

Who are you? Do you even matter? Do you give equal criticism time to Hilary Clinton (rumor has it that she's a lesbian), John Edwards (oops, can't talk about him because they have life/death issues), Rudy Guiliani (oops, morality?? please!), et al????

I think these little things are important....we have to find a candidate who is actually honest. Not one who reads out information and speeches given to him by aides.

Wow, the Oborg are out in force, tonight. Take no notice and do your job, Mr. Sweet.

I am getting tired of his gaffes about race and his association with his minister and his notorious comments. Obama called his grandmother "a typical white person." Can you imagine the uproar if Sen. Clinton used the term "a typical black person"? Come on, this is starting to get nuts! Why not give the nomination to Clinton. It won't be long before that could happen via another awkward statement regarding race by Obama. I think Obama is outstanding, but "a typical white person" will not cut it.


Finally some one is willing to tell the truth. Do not be discouraged by negative or hateful comments. The louder the main stream press, The Washington insiders and the Obama people cry, the closer you hit to home. We can't talk about Obamas ears, his wife, his anti American associations, his lack of understanding on foreign policy issues, his middle name, his ignorance in American geography, his hate and devisive church, his ignorance on the economy and threat of "small" terrorist sponsoring nations, and any other gaffes that report the man's on words. Even though he said it.....he really meant something else. This guy is a hollow empty fake and my Democratic party is trying to shelter him and create this larger than life image of a unififying savior. It is frigtening to see. Thanks again for challenging the ever so clear weaknesses of OBAMA. Hopefully the press will be forced to print the increasing numbers of questionable associations, questionable experience and questionable knowledge that leads him into these increasingly frequent gaffes. What's all the one is being unfair...they are reporting his own words. Used to be the Democratic leadership could not get enough of his golden words, now they get upset when you print them. Obama has an unimpresive and questionable record and now his words are also betraying him. For the sake of our nation please keep reporting the truth and let the people decide. I am tired of the press and the Democratic leadership telling me what I should think. Thanks again Lynn.
Stay strong and true.

Funny that Obama's "followers" freely admit that they don't CARE when he lies, they don't CARE that he makes things up that never happened, that he lied about the reason he was born, an article he read, that he whines and calls any criticism an "unacceptable" attack. Can't criticize his wife's anti-America rants, can't criticize his pastor's racism, or his own racist comments (his grandmother being "a typical white"), can't talk about his middle name or his religion... and we certainly can't mention his mental gaffes, such as his claim that he's campaigned "in all 57 states", or his bizarre denial of his own remarks regarding Cuba and Hamas. No, his disciples will not tolerate any discussion of his ignorance, his lies, his racism... nothing. They are mesmerized by their "messiah". He can do no wrong. Of course, their "stick to the issues, let's just talk about health care" mantra never applied to President Bush, did it? They've been free to villify him as they pleased for 8 years... but noooo, we can't be "not nice" to their messiah. Such hypocracy. Such hubris. Such IDIOCY.

i can't believe how many of you are so willing to look past the things Obama is actually saying. You are like naive children being herded off into a land where the rivers run with chocolate. Why are you so willing to put blinders on? Why must he constantly be excused and defended for what he says? There is no doubt Obama is a great cheerleader but he never says anything with substance and continues to distort what his opponents say. He says he is going to achieve all these great and wonderful things but I have yet to hear him once say how. He says that America is less safe then ever before. How many times has America been attacked since 9/11? Just wondering. He says the economy is lousy and people are in despair. How many of you are worse off than 7 years ago? Just wondering? Who has been the majority in the House and Senate for the past 1-1/2 years (since the economy has allegedly tanked) and what have they done to improve the economy? Just wondering. Health care for everyone. Have you ever wondered how he will pay for it? Have you researched countries with Universal Health Care? Well I live in Canada (Mr. Moore's model country for health care) and it isn't all it's cracked up to be. People travel to the States for treatment often and waiting times are killing people! Keep your blinders on and you will get the government you deserve!

Funny. The comments seem to all be people poisoning the well! Let's blame the reporter and not contemplate what is being said. Each of these comments have been verified and there are actually recordings that can be heard, so, it is not like they are being made up. I believe that Dan Quayle is still being "hounded" for his misspelling of "Potatoe"!

What is being said is that Obama's credibility is a serious question. If we are going to "excuse him" for making verbal errors, are we going to excuse him if one of his actions as President results in a catastrophe' for the United States (i.e. Government Health Care, or Iraq/Iran?). His lack of understanding of basic issues is showing and scary.

If he cannot get the facts straight now, what will happen if he becomes President? Or does that not matter, as we blindly follow the "Pied Piper"!

The posters here whine worse than Obama does! Obama is clearly not as clever or intellectual as he would have us believe. I applaud your support for him - it's cute.

Obama lost me. He's a perpetual liar -- okay, full of "little" lies and contradictions. If he wasn't running a campaign based on hope, change and moving away from old politics, I wouldn't be as disappointed. But he's showing us that he's just as bad, if not worse, than the other guys. My Dad said Obama is the biggest coup to happen in American politics. But guess what America, the coups on you! If he becomes President his vision of change (which we don't really know what the desired changed result would be - he's never been able to verbalize it) is going to be a big, disaterous surprise.

I don't trust him and he seems worse than the rest.

It matters about his gaffes but these matters much more and you are a fool to vote for this one.

I watch this person and say my Lord why did they pick him? He has not a clue but talking points put in front of him.

If you get to substance with hard questions about real situations, he acts condescending as if you have no right to ask. With attitude of you must coronate me because I am a black man. If that is so then let us put Allen Keys in his place and I would happily vote for him.

His ideas to weaken our military, cannot accept the fact that we do not need his socialist agenda in my free America.

We cannot talk to terrorists until we have defeated them soundly. They will even go to their deaths to destroy us. What do words mean but nothing to cockroaches? You stomp them and sweep the remains out of the way.

We need our money back for all the times spent on programs that never intended for the government to run. We need to trash these programs and give back the money those of us the working person makes. Not increase them by taxing us more or robbing from our defense budget.

Have you forgotten 911 or maybe we should dance around and hold hands with Bin Laden.

My dear Lord when will these people wake up?

Take away the teleprompter, and his writers and he is an unintelligible as his wife.

He has was a Senator 144 days before he announced he was running for president.

His time in Chicago taught him how to milk the system.

We can't afford Boss as a president, especially with Pelosi screwing things up on the hill.

Dear fellow posters,
I am against this kind of attacking, just as much as i am against people scrutinizing Bush for his gaffs.. Bush is not stupid because of his mistakes, and these gaffs dont make Obama stupid.. but i am betting all those of you defending Obama have attacked Bush for similar things.. dont be so hippocritical!

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Lynn Sweet is a columnist and the Washington Bureau Chief for the Chicago Sun-Times.

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