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Sweet blog special: Super Sunday in Selma: Bill Clinton, Hillary and Barack all in Selma to mark historic civil rights struggle. First time President Clinton appears at public event for HRC's White House bid.


WASHINGTON--Former President Bill Clinton makes his public debut Sunday to bolster Hillary Clinton's own White House bid when he travels to Selma, Alabama to mark the anniversary of a historic struggle for civil rights. Clinton chief Democratic rival Barack Obama also is in Selma for the anniversary celebrations.



seens like Hillary is so afraid of not getting a crowd as they all go listen to Obama that she has to bring in renforcements.

Having Bill show up in Selma, just shows that
she can't get the black vote with out him, but it tells
me she is weak and it won't be just her running on
her own merits. Really without having married Bill
would anyone have ever noticed her?

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