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Sweet blog special: Rudy in Chicago stumps at Harry Caray's. Prospects for Illinois money.


WASHINGTON--Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani flew to Chicago from here today to pick up campaign cash. His operation added a retail stop--at Harry Caray's restaurant, named after the beloved, sadly departed Cubs announcer.

Giuliani headlined a prospecting lunch at the Chicago Club with some of the state's GOP elite who want to get to know him better. Though Illinois is a solid blue state--and is Obama country--the Land of Lincoln is green with money potential for Republicans. Mitt Romney stopped in Chicago last week for a funder breakfast.

Giuliani later today speaks at a funder at the Palmer House Hilton.

New poll results from CNN....
Full results:

Giuliani 34%McCain 18%Gingrich 9%Romney 9%Pataki 3%Gilmore 2%Brownback 2%Hagel 2%Paul 2%Huckabee 1%Tancredo 1%Thompson 1%Hunter *


Dinner tonight for former Mayor Giuliani and supporters at the luxurious Palmer House in Chicago! Was the main course delectable "pheasant under glass"? One hopes it was all richly savored, for in a mere 10 months Rudy's impressive 34% poll rating and candidacy could become "cooked goose under a trash bag" if the Conservatives decide to reject him on their 3 Core issues: GUNS, ABORTIONS and GAYS (GAG) or for unfortunate revelations about his fairly recent marriage break-up with his 2nd wife and former First Lady of New York City, Donna Giuliani.

Ultra conservative Tony Perkins (today on Hardball) seemed not at all enthusiastic about any of the 13 GOP hopefuls for whom columnist Lynn Sweet provided the latest poll results above and Eleanor Clift writes in her on-line column that former Gov. Jeb Bush could become the darling of the Christian right, President Bush's unpopularity notwithstanding!

I'm truly saddened as a TRUE conservative to see so many "conservatives" move toward a candidate that they know is Pro-Choice, Pro-Gay Unions at least, and Anti-Gun. Is it really only just because he's strong on terror? WHO IN THE REPUBLICAN PARTY of all the candidates running wouldn't be tough on terror?

I'm a Mitt Romney supporter and I make no bones about it. I believe that he's going to make a strong stand for my TRUE conservative beliefs than Rudy ever can and will. Romney talked about TRUE conservativism in all aspects - Military, Social, and Economic. This is something that Romney understands that Rudy doesn't. At least Romney pro-actively made a move to my side, toward the Conservative Movement in addition to his successes in the private and public (olympics and Governor) sectors. Many more need to make the change, including Rudy if he wants my ear or if he says that he's going to fight for me. That to me is a commitment.

Rudy stands strong in two of the three and to think that the social isn't as important as the other I would argue that all are equal. The social health of America is what makes America different from other countries. The soul of America is its sociality and not just patriotism. Why is it that so many are okay with giving up the soul of America? What good is a country if it doesn't have a soul? This is essentially what you do when you are okay with people who liberally do what they want to without regard to law or morality or what we all know is right and they'll go out and make their own law to fit or create gray areas. It's what's happening when you vote for Rudy. That's what Roe is and do you think that a Pro-Choice Republican is going to pro-actively work against what they actually believe? He may at first but then he may not feel inclined because that's not his true convictions. Wow the irony from you Rudy supporters who claim to be conservative. It's okay to accept someone who's Pro-Choice and vilifying someone who's decided to be Pro-Life even if it's been after two years. Don't talk to me about if it's true or not because you can question Rudy's truthfulness about it as well.

Is Rudy really electable? To who? The middle/left of the country? Rudy socially is no different to the middle/left to them and to Hillary and to Obama, and now it looks like he's okay for the middle/right.

I saw him on TV saying that I AS A CONSERVATIVE NEEDS TO BE MORE ACCEPTING TO OTHER MODERATE VIEWS within the Republican Party. Do you see a Liberal Democrat saying that about middle/right Democrats? This is the problem with "conservatives" right now. It's time to wake up because before you know it the Conservative Movement (Reagan's movement) will no longer be. You may as well be Conservative Democrats. I'm sorry but I'm not ready for that and I'm not going to vote for Rudy.

Can someone please explain to me appeal/attraction of Dutchie Caray? What would Anne Coulter say about a woman making a nice living off of the memories of her dead husband??

to Conservative Gladiator: You should be thankful for the popularity of a Guiliani and a Romney. Why do I say that? Because it appears its the republicans who have the 'Big Tent' philosophy. Because the democrats (and I'm a registered democrat, but an independent one) sure don't. The 'left, with its PC-bullies and the 'America automatically wrong on everything' agenda ridicules anybody and everybody who has another idea or isn't in lock-step with them.

to sharon: Whats your problem with the Caray widow? Every time she is in the news its for a CHARITABLE event. Thats the only time I hear her name surface. Lets see, I suppose this means Coretta King shouldn't have been in the news after M.L King, Jr. died. Or Jacquline Kennedy. Or Nancy Reagan or Betty Ford shouldn't have done all those wonderful charitable contributions they did. Pat Brickhouse (Jack's widow) shows up at some of these same charities and has been interviewed on radio to advertise the event. Why would it be ok for her but not for Dutchie? Guess what, they have a RIGHT to get around and about. Last I noticed, there still alive and making a CONTRIBUTION.

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