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Sweet blog special: Obama launches Florida operation; Wexler to co-chair.


WASHINGTON--Rep. Robert Wexler (D-Fl.) is going to co-chair Barack Obama's White House drive in Florida. Hat tip on this to the Palm Beach Post Larry Lipman and St. Pete Times William Adair.

Note that in the statement Wexler released Thursday to the Florida reporters--and not the rest of the devoted Obama press corps-- Wexler says a reason he is backing Obama is his strong support of Israel. (click below for Wexler statement). So this endorsement from a major Jewish figure in Florida Democratic politics comes the day before Obama delivers his first speech on Israel to an AIPAC audience in Chicago. (I just heard some 700 people are expected to attend--and this for an event that was announced last Friday.)

It also appears as Obama plans a big day on March 25 of fundraising in Florida, where he will be looking for help from the Jewish Democratic donor community.

Wexler statement....

“I have never been as excited about a candidate for president as I am about Barack Obama,” Wexler said in a statement released by his office.

“I am inspired by his message of authenticity, integrity and bringing Americans together. Barack had the foresight to oppose the Iraq War from the beginning, and as president he will bring our troops home. I have spoken with Barack to discuss the dangers facing our ally Israel, and I am convinced there will be no stronger supporter of Israel than President Obama.”


Wexler better read this before he makes assumptions about Obama's strong support for Israel:

I believe much about Obama's more recent Pro-Israel stance is due to the need for large campaign donations he needs to get. Jews have been considered a core support group of the Democratic Party much like labor unions for many years. However, I think the operative word may be Party and not necessarily an individual. Obama needs as much direct monetary support as he can garner and therefore he has to tell them what they want to hear.

Regarding his anti-war stance in 2002, I have to ask as, an Illinois State Senator, did he have access to the information that United States Senators had, did he have the ability to get the top secret intelligence information they had available to them, I don't think so. The next question is obvious. What, other than personal feelings, did he base his much ballyhooed position against going to war with Iraq?

Incidentally, I am not a Hillary Clinton or John edwards supporter, I am only making comment for the obvious.

I support OBAMA, trust Obama, believe in Obama.
As does Michael Bloomberg, Warren Buffet, Robert Wexler and many more fine Americans. If you want more of the same, more scandals, and more paranoid of change, a new direction. I am not.

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