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Sweet blog special: Hillary's female marketing drive dubbed ICBP--"I can be president"


WASHINGTON--White House hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton needs a strong turnout from female voters in order to win the Democratic nomination. Towards that end, she is using a mid-day appearence before Emily's List to launch her drive for massive support from women. The campaign within a campaign is dubbed "I can be president." ICBP is being born at a giant Emily's List lunch here featuring House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Clinton. Emily's List is one of the nation's largest political action committees and has already endorsed Clinton--who would be the first female to be nominated for president from a major party and if elected the first woman president.

This from the Clinton campaign.....

All over America, women are taking our place as leaders, using our talents, our experience, and our values to build a better future for our communities and our country. There are more women in the House, the Senate, state legislatures, and governors' mansions today than at any time in our history. We're speaking out with a powerful voice -- in 2004, 9 million more women voted than men.

At Hillary for President, we're celebrating Women's History Month with the launch of Women for Hillary, a nationwide network of women leaders who will reach out to friends, family, and colleagues on Hillary's behalf. As a member, you'll receive our weekly HILLGRAM with information about what Hillary's doing, and actions you can take to build the campaign.

Hillary is poised to make history as the first woman to occupy the White House. Imagine the pride each of us will feel on Inauguration Day as we watch Hillary take the oath of office. Imagine the message that symbol will send to young women: there are no limits on how far they can go!

If you'd like to join the Women for Hillary leadership network, which will be so vital to the success of our campaign, please sign up at our website.

And if you know women who would be interested in joining, please forward them this message.

While women have made great strides over the years, we still have a long way to go. American women still earn just 77 cents for every dollar earned by American men for doing the same work. It's even worse for women of color: 67 cents for African-American women and just 56 cents for Latinas. That's why Hillary is introducing the Paycheck Fairness Act to Congress, which will help close the pay gap.

Hillary also wants to expand the Family and Medical Leave Act to ensure paid sick leave, and to support more research into the link between diseases like breast cancer and environmental hazards. And she will stay vigilant about protecting a woman's right to choose!

Watch the latest HillCast to learn how Hillary is working in Congress to make a difference for women and our families:

We can only break barriers when somebody dares to challenge them. With this campaign, we will make clear that every one of us can say, "I can be president."

We're going to make history, but we can do it only with you. Let's celebrate Women's History Month by determining that together, we will build a better future. Join Women for Hillary today:


Ann F. Lewis
Senior Advisor


Hillary's drive dubbed ICBP. "When I go to NASCAR country, , I CAN BE PETTY; When I go to New Orleans, I CAN BE PICAYUNE; When I go to Pittsburgh I CAN BE PALTRY. And as you have already seen, when I go to Selma, I CAN BE PATRONIZING.

It's the Talk of The Town: Ace Chicago Federal prosecutor Pat Fitzgerald just obtained 4 convictions of perjury and obstruction of justice against the Vice-President of the United States' Chief of Staff Mr. Libby!! Lynn, are you hearing that President Bush will pardon Libby "for reasons of national security" in a "don't talk and you'll walk" deal?

as a woman I can definitely say The Hillary campaign can skip me. Not only do I have a nice bumper sticker across the back of my vw saying Obama 08, I cannot stand hillary.

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