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Sweet blog special: Behind the Clinton/Obama YouTube ad: The mysterious "ParkRidge47." Who are you?

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WASHINGTON--The hunt is on for ParkRidge47," the e-mail of the anonymous creator of that pro-Obama/anti-Clinton hit ad on YouTube. Who is ParkRidge47---a "hactivist," a political prankster or a political pro?

Park Ridge. Where Hillary Rodham Clinton was raised. 1947. The year she was born.

Want to hear from "ParkRidge47?." Micah Sifry over at techpresident tracked down the e-mail of the ad poster and exchanged e-mails.

Read Sifry's article at
Sifty writes:
The first piece of voter-generated video to make a splash in Campaign 2008 has hit, and with it comes a mystery. Is "Vote Different" really the work of an amateur, a civilian if you will? Or is it a shrewd move by someone who wants to stir up trouble between the Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama campaigns? After all, comparing Hillary to Big Brother, droning on about her "conversation" with America and portraying her supporters as silent automatons is hardly what Obama supporters want to say about the former First Lady. Or is it?

Read all of Sifry at his site. For a sampling from "ParkRidge47" e-mail to Sifry, click below

This from "ParkRidge47" in response to Sifry e-mail earlier this month.....

"Thank you for your interest in the video. It has been amazing to watch it explode on the viral scene. At one point it was the #3 most watched video on YouTube and is at 108,000 views and growing.

Considering Hillary Clinton's biggest video has only received 12,000 views on YouTube, I'd say the grassroots has won the first round.

The idea was simple and so was the execution. Make a bold statement about the Democratic primary race by culture jacking a famous commercial and replacing as few images as possible. For some people it doesn't register, but for people familiar with the ad and the race it has obviously struck a chord.

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Thank you for welcoming me.


Montreal, March 22, 1995

President William Jefferson Clinton
President of the United States of America
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W.
Washington, DC 20500

Mister President:

Please allow me to take the opportunity of your visit to Haiti, as President
of the United States of America, on March 31, 1995, to pay due tribute in
all sincerity to you and your distinguished wife, Mrs. Hillary Rodham

You honor Haiti and the Haitian people with your presence and support.

Thanks to you and your allies in the United Nations and the Organization of
American States, the return-to-democracy process has been successfully
carried out. Now that the legitimate President, Jean Bertrand Aristide, has
been reinstated in his official status, it is with legitimate pride, I am
sure that he welcomes you to his country. For you, as well as for us, the
"Uphold Democracy" operation is truly a beautiful historical moment.

Mr. President, I come from Haiti, that underdeveloped country.

With underdeveloped tools - a camera and a few films - I have tried, in
order to serve my country's cause, to demystify the word "light" and
denounce Newton's Theory of Colors.

With that same desire to serve constitutional legitimacy in my country, I
have written the enclosed book entitled Haiti, Let There Be Light! I hope
that you and Mrs. Clinton will accept this privately produced copy,
especially intended for you, while you are getting ready for your trip to

May I make a confession to you, Mr. President? I followed, closely and with
intense interest, your electoral campaign, election, and swearing-in
ceremony as 42nd President of the United States. What a great nation you
represent! Please believe me: your courageous commitment to facilitate the
restoration of democracy in my country has escaped no one. On the very day
of your swearing-in ceremony, I wished to send you my book, Haďti, Que La
Lumičre Soit!, which questions Newton's Theory of Colors. I did not do so,
because I felt an English-language version would be more appropriate.

Since I could not send you a copy of the yet-to-be-published English version
of my book, I contented myself with dreaming - dreaming that on one of your
first evenings in the White House, you were seated in the Oval Room with
Mrs. Clinton and your daughter Chelsea. You were reading Haďti, Que La
Lumičre Soit! I imagined you carefully examining certain passages of that
work in its English version, which is now in preparation - typed by a
sightless, multilingual Haitian. Those paragraphs deal with the so-called
missing matter, darkness in space, "black holes" - in a word: the invisible
mass of the Cosmos. You notice Dr. Carl Sagan's research on Exobiology and
the DNA found in the dark matter in the universe, and you suddenly remember
a Time article from April 10, 1978 entitled "Black Holes and Martian
Valleys", which contained the following passage:

"A while later, astronomer Carl Sagan (The Dragons of Eden) found himself
lugging his slide box into the Vice President's big new house and, after
coffee, taking the Mondale and Carter families on a journey through the

Jimmy Carter is the closest thing to a scientist we have had in the White
House since Thomas Jefferson.

Nixon could not run a tape recorder.

Johnson could not fully figure out his alarm wrist watch.

Not Jimmy. He was fascinated by the discussion of "Black Holes" and the
speculation that they might provide answers to what holds the Universe

"Well," you exclaimed, "O.K. for former President Carter. It is normal for
the President of a star-spangled republic to choose between "Star Peace" and
"Star War". As to the former President's inclination toward Einstein's
physics and/or Planck's Quantum Theory, there is a great temptation to apply
certain laws of the Cosmos to politics and diplomacy. Consider the "Tunnel
Effect", the way that energy escapes from black holes.

"Carter goes back to the sources and draws inspiration from them. That makes
me think about Aristide - both of them are well at ease in both the Western
world and the Black world: the visible and the invisible. However, there is
one difference: the Haitians follow Aristide everywhere, like a comet's
tail. If Aristide is considered as a "Black Sun", then the Haitians are
"space refugees".

"Yes, Haiti! We are pulled down to earth. Democracy. the exodus of the Boat
People. with the Law of Probabilities, whether we think about Planck or
Carter, it doesn't seem that a solution will be found tomorrow.

"What business did the Haitians have in that "boat"?"

"Say, there above, the Black Twin! Is it still broad daylight in the shadow
of the "Black Sun"?"

"Oh God," you say aloud to Mrs. Clinton: "Eureka! I have found it! Fiat lux!
Let there be light! Que la lumičre soit! Black holes, black sun, tunnel
effect, Aristide effect, boat people, space refugees, Carl Sagan, Jimmy
Carter. six of one and half a dozen of the other."

There is loud laughter in the Oval Room.

Bill a ri Bill laughed
Hillary a ri Hillary laughed
Chelsea a ri aussi Chelsea laughed too

Humor is American, Mr. President, and so are dreams. Let my book "Haïti! Que
La Lumière Soit!" be the "dark matter", arguing in favor of the development
of the Black world - visible and invisible!

In the area of science, high technology, creative innovation, and space
exploration, I think there is nothing that America cannot deal with. That is
why, in that spaceship of universal energy, I dare sail with a dream.

In my dream, it is your first trip inside your SPACE AIR FORCE ONE,
propelled by the energy of invisible and concentrated dark matter, like
black holes. A mini black hole of an avant-garde design whose motor sequence
develops inertia, spectral speed, speed equal to or higher than that of
light, and scientifically controlled reversibility of the phenomenon.

What a new synthesis, but also what a liberation!

Synthesis and analysis are two wings of the same bird - contracted and
unfolded at the same time, following the heartbeat of the Universe tamed
inside the infinitely small: "One small step for man, one giant leap for

This would be the natural and constructive counterpart of Newton's Theory of
Light and Colors, which slows down that impulse. This is a necessary change
in the name of development and progress humbly submitted on behalf of Haiti:
a testimony of gratitude toward mankind. Let us go further, to the other
side of the Universe, as suggested by an eyewitness: the Hubble telescope,
with its camera.

". Hubble focused on the centre of the galaxy [M87], an area 500 light-years
across. The pictures revealed a spiral structure formed by fast-moving gas
clouds being drawn toward the centre, rather like water going down a drain."

Dr. Harms said the Hubble spectrographic camera was then focused on points
60 light-years across on opposite sides of the spinning disc. This camera
breaks down light into its wavelength parts, rather like a prism separates
colours in sunlight." (The Globe and Mail, Thursday, May 26, 1994)

Let us in the long run, replace the camera by a motor run by the ENERGY OF
THE YEAR 2000, transforming the DARK MATTER from the invisible to the
visible and vice versa. We would there by take advantage of the sequence of
colored and colorless light speeds, so as to better visit the Universe,
where law and order are transcendent, just as in democracy.

I have decided to write this letter because your leadership, Mr. President,
like an inevitable and immeasurable energy, has practically absorbed me,
allowing me to express myself.

On October 4, 1994, in the General Assembly of the United Nations, a voice
echoed the power of your leadership. In new words, on March 31, 1995, that
same voice will repeat:

"Even now, with the peaceful launching of the operation "UPHOLD DEMOCRACY"
on 19 September last year, a tropical smile has shed light upon the faces of
those who espouse and love peace - Peacemakers, Peacekeepers, and
Peacelovers. Together, President Clinton and we have managed to open up a
"tunnel" of hope after so much suffering."

That testimony by President Aristide at the U.N. emphasizes the magnitude of
the efforts needed to bring about such a happy conclusion.

Your present trip to Haiti is the strongest confirmation of that sequence of
events, and illustrates an unprecedented chapter in the annals of Haiti, as
well as in the life of the Haitian people

Thank you, Mr. President, for associating Haiti with your Strategic
Development Initiative (S.D.I.) at the dawn of the "Star Peace".

Glaze Storm



The Right Honorable Lucien Bouchard

Prime Minister of Quebec

Building Hydro-Québec

75, boulevard René Lévesque Ouest

Montréal (Québec)

H2Z 1A4

Dear Mr. Prime Minister:

"It is in adversity", I was going to say in “darkness", that one recognizes true friends.

In this national test due to the shortage of electricity because of bad weather, each one of us, in Québec like elsewhere, recognizes in you the Statesman, the friend very sensitive to the needs of the Québécois.

In solidarity betwen us in this shortage, we are also in solidarity with your energy, your will to build and rebuild.

Energy of the Sixties tested, confronted by the Ice storm crisis, what does Science hold for us in this field at the crossroad of the third millennium?

Each of us should express solidarity, according to his means.

My contribution, apparently futuristic, refers, Mister Prime Minister, to an inexhaustible source of energy, which one should tame now.

In a book with limited publication, translated in English for the needs of the cause, entitled " BILL A RI And There Was Light ", addressed during his last American election campaign to President Bill Clinton who acknowledged having received it, I dared to tackle this subject.

A second copy of that manuscript reached 24 Sussex at Ottawa, intended for the Prime Minister of Canada, the day before the visit of the Right Honourable Jean Chrétien at the White House.

As for the French original version which entitled then " Haïti ! Que La Lumière Soit ! ", it was given in person in care of the Canadian ambassador to Port-au-Prince, Mr. Hubert Feuillé, to President Jean Bertrand Aristide.

It's like to say to you, Mister Prime Minister, that in the exceptional circumstances in which Québec lives today - in the point of view of energy - no exploration in the mid or long term, by the expertise of Hydro-Québec, of an additional source of energy, at the same time safe and profitable, should not be ruled out. The Chairman and managing Director of the Hydro-Québec Company, who assists you so admirably, will assist you even more, I hope, vis-à-vis that new perspective.

In my letter to President Bill Clinton as well as in the one to your federal counterpart Mr. Jean Chrétien, I brought up that prospect to them. Who can guess, vis-à-vis this posssibility, which one of them would be the first to take advantage thereof.

There is no witchcraft at all involved in all that, Mister Prime Minister. In spite of my Haïtian ascent and my carefully phrased remarks. It is undoubtedly so when a taboo should be broken through; a taboo of magnitude, Mister Prime Minister, I admit it; a “scientific" taboo, seldom encountered.

Why did that happened to me, in such a way, like an ice storm, camera in hand, in full darkness? - " the taboo arises as a negative categorical imperative," affirms Roger Caillois. It is not saying little. Especially when it is a question of adequately correcting the theory of Newton on light and colors.

What an ungrateful work, what an irony, what else? Above that, for more than twenty-five years. However, at the dawn of the twenty first century, to denounce this taboo, to reverse it, should I say, what an asset! Moreover, at the same time the multiple taboos grow blurred which surround another phenomenon of the highest scientific range, the well known phenomenon under the abusive name of "Black Holes", synthesis of light and colors. Indeed Newton, in good faith undoubtedly in his time, really reversed the interpretation of the phenomenon of light. He took the part for the whole ! So much and so well that today like yesterday, the visible appears so much more tempting. Physicists say it: "ninety to ninety nine percent of the matter of the universe is made up of a dark matter, invisible, which generates, propels and surrounds the visible, like the sea surrounds the continents". Scientists such as Stephen Hawking affirm it. The Hubble Telescope confirms it. But theoretical Optics is stagnant.

My intervention, here, Mister Prime Minister, would mean that. It is possible to use another form of energy. By decoding the Black Matter. By the expertise of Hydro-Québec which has proven itself in many occasions. Without a play on words. Theoretically initially. While “returning the elevator to Newton”. Because, today, Hydro-Québec is well informed and with full power ! Forgive, this time, this very small play on words, intended to pay homage to you. For the Act which consists in making an AMENDMENT TO THE LAW OF NEWTON ON LIGHT AND COLORS..

Presently, why should we take the result instead of the cause? Objectively and in a pragmatic way, by a new synthesis; consequently, what a liberation ! At the threshold of the third millennium, let light live, invisible by synthesis, visible by analysis.

"Synthesis and analysis are two wings of the same bird, the rythm of the universe`s heartbeat, tamed inside the infinitely small having mass. Successively contracted and deployed. In the benefit of humanity. "One small step for Man, one giant leap for Mankind - I also said myself - in “ BILL A RI and there was light !.. "

What an unfortunate ice storm, certainly ! Versus illumination. Versus vivifying heat. Unfortunate, yes, but how much a convenient storm if I dare say, which invites us to explore other avenues, other concepts and, therefore, other resources so far neglected. Invitation to go from the invisible to the visible and vice versa. Taking advantage of the sequence of colorless and colored luminous speeds. In order to better understand the Universe. Where Law and Order prevail. Just like in Democracy !

Energetic formula with a unique character !

In the name of Science and Technology, vapor is being reverse !

A winning formula !

In Québec !

By Hydro-Québec !

As for the concept which enabled me to carry out this research, to draw certain conclusions and thus to propose its application, allow me, Mister Prime Minister, in spite of your many obligations and concerns, a small and fast digression.

1972. A young talented lawyer. I consult him on the royalties, the intellectual property, and the legal protection. He collects data, consults his fellow-members, at the Bar. Days, months pass. I call and I recall. One year, two years. I insist. I persist, as a condition to pay his fee, in obtaining an answer. He proposes, in private, a verbal report. I tell him the importance which I attach to a written report. Obviously not at ease, reluctantly, he gives me, on August 16, 1974, a letter! You are, Mister Prime Minister, the very first one to receive today, here included, a copy of it.

As for the verbal report mentioned in the letter which I address to you today, it was around a glass of beer – from the well-known MOLSON Brewery , I still remember, that the young and talented lawyer, well in spite of himself but in all respect and friendship, delivered to me the verdict of his elders, his fellow-members of the Bar:

"You are", they say, "an illuminated Black person !"

Pretending to be under the effect of a certain euphoria to which the famous beer MOLSON gets one discreetly, I told him on a hardly exalted but sincerely happy tone: "I, Lucien, from the Latin Lucianus which, from the root Lux, Lucis and any other variation reminds me FIAT!, then FIAT Lux! Let us raise our glass to your Bar and Let there be light ! "

"An Illuminated Black person !", I suddenly told him again, "in the white ceremony where the snow and the wind intermingle, in this country of blowing snow..." sung by Gilles Vigneault, what a spectacle !

Homage to you, Mister Prime Minister, because today like yesterday, in the Country sung by Gilles Vigneault, thanks to you, to your collaborators, to all the people of Québec, and to the "Father" who had house built, "the guest room, it is beautiful! "

How not to think of René Lévesque, during a meeting before the first "Parti Québécois referendum " on a Saturday, in company of Doctor Camille Laurin, of Doctor Denis Lazure, of Father Jacques Couture, of Gérald Godin of venerated memory, without forgetting the former deputy Pierre de Bellefeuille. Facing him that Saturday, illuminated by I do not know which obscure clearness, I gave to him in person a summery of this subject which I have a chance to entertain with you today. One sentence condensed its content. He promised me to read it all in his limousine, on the way back from Montréal to Québec. The following day, on Sunday morning, I knew that he had read it.

With you today, Mister Prime Minister, I repeat this sentence, more than twenty-five years old, but always, in my opinion, carrying the same message that I wish more and more positive for the years to come, in the third millennium...

"On the cosmic scale as on the terrestrial scale, darkness or blackness forms an integral, sine qua non part, of color and light pocess".

Is it still broad daylight

in the shadow of the black sun?

Yours truly,



96 percent of cosmos puzzles astronomers
Friday, June 20, 2003 Posted: 1629 GMT (12:29 AM HKT)

Luminous matter accounts for only about 0.4 percent of the universe.

Story Tools

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Earth, moon, sun and all visible stars in the sky make up less than one percent of the universe. Almost all the rest is dark matter and dark energy, unknown forces that puzzle astronomers.

Observations in recent years have changed the basic understanding of how the universe evolved and have emphasized for astronomers how little is known about the major forces and substances that shaped our world.

Astronomers now know that luminous matter -- stars, planets and hot gas -- account for only about 0.4 percent of the universe. Nonluminous components, such as black holes and intergalactic gas, make up 3.6 percent. The rest is either dark matter, about 23 percent, or dark energy, about 73 percent.

Dark matter, sometimes called "cold dark matter," has been known for some time. Only recently have researchers come to understand the pivotal role it played in the formation of stars, planets and even people.

"We owe our very existence to dark matter," said Paul Steinhardt, a physicist at Princeton University and a co-author of a review on dark matter appearing this week in the journal Science.

Steinhardt said it is believed that following the Big Bang, the theoretical beginning of the universe, dark matter caused particles to clump together. That set up the gravitation processes that led to the formation of stars and galaxies. Those stars, in turn, created the basic chemicals, such as carbon and iron, that were fundamental to the evolution of life.

"Dark matter dominated the formation of structure in the early universe," Steinhardt said. "For the first few billion years dark matter contained most of the mass of the universe. You can think of ordinary matter as a froth on an ocean of dark matter. The dark matter clumps and the ordinary matter falls into it. That led to the formation of the stars and galaxies."

Without dark matter, "there would be virtually no structures in the universe," he said.

The nature of dark matter is unknown. It cannot be seen or detected directly. Astronomers know it is there because of its effect on celestial objects than can be seen and measured.

But the most dominating force of all in the universe is called dark energy, a recently proven power that astronomers say is causing the galaxies in the universe to separate at a faster and faster speed. It is the force that is causing the universe to expand at an accelerating rate.

Robert P. Kirshner, an astronomer at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, said the presence of dark energy was proved only five years ago when astronomers studying very distant exploding stars discovered they were moving away at a constant acceleration. It was a stunning discovery that has since been proved by other observations.

Kirshner said it is clear now that dark matter and dark energy engaged in a gravitational tug of war that, eventually, dark energy won.

Following the Big Bang some 14 billion years ago, matter in the universe streaked outward. It formed galaxies, thinned out and then began to slow down.

"Dark matter was trying to slow things down and dark energy was trying to speed it up," said Kirshner, the author of a review article on dark energy in Science.

"We think dark matter was winning for the first seven billion years, but then universe went from slowing down to speeding up. ... Dark energy took over."

Kirshner said astronomers do not really understand dark energy. Albert Einstein first proposed a form of the idea, but discarded it later. Now, researchers know it exists, but its exact form and nature are mysterious, although it is thought to be related to gravity.

"What this is pointing to is a deep mystery at the heart of physics," said Kirshner. "We don't understand gravity in the same way we understand other forces."

He said there are virtually no experiments on Earth that would explore the nature of dark energy. It can only be studied across vast stellar distances by observing the motion of objects extremely far away, a skill that has been possible only in recent decades with the development of very powerful telescopes.

"Dark energy will cause the universe to expanded faster and faster and eventually, over time, we will see less and less of it," Kirshner said. Over millions of years, familiar stars and nearby galaxies will disappear from view and the sky, now choked with stars, will slowly darken.

"The piece of the universe that we can see will get lonelier and lonelier," he said. (

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