Sweet blog special: In Selma with Barack and Hillary. Rahm publically picks a side--with HRC

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SELMA, AL.---Just a short time from now, Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton are poised to take to the pulpits in two churchs down the street from each other in this town marking the 42nd anniversary of a bloody struggle for voting rights.

A contingent of House members are also here, flying from Washington to bear witness. They got caught in the cross fire of the two presidential campaigns. They could choose the service to attend. Rep. Rahm Emanual (D-Ill.), is sitting in the front row at First Baptist Church--the church where Clinton will soon speak.

Emanuel was torn between the two and has been avoiding being on the record taking sides. He is a closer personal friend of Obama. The Illinois Democratic establishment is for Obama. But Emanuel is a loyalist and he would not be where he is today if not for President Clinton, for whom he worked in the White House and in his 1992 campaign.

That's why Emanuel came out Sunday from under the table where he has been hiding. And why he is sitting in a pew right in the church where Clinton will soon speak.


Emanuel is aware of who he owes. It's that simple.

Ms. Sweet,

Now that Emanuel has picked a side, it will be interesting to see what actions he takes on Hillary's behalf.

Will he be able to pull Chicago money away from Obama and push it towards Clinton? If he can it will earn him a place among the kingmaking immortals, but if he can't, it will stain the image that he has cultivated since last falls elections.

It seems that, reputation wise, Emanuel is in the unfortunate position of having a lot to lose and not much to gain in this race.


I think this will prove to be very interesting.
Daley backing Obama and Emanuel backing Clinton. I wonder where and how the "real power" will show up.
Of course, whoever wins the primary will in turn receive the undivided backing of both.

It's interesting that throughout all of this Obama-HRC feuding, people have been downplaying her Chicago roots. I know she hasn't done much for IL lately, but she is the hometown girl, in a way Barry O will never be.

I don't think people should assume that Barack's got a lock on the Chicago vote. He's got a lot of fans. But he also has a lot of baggage, and Hillary's font of goodwill in her hometown isn't completely empty. The big name pols might be pulling for Barack, but there's still a couple million voters in IL who have to punch a ballot (or touch a screen or whatever) on election day.

Please, lets be honest about it. Did Emanuel have a choice? The Clinton's are the ones who put Emanuel where he is.

Question. Why don't you have Hillary's speech in full, or did I miss something? I notice a growing double standard with the media. Obama can do no wrong and Hillary no right. Come on, name me one issue that Obama is taking on that Hillary didn't ten years ago. I have nothing against Obama but I see something building that isn't good for the Democratic Party. You guys in the media pick your poster child, or pet issue and everything is slanted in that direction. That is why you are always out of touch and caught off guard when events and elections turn differently. "
Fair and balance" simple concept, seemingly impossible for you all to pull off.

Ms. Sweet just like I told you a while back" POLICE TORTURE and Corruption will become an issue in this presidenial election, and so will the cover-up by elected and appointed official[Mayor Daley and Cook County States Attorney Devine] of those tortures be an issue as well.

Someone must have informed Congressman Lewis that Sen. Obama supported Mayor Daley who cover-up the tortures, when he was Cook County States Attorney along with Devine who was Daley 1st Asst. States Attorney while Jon Burge and the other police officers were using cattle prods and other instruments to bring about electric shock to the genitals of African- American men.

I read in one of your stories that Congressman Lewis didn't endorse Obama after all and I also saw the same picture that's in all the papers of Congressman Lewis holding hand Hillary hand as they crossed the Bridge in Selma. Remember Congressman Lewis got his head bashed in by racist police 42 years ago.

Maybe Congressman Lewis will convince Sen.Clinton to ask for a federal investigation into the cover-up of these tortures by elected and appointed officials in Chicago and Cook County.

Sen. Obama knows about these crimes and he refuse to say anything.

Sen.Clinton gave a good speech,but was it real or all fluff.

Urban Translator

to Wallace "Gator" Bradley: Remember this---whether its Hillary Clinton or Obama, either WILL replace Fitzgerald as the Dist. Attorney. And when that happens, Daley, Devine, and Burge, will all be in the clear. And will have gotten away with it, I'm sad to say.

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