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Sweet Scoop: Obama national HQ to be on Michigan Ave.

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Sweet Scoop: Democratical presidential hopeful Barack Obama will headquarter his national campaign at 233 N. Michigan Ave. Staffers will be based there for at least the next year, and maybe more if he wins the nomination.

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Did you catch the speech at the DNC today? I suggest you listen to it with this in mind. it's not a regular speech. Underneath it's about answering his critics and all the people slamming him.
He addresses Hillary with Yes, let's have a discussion on healthcare
He goes after Edward's big mouth by challenging him to put down a detailed comprehensive strategy to get out of Iraq.
He nails Fox and the media for overblowing the Biden Gaff.
He also puts the challengers on notice. He is not going to be cautious and he is going to say what he means.
I many ways the speech is brilliant if you listen to what is being said underneath the surface.

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