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Sweet field notes: In Obama bubble, No Reporter Left Behind.


IOWA FALLS, IA.—It’s almost 11 p.m. on Saturday and Barack Obama is about to call it a day, his first on the campaign trail as a candidate for president of the United States that started with his announcement 13 hours earlier in Springfield, Ill.
The traveling Obama entourage—Obama, his wife and daughters, staffers, reporters—are staying the night at two modest inns across the street from each other in this town.

Here’s how it works for the reporters in the Obama travel bubble. Once they commit to a travel swing organized by the campaign, the details—charter air travel, buses, baggage transfers, hotels, food, beverages and internet service at filing sites, even getting checked into hotels and room assignments—are handled by the campaign with costs of course, to be billed to the journalists who have already surrendered credit card information.
It’s a pretty standard arrangement for presidential campaigns when there is a large press contingent to manage.
The campaign decides on a swing-by-swing basis if they want to do this.
Reporters are on their own on Monday when Obama visits New Hampshire.
Overseeing logistical issues for Obama traveling press on the press bus on Saturday was Liz Reiter, unconditionally pleasant and a veteran of all this, reprising a role she played in the 2004 John Kerry campaign. She called attendance on the bus a few times to make sure everyone was accounted for, because in the Obama campaign, Reiter wants to make sure there is No Reporter Left Behind.
Obama mingled a little bit in the lobby. (Michelle stayed in).
David Axelrod, the strategist was there as were press spokesmen Bill Burton, Dan Pfeiffer and Tommy Vietor, to name a few.
Obama seemed energized, not tired at all. He was getting used to some of the new campaign lingo.
Saturday was Obama’s first “RON,” or rest overnight. Earlier, at a town hall meeting in a high school gym, Obama was given his first t-shirt of the campaign, but he did not put it on, handing it to an aide.
End note: Even reporters with a candidate see only a slice of the campaign day...turns out Obama met with student leaders too....for more details on Obama on his over to the Des Moines Register and read excerpts from a very interesting interview Obama had with the papers's David Yepsen. about race in the race and Obama's views on how Washington based reporters see him....


Your hyperlink here doesn't work -- some kind of coding problem. Apropos of our conversation late Friday night in Springfield about all this, I'm guessing it's your job to fix the link, as it is mine on the occasions when something gets lost in the digital translation.
thanks eric....i'll try.

I wish him well. Now I didn't say I'm for him, I just said I wish him well. When the Clinton team gets done with him, I hope he isn't chopped-up like a jig-saw puzzle (politically speaking). Carville, Begala, McAuliff, Lockhart, etc., those are hard, cruel, and tough people. And she will use them. I already noticed she had big events yesterday in New Hampshire to reflect Obama from getting all the news. Also, she's ahead in the polls for black voters. That amazes me. Just amazes me. What magic has the Clinton's got on the Black Community? When MILLIONS were slaughtered in genocides in Africa (Rwanda, Sudan, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Congo) the Clinton Administration said and DID NOTHING. But saved the fewer white folks in Kosovo as soon as the rumors of killings started. The Clinton Administration gave NO MONEY to fight the AIDS crisis engulfing Africa. That regime pushed through and signed the 'welfare reform' to the delight of conservatives. Clinton pushed through NAFTA and trade agreements with the Asian nations which has cost thousands of factory workers in the American cities there jobs. And put more young black males in our prisons then any two other administrations. The majority of which were non-violent drug convictions. So again, why this reverance? How did such a terrible record on what I said above make Bill Clinton the 'first black president'? Would somebody explain it to me? Thank you.

I wonder if you can help me get more information about an exchange at the Ames press conference, at which Politico's Ben Smith described Obama making a "peevish" comment about the press being more interested in how he looks in his bathing suit than in the substance of his policy statements. If Obama really came across as irritated or defensive, it would be a first, and not a good one, because a key to his attractiveness is the sense that he is an unusally centered, grounded individual who seldom gets hooked into tired old patterns of baiting the opposition, or the media, for that matter. Here is the link to the Politico piece:

I like Obama very much BUT I think his greatest obstacle to the Presidency is his wife. She comes across as a patronising woman who treats Obama as aher kid not husband. She needs to start acting like she supports him instead of using every interview to belittle the man ....

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