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Sweet blog special: the Hillcast strategy.


Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton announced at the debut of her presidential bid that she wanted a "conversation" with voters. On Saturday she posted her first web "Hillcast," which is supposed to be a weekly feature. The highlight--a Clinton plan to start a phased redeployment in Iraq in 90 days. It's a bid to shift the conversation from her vote to authorize the Iraq war on to getting troops home. And it denies Sen. Barack Obama the ability to raise questions about Clinton's support for a redeployment.

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Last week, Obama in New Hampshire said Clinton was not in favor of a phased redeplyment.

She is.

Clinton introduced a get-out-of-Iraq bill on Friday with several elements she has already discussed, such as putting a cap on troop levels based on the Jan. 1 numbers and ending sending a "blank check" to non-performing Iraqi officials.

Here's the surprise: the call for a pullout starting in three months. Obama, Clinton and several other senators now have Iraq bills pending. No presidential candidate is going to get a signature bill out of the chamber.

Clinton, in her "Hillcast: said, "We need a phased redeployment. I've been pushing for this for almost two years."

(blogger Sweet note..that line is aimed at the Obama camp.)

"Now its time to say the redeployment should start in 90 days or the Congress should revoke authorization for this war."

this from my Feb. 14 column....
Hillary Clinton's campaign jabbed chief 2008 White House rival Barack Obama on Tuesday, accusing him of misstating her position favoring a phased redeployment of U.S. troops in Iraq.

"We are not going to allow Sen. Clinton's positions to be misrepresented," said Clinton spokesman Howard Wolfson as the campaign produced a memo providing seven public statements or votes the New York senator has made in favor of phasing in plans to draw down troop levels.

The Obama campaign did not back down.
The Democratic primary campaign is starting early and heating up as Obama and Clinton seek to define themselves and quickly push back. Obama said at a Sunday press conference in Iowa that he will have his campaign "know" the records of his rivals "so we can compare and contrast.

At issue is Clinton's strong retort to a statement Obama made to reporters while he was campaigning on Monday in New Hampshire.

Iraq is the defining issue at this opening stage of the 2008 presidential campaign and Clinton has had to defend the vote she made authorizing the war. Five of the eight senators running for president are proposing measures to use the authority of Congress to curb President Bush's ability to send more soldiers to Iraq.

Obama was asked if there was a "substantial difference" between his current approach to Iraq and Clinton's current approach on Iraq.

"I think the difference is -- and now again, I don't want to speak for her or her bill -- my understanding is that she calls for a cap on troop levels but does not begin a phased redeployment," Obama said.


I saw on the news that if Hillary wins,supporters want Bill appointed to her senate seat.

One thing I don't like about Hillary and I wish columnists like you would point it out, but you won't, is that she's had a history of giving different views on the same subject in different locations, depending on what kind of crowd was present.

Hilary Clinton is not going to focus on International Issues to counter Barack Obama but she has the issue of the Burge torture and the Obama silence right here at home. You do not have to go to Iraq or Abu Gharaib.

I saw on tv that Clinton supporters want Bill to fill her senate seat if Hillary wins.Congratulations on the success of your column.Other columns and news sources are discussing it on a daily basis.

The Hillary Clinton web site blog is now open for business.

The Hillary Clinton blog is very disappointing.It does have spell check going for it.I thought it was going to be more along the lines of the Kucinich web site where there are forums to discuss every issue.Guess what,no Hillary either.The legal red tape for posting is so long and restrictive that's it a safe bet no original ideas will be posted there intentionally.Ideas should belong to the world ,not any specific group.This isn't the conversation I wanted to have.Hopefully the blog will be improved so it can be something to be proud of.

what would happen if you threw a pail of water on Hillary? I bet she would melt.

to Franjelico: No democrat, whether it be Burge or Hillary, is going to touch the Burge issue. Are you kidding? Thats a embarrassment to all the politicians who stood by and did nothing---ALL democrats ! Thats why I wish 'Gator' Bradley would stop bringing it up. It won't do the democrats any favors. Gator: Stop bringing it up and I won't tease you about Urban Translator. Even though its a horrible moment in Chicago and American history.

The Hillary Clinton blog seems to have rescinded its wayward attempt to control intellectual property.While posting some negative comments,they definitely aren't posting all comments.

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