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Sweet blog special: Way to go, Devin Hester.


Yes, it's off topic for your blogger.

Big hat tip to the Bears' Devin Hester with that 92-yard touchdown.


Wow, you didn't post a story that ties this memorable moment to politics? Like is Daley really still thinking about starting a new Chicago team? Anyway...glad you're still rooting for the Bears!!
Bear Down Chicago Bears!!

I knew the bears Bears would lose when that loser Obama said the bears would go all the way.GO

Way to go Hester a great 92 yard return, you deserve it. Too bad about the rest of the game!! Sorry fellow Chicagoans.

Hey what a great season the Bears had and with the start to the superbowl breaking a record with a 92 yard return and the most turnovers in a quarter!!!! its just to bad the D could not stop the offence and the were on the field way to long they just got outplayed by the colts good job to the colts coaching staff for the planning boo to the bears for poor execution and poor planning also lets not forget to look for a couple of quarterbacks while we are looking for a defencive coordinator

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