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Sweet blog special: Update on the Obama breakfast with House Dems.

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Catching up from Wednesday morning posting, filed before a meet and greet breakfast where Barack Obama wooed House Democrats.

*About 30 members showed. Cross section of Democratic House members.
*Hot breakfast buffet. Eggs, bacon.
*Obama spoke about 20 minutes. Stayed in all about an hour.

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*Talked about his winning strategy. How he could pick up some southern states that eluded John Kerry.
*Talked about how his race is an asset.
*Talked about how he can help Democrats maintain a long term majority in the House.
*Said he wanted to earn their support and did not take anything for granted
*Talked about Iraq, health care and how he brings a world view given his diverse background.
*Commented on Geffen flap. Said that the situation should have been handled better.
*Commented on latest upbeat poll numbers and how he is a viable candidate with potential of winning a general election.
*Some Hispanic House Dem members talked about Bill Richardson outreach

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