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Sweet blog special: Rahm, too thin to be squeezed between Hillary, Barack.


Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-Ill.) is personally closer to Barack Obama than Hillary Clinton. But he owes his vault to the upper levels of political life to the Clintons. So he has been bobbing and weaving when it comes to saying who he is for, though in the end, when he has to, he will check the Clinton box.

Anyway, Obama has the backing of the other two Emanuel brothers.

Click below for the latest try, this by NBC's David Gregory, to get Emanuel on the record on who he favors.

From a Tuesday interview...

GREGORY: You're in kind of a tough spot; after all, you worked for President Clinton, but you're also from Illinois, where there's a good deal of buzz, I'm sure you've heard, about Barack Obama.

EMANUEL: Rumor has it.

GREGORY: Where are you going to come down in this race?

EMANUEL: Look, I have -- they're both good friends who I have a great deal of -- amount of respect. And really, you know, I just got off and the whole country just got off a big election, the 2006 election. ......
David, because of the policies I care about. We have to make sure that we get health care to children. We have got to deal with the shortcomings in our affordability for college education. This is my time to deal with the policies I care about. There will be plenty of time with politics. And I wish both Senator Obama and Senator Clinton the best. I'm -- they're good friends.

GREGORY: Do you think Senator Clinton can be beaten?

EMANUEL: Do I think she can be beaten? Look, the Democratic primary votes in Iowa, New Hampshire and the other states will decide that. She's laying out her campaign, her vision. People will vote on that. Barack's doing the same thing, Senator Dodd's doing the same thing. There will be plenty of time for that.

And don't worry about the difficult spot Rahm's in. I think the good news is that the party and our party's offering a slate of candidates who offer a different vision than the same old policies that the Republicans are offering. And the country just said in 2006 they want a new direction, and the Congress is already making sure that that's exactly what's going to happen.

GREGORY: Congressman Rahm Emanuel, feeling the squeeze.

EMANUEL: No, David, don't you worry about me. I'm too thin to get squeezed.


Thats ok, Rodents can dissasemble their skeletons and reassmble them in order to squeeze through tight spots, thus Rhum should be fine.

how are you doing

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