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Sweet blog special: Hillary raises $1 million in online sprint.


White House hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton is showing off her fundraising ability via the online community--some $1 million collected in one week.

Former President Bill Clinton and political advisor and longtime Clinton atrategist James Carville-sent out e-mail appeals for Hillary campaign cash. In the money primary, Clinton and chief rival Barack Obama want to turn in March 31/first quarter numbers that will intimidate the other side.

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this from the Clinton camp...

Clinton Raises Over $1 Million in 1 Week in Online Grassroots Campaign

Nearly 15,000 grassroots supporters from all 50 states responded to the one-week challenge, surpassing goal

Demonstrating a groundswell of grassroots support, Hillary Clinton’s campaign today announced it raised over $1 million from nearly 15,000 grassroots supporters through a one-week online campaign. Last Wednesday, the campaign kicked off the effort to raise $1 million in grassroots donations through an e-mail from President Clinton encouraging Americans to show their support for Hillary’s campaign.

In a note to supporters today, Hillary wrote: “I want to thank you for the tremendous outpouring of support you showed me during our "One Week, One Million" drive. It was an incredible success, and it means so much to me knowing that I have so many friends all over the country who are committed to our campaign.”

In addition to raising over $1 million from grassroots supporters – and surpassing its goal – the campaign announced that:

Over 15,000 small donors supported the one-week effort
Of those, all 50 states were represented



Excellent news! And not at all surprising. Congratulations Hillary.

I hoping that there will be a time when camppaign will not be about stealling money from the poor. Clinton and his wife make a lot of money, do not pay tax. they won't never get my money. Money $10 will go to Obama

We do not want to see Bush and Clintons share our write house for more than 30 years. And particularly, no more sex thing in the Oval office.

She is doing what all candidates must do to run for President - raising money. And she happens to be able to raise a lot of it because there are a lot of people all over the country who support her.

The clinton's uncanny ability to raise money only serves to remind me of a line from the movie "Exit Wounds"....."the greatest trick the devil pulled off was convincing people he didn't exist"

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