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Sweet blog special: Obama to get Virginia Gov. Kaine endorsement Saturday. Why so quiet, Gov. Blagojevich?


White House hopeful Barack Obama, after picking up a fresh supply of white shirts in Washington, hits the road again and stays on it for almost a week, taking advantage of the upcoming Senate recess.

He stumps in the early primary state of South Carolina on Friday and Saturday, heading to Richmond, Va. to headline Saturday evening the Virgnia state Democratic party Jefferson-Jackson dinner. He's expected to pick up the formal endorsement of his second governor, Timothy Kaine of Virginia. This early endorsement from Kaine, a Southern Democratic may help Obama in South Carolina.

Illinois Gov.Rod Blagojevich is for Obama but is not making a big deal about it. He was in Springfield for the Obama kickoff Saturday. He told my Sun-Times colleague political writer Scott Fornek "I am very much for him and you know I talked to him about helping him along the way, raising money, that kind of thing....and I am eager to help him raise money."

Could it be that the Obama team did not want a spalshy endorsement session with Blagojevich because of the scandals surrounding the governor and a controversial donor they share, the indicted Tony Rezko?

Obama will be stumping in the coming days in South Carolina, Virginia, California, Texas, Nevada and Iowa.

click here for a story on the Virginia endorsement

from the AP....

Virginia governor to endorse Obama

By BOB LEWIS Associated Press Writer February 14, 2007 RICHMOND, Va. -- Virginia Gov. Timothy M. Kaine will endorse Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, perhaps as early as the weekend, two officials said Wednesday. Kaine, a Democrat who took office last year, has decided to endorse the Illinois senator in his bid for the party nomination, according to two officials with political ties to the governor. They spoke on the condition they not be identified because the decision had not been made public. Obama will headline the Democratic Party's annual Jefferson-Jackson Day fundraising gala in Richmond on Saturday night, an event Kaine will attend along with Democratic Sen. Jim Webb and former Gov. Mark R. Warner. Kaine has a strong political relationship with Obama, who traveled to Virginia the past two years to campaign for Kaine's gubernatorial campaign in 2005 and for Webb last fall. Copyright © 2007, Newport News, Va., Daily Press


Lynn, Gov. Blagojevich has the RIGHT to be for whoever he wants. Just like any other American. He doesn't have to do cart-wheels for the person he is for, either. And as far as Obama wanting the governor to stay quiet because of possible corruption deals and involvement with Rezko, all I got to say is this. Obama has his own Rezko dealings and endorsed the mayor (Daley) who has handlers under indictment, plus he endorsed Stroger, so how independent minded is that?

I feel confident that all Obama supporters join me in prayer that our junior Senator is never photographed with the Governor...


Ever, ever, ever...



I'm sure Obama is the one who doesn't want Blago to speak up. Obama needs to stay as far away from corruption and bad politics as he can. The last thing he wants is for Blago to stand up and pronounce how good of friends they are and how well they know eachother and yaddayadda.
I guaranty this was discussed from Obama's people to
Blago's people. One of the 'I'm sure you understand..., no hurt feelings' things.

Sounds like three peas-in-a-pod to me.

Blago+Rezko+Obama = scam-o-rama

As a citizen of Illinois, I can only say. If he has ties to Gov. Blagojevich , I will not vote for him. Blagojevich is a typical Chicago machine politician.

As a citizen of Illinois, I can only say. If he has ties to Gov. Blagojevich , I will not vote for him. Blagojevich is a typical Chicago machine politician.

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