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Obama pool report. First big presidential funder.


Obama Pool Report
Chicago, Illinois
Sunday, Feb. 11

CHICAGO-The following is a pool report from a fundraiser for
White House hopeful Barack Obama. Since it is getting
late.reporters on deadline please note that your pooler will be
moving a few grafs about the event and a quote from Obama with
more to come. The campaign did not send out an advisory about
the event or include it on the schedule but did allow one print
pool reporter.

Here goes:

The first major fundraiser for Barack Obama's presidential
campaign was held Sunday evening at the Hyatt Regency Hotel 151
E. Wacker Drive in Chicago, after his rally at the University of
Illinois at Chicago.
About 1,000 people attended the event in one of the lower
level ball rooms of the hotel.

Speakers the pooler heard were Obama campaign finance chair
Penny Pritzker (whose family founded the Hyatt chain); Michelle
Obama and Obama. People were standing around cocktail party
style. Cash bar. Veggies, fruit, cheese cubes at various
stations in the large room.

No estimate about money raised from Obama spokesman Bill

Obama, no tie, white shirt, paced the stage: His ending
stemwinder about his run for president:

"It is pretty rare where you get those moments where you can
put your shoulder against the wheel and move history. And this
is one of those moments. And this is one of those moments.I need
your money, I need your time, I need your energy."

Lynn Sweet
Washington Bureau Chief
Chicago Sun-Times


Thanks to the Sweet Blog Scoop moderators for their consideration when my recent blog posted 4 times due to URL problems. Just read Lynn Sweet's latest blog about Obama's first big Cash Bash at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Chicago last evening! It will be important to know just how much money Barack raised in a big money town like Chicago, because, a super strong showing there will almost certainly attract the favorable attention of the big bucks donors and smaller donors nationwide that Obama must have to proceed.

"put your shoulder against the wheel and move history" -- isn't that a great line? Move history.

Welcome to the All Adoring About Obama All The Time blog! Here you will learn such captivating and important things like: What Obama wore! How many adoring fans were there! What were the preferred foods at the events he attends! All of the praises being heaped on him! Whether Obama wore a tie! How this "reporter" was the ONLY one singled out by Obama to go to his fundraiser! What Obama wore! Did she mention that she has worked out with him side-by-side at the East Bank Club!?!!!! All of this from a purported Washington Bureau Chief.

I'm a yellow-dog Democrat and a Barack fan....but am I the only one that thinks he is really running for Vice President?!?
Hillary has mucho cash and the USA's best politician, Bill !,
on her side.
I think Gov Bill Richardson would be the perfect running mate.
At least a winning Hillary-Obama ticket would drive
hate-radio guys like Limbaugh and Hannity to Canada!
McCain being a cheerleader for the Iraq quagmire might drag him
down. Rudy? your basic pro-abortion, pro-gay, pro-gun control
Republican. 3 wives and 6 mistresses..or is it the other
way around?!?

Is it too much too ask this media darling to DO SOME WORK for a change? He hawks his book, constantly campaigns, yet no one asks why is he not doing the job he was elected to do? Maybe he should donate his paycheck, since he sure isn't earning it.
Also, since you follow him everywhere, why not ask him why he won't use some of that charisma to get involved with the call for a congressional pardon for the Federally railroaded border patrol agents Ramos and Compean?
If he claims to be a unifier for All citizens of the United States of America this would be a good first step.....Unless, of course, he is more concerned about having the endorsement of illegal aliens, as is his counterpart in the senate.

I love you Barack Obama and I will support you in 2008, every way I can.

This is where Obama $tart$ to $how who his real friend$ are.
$o much for the little guy he alway$ like$ to lea$t in hi$ $peecheS.
No more phony politician$ claiming to have all the an$werS!

Join the "Just say NObama" campaign at

I suggest Obama keep his hands on the wheel if he proposes to move history. That shoulder driving thing is pretty risky. The real question is to where is he moving those nitty records of past events? Wherever moved, I trust Sandy Berger's request for clearance will be denied.

I agree Obama needs to spend more time in the Senate, but being a senator shouldn't disqualify a person from running for president. I do think he's the brightest, most articulate, inspiring politicians we could hope for. Warts and all, he should eventually overtake Hillary Clinton and win the nomination. He's more likeable and can point to his unequivicol opposition to the Iraq war as proof of good judgement on the number one issue for Democratic primary voters. Hillary sounds more like John Kerry everyday and has absolutely no chance to unite the country.

OBAMA in 08! Enough said.

Barry NOObama or Obambi, how about this for Bambi ,"The foot in mouth express." He is Howard Dean without the scream.

Somebody explain this Obama thing to me! He had a few years in the state legislature, during which time he raised taxes and fees dozens of times and otherwise did little to distinguish himself. He seems like a good speaker. Good looking. He's a pacifist. He favors universal health care. I'm afraid that my leadership-radar doesn't "ping" when I see the guy. He just seems like a standard liberal Democrat...maybe a bit less kooky than some, but with no ideas that astound or unify thought. Explain to me how he is Presidential material. BTW, the "wasted" comment is what it is....a view into his subconscious that he will not be able to "take back"

I've already climbed on the Obama bandwagon! Experience? What experience did Bush have? Governor of Texas? Two terms in a state government with a strong legislative body and weak executive, with an agenda of less governing? Hillary has 4 years more experience? And she isn't even a Democrat! She spent her life as a Republican and married to a Dixiecrat who "converted" her to a Democrat. Bill Clinton is a borderline Democrat! The best slogan for the Obama would be "Bush, Clinton, Clinton, Bush, Bush... Clinton?"

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