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Obama Chicago pool report #2. Inside the funder. Michelle Obama on "don't be fooled by people who say it is not his time."


Obama Pool Report 2

Pooler was not allowed in the ballroom to observe remarks by
Michelle Obama and Penny Pritzker, who spoke before Obama's
remarks. But your pooler, staffed by Burton, was allowed to take
notes and tape the amplified sound she could hear clearly
through a wall.

Michelle Obama told the crowd she wanted to talk about how
she felt about Obama's presidential run... "I am so excited and
very very proud for my husband on what will be one of our
greatest endeavors....I enter into this next phase of our
journey not completely knowing what to expect, but with eyes
wide open, fully aware of the joys and the pain, the agony and
the ecstasy, the sacrifices and the triumphs..."
She said "politics is a full contact sport."
More quotes from Michelle Obama, who mounts a defense of
people who question Obama's experience. It is "his time," she
"And don't be fooled by people who claim that it is not
his time. We are all too familiar with those baseless claims.
We've heard this spewed from the lips of rivals.....every phase
of our journey, he is not experienced enough, he should wait his
turn. He is too young, he is not black enough, he is not white
enough...he is too articulate. He can't raise the money. Don't
be fooled by these claims because they are mere distractions.
Distractions to keep us focused once again on what is not
possible. Distractions that keep us mired in fear so that we are
unable to focus on the real issues that are dragging us down as
a nation. What we need right now is a leader. And a leader is
more than a set of finite experiences."
Only in the world of politics, Michelle Obama said, after
she highlighted Obama's resume "would insiders dare to look at
those accomplishments and dare to have the audacity to say he is
not ready."

Once Obama started speaking, pooler was allowed in the
room. (see description of set-up in first pool report) He
thanked Pritzker for serving as national finance chair. "I can't
think of a better selection." He thanked his fundraising staff.

"How was your weekend. We had a pretty good weekend."
Obama related how there was a debate within his campaign
about his outdoor announcement plan for Saturday after a weather
forecast predicted the bone chilling cold that did indeed occur
in Springfield.
"We're kind of pressing our luck here," Obama, said he told
his staff, what with asking people to show up for a political
rally with the temperature in the teens....This is going to be
one of those instances "where my staff had more faith than I
did, which is going to be one of my messages here today.
A staffer said, "we just think that people are going to
want to come and they are going to want to be in a place that
captures the spirit of what this campaign is going to be all
about, and so we need to take risks.' And so we took risks. And
we took risks and 17,000 people showed up."

Obama on his chances:

"That's the opportunity of this campaign. It is not a
certainty. It is a possibility...I cannot stand before you today
and guarantee an outcome and I cannot guarantee that as a
consequence of this campaign America is transformed overnight."

He added

"It is pretty rare where you get those moments where you can
put your shoulder against the wheel and move history. And this
is one of those moments. And this is one of those moments...I
need your money, I need your time, I need your energy."

Lynn Sweet
Washington Bureau Chief
Chicago Sun-Times


Michelle Obama told 60 Minutes that she's not afraid of someone endangering her husband on the campaign trail. As a black man, she said, he can just as easily be shot in a gas station. True, but it would be in black area at the hands of a black thug.

Get Real Che, are you saying no black man has ever been shot because he was a black man in a white area? No white thug has ever held up a gas station in a black area? Also why is it that a child born to a black/white couple is deemed to be black and not bi-racial? Why is African-American considered a race and not a nationality? There are white people from Africa, if they immigrate to America and become citizens are they not African-Americans? Why do we in this coumtry attach labels to everything?
Barack Obama is a natural born U.S. citizen and that fact alone gives him the right to be able to run for President and it is about time this country began to see people as human beings and not as black, white, red, yellow or any other color.

Look at anonymous's....... all of a sudden he wants to say that because Obama and his wife say extremely STUPID stuff it's racial,because they are dum and narrowminded. While Bambi Obama self distructs as the newer better looking Howard Dean without the scream! Atleast not yet. Its not our fault that after 60 years of poverty you keep voting democratic and buying into the same empty liberal promises! Your the one who see's color just like Bambi did in Maryland last october injecting race into the Mike Steele senate run. Bambi Obama sold out African americans by endoresing Daley even though Daley was infomasly tied to John Burge, and he Bambi sold out Mike Steele. So its only racsim for you when your not liberal. thats why Mexicans are starting to flourish and the great society reciepriants arent not, as we assimalate we realize that your the backwards clowns and the ones who ruined this great country. So tell us again to get over race, when your the one who cant. You only use it when its convienent for you, typical , liberal. Just like Barry Bambi Obama "Obambi"

to Che: I suppose the statistics would show his chances may be greater to be shot by a black thug. But thugs come in ALL colors. And most people of ALL colors are decent.. Its like getting beat-up or shot by a brutal or trigger-happy policeman. I suppose statistics would show the chances are greater by a bad white policeman (Burge, Diallo Tragedy, Bull Connor, etc.). But bad cops come in ALL colors. There is bad black ones also (Latanya Haggarty and Robert Russ Tragedies). And again, remember, most cops are decent.

Hussein Obama's wife showed herself to be a racist with that comment about Obama getting shot going to a gas station.

Fernando, great post. Anonymous sounds very naive with his post. And you are correct, mexicans are making much progress in this country because they have assimilated to the American culture through their placing importance on a stable family environment. And also, many Americans of mexican descent realize that the way to make it is through education and hard work. Not by saying "wo is me" and "this country is to racist for me to make it".

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