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Hopefully, a regular occasional feature from Blogger Sweet.

Excitement over Obama is justifiable
Obama's Campaign off to a stirring start

Obama's shown he can inspire; now he must lead

Campaign for 2008 kicks off in Bay Area

Two Black S.C. Senators Say Democrats Are Doomed if Obama Wins Primary


"Regular occasional" or the same old daily?
I hope 'regular occasional', because the daily that it's been is just too much. I'm already Obamaed out because of this second coming coverage.

Lynn you blew you load on this guy, he IS NOT the next Lincoln ,he is the next Howard Dean , or Jimmy Carter or George McGovern. What a false sell you've done, I know your a little sheep that takes orders from Rham, so its not your fault.

Lynn, you need to let the readers know when Hillary's army unloads on Obama. Which is really starting up now. Before it was Carville and now once again Hillary pal Maureen Dowd of the NY Times has gotten nasty with Obama (see today's DrudgeReport). She made a nasty crack several weeks back. Today, she chided him as a guy who looks like he needs a smoke real bad, that he's testy, has a heater at the podium unlike Abe Lincoln, and is so slender it appears his wedding ring is about to fall off. Oh yeah, she also said, "he looks real white." Its only going to get worse folks. I hope Obama knows whats about to hit him.

How bout that NY media ganging up on Bambi "I need a heater in my podium Obama" OUCH! Maureen Dowd being mean to Bambi!

I agree that you should be tagging the Hillary hit jobs. the NY media is under the control of the Clintonistas and will take any chance they get to fry Obama.
So, why can't the Chicago media hit back?
At least call them on it.
The worst thing that could happen to democrats is for us to be stuck with that viper as our nominee. Especially when there is someone like Obama running.

The funny thing is that when I come on the suntimes website, especially the blog section, I've always just treated it like a liberal bloggers website. The kicker is that it is supposed to be a fair unbiased news publication!! Therefore, it would only be fair to have a blogger dedicated to John Mcain, maybe Rudi's campaign or any other possible republican contenders (although I thought Lynn Sweet's title was still 'washington correspondent' which would make you think she actually writes about washington at large. In fact you would think she would write the majority of things on Washington politics or any other number of people or things actually in Washington, instead of just the Obama daily.) And also a white man who writes about race.
Of course none of this will ever happen, I just had to laugh when I thought of it. I don't know why I would expect an unbiased news source from the MSM.

vwcat! you get around.

Lynn, do you know if the Obama team has contacted Colin Powell to see if he can be persuaded to join the Obama campaign as a foreign policy and military affairs advisor? Is this were to happen, it would neuter the "lack of experience" tag.

Follow your Obama coverage every day. You are killing The Tribune with your superior Obama reporting.

I am not a big fan of Maureen Dowd, but good for her for going after Hussein. Hey, when you run for president you are entering the big leagues, so if Obama isn't man enough to take it, then he should drop out. I guess Obama and his boot lickers expected a free ride like he had in the Senatorial race.

mboehm- It's a race to see who can report on Obama more????

This is a news paper, not an Obama travelogue.
The Trib is far more balance and actually has a level head on this one!

chad: yes, it is a race for more - and better. Lynn Sweet is establishing herself as the go to reporter on the home town, historic Obama campaign. If you do not believe me, look at all the links to her in the blogesphere.

By the way, Maureen Dowd is a fan of Senator Obama. The mild needles (the "Obambi" one from a few weeks ago stung a little) are as she has said- to toughen him up (which is good advice)._

Subject: obama

what a sad joke the media is playing on the american ppl....Obama not experienced enough? Perhaps if you ppl in the media would have done your jobs while we're at ours for 8 or 10 hours a day we wouldn't have had this ...the worst president in our history.

Why dont you report on where Obama stands on the issues? What does he think of privatizing social security? or how to "fix" social security? or mecicare and medicaid? Why dont you tell us what Obama's plan for redeployment out of iraq is? Where he stands on freedom of choice? What does Obama think of presidential signing statements? What does Obama think of torture? What does he think about the elimination of habeus corpus? Can the president declare someone guilty without trial? Why dont you tell us what Obama said BEFORE the war? He was 100% CORRECT !!!!!

I know those are tough questions....but i feel those are important issues as who we are as a ppl....more so than the fox news lies about madrassa's and the gutter journalism of what he was wearing when he went swimming on x-mas vacation! Is Obama black enough or too black? too white? eee gads..

Ahhh the sight (in my mind) of carol marin and ron magers quitting to uphold the "integrity" of the news media (because of jerry springer?) is just another sad chapter in america.

Brian Dullum
Bartlett, il

mboehm- She is linked becuase she became a national laughinstock when she described how she wanted to follow him into the locker room after she saw him in a bathing suite!!! Also as a perfect example of the boot-licking going on with people exactly like her.

The ironic thing is that one of the favorite Dem lines about Republicans is to call them 'sheep'; take your head out of your *** and look what you are doing with Obama!!!

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