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Zogby poll puts Obama in the lead in New Hampshire. Obama 23%. Clinton and Edwards, 19%.


Sen. Barack Obama's Democratic White House bid is surging in New Hampshire. That's according to a new survey by Zogby International. The freshman senator is at 23 percent support among New Hampshire Democrats to 19 percent each for top rivals Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York and former Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina. On the GOP side, Sen. John McCain of Arizona leads.

Here's the warning label: "The survey of Democrats shows this race is as fluid as the 2004 race for the Democratic nomination was at this point in that election cycle. Eight in 10 said it is likely they will change their minds before they actually cast their ballots in the primary election," the polling report concluded.

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this from Zogby International...

Zogby's latest telephone polling in New Hampshire shows Obama holds slight edge over Clinton and Edwards in tight Dem battle, while Arizona's senior senator leads in what is—at least for now—a two-man GOP race

The newest Democrat to file papers to form a presidential exploratory committee enjoys a narrow lead in the race for the party nomination over two more experienced challengers, with no others anywhere near impressing New Hampshire Democrats, a new Zogby International telephone poll shows.


was that poll before we found out Obama was educated in a massada? GO HILLARY!

it's masada. glad to know hilary supporters can spell. NOT!!!

excuse me madrassa, my typo bad. Maddrassa radical islamic school. GO HILLARY!

Madrassa taught by an Imam funded by the Saudi's to teach Whahabbism a smart guy like Barack had to be a good student!I dont think as a liberal democrat that Barack was honest and forth coming in his background. Trust him in a war on terror? I WONT!

It's Madrasah, and GO OBAMA!

I dont know what a masada is, but Obama is certainly better than Hillary.

Do we really want the first woman president to be someone who slept her way to the top?

On top of that, she is pro-war and racist.

Only an ignorant Obama supporter who was sold a false bag of goods on a shallow, hallow man. He lied about his upbringing only a person who stands for nothing could support this clown. He wrote 2 books and never montioned it! He's done, he will lose his Senate seat next! Hillary ruined him, and she will ruin all of her opposition! You fool! You compared this Liar to Abraham Linclon , HA AHAHA! The real losers here are the Illinois GOP, they kicked out Jack Ryan when they should have put more effort into running Obama out of the race, this was easy to find out for the Clintons. GO CRY OBAMA PEOPLE AND REMEMBER IF IT SEEMS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE IT USUALLY IS! GO HILLARY!

Google has the religious Muslim schools as MADRASSA, one d. My recollection from "Dreams of My Father" is that while in Indonesia, a Muslim country, he did attend a public Muslim grade school for two years before switching to a private Catholic grade school. I doubt grade school accounts for his current religious beliefs.

What is the deal here? He already mentioned this in his book, Audacity of Hope.

Stop being negative, Juan. Let's base our judgement (when the time comes) on ideas. You are behaving like a republican. Maybe you're one disguised as a Hillary fan.

Juan - Open your eyes and stop being ignorant. Obama as a child, spent two years in a private muslim school (in muslim countries all schools are called "madrasah") and then he spent the subsequent 2 years in a catholic school (which one could also call a madrahsah). Stop listening to all the crap being spewed out there. Im sure before its all said and done they'll be calling Hillary a lesbian, just don't believe everything you read or hear. Use your head and do some research.

No you are blinded by the great fake hope here! Obama said he went to a prodominantly muslim school, not a massadra. Big difference, and his past behavior with Tony Rezko would lead me to believe he is a liar! I will give him as much of a chance as muslims in arab countries give other religions, NONE! YOU BOZOS! GO HILLARY!

Juan you're a dumbass! All schools are called MADRASAH'S in islamic countries. Also, you can at least show some respect by spelling it right! It's a schooool! not some terrorist camp,Jeez. And what's wrong with attending one anyway. Remember this was back in 1968...40 years ago!! when there were no radical islamic agenda's (to my knowledge)!! And as far as the Rezco thing, who is above making mistakes? I know you're not, none of us are. Remember WhiteWater? you think Hillary will even mention questionable land deals during this campaign? I guarantee you she won't but the republican smear machine won't allow us to forget it though. Use your head dude, stop being myopic!

Sit back and enjoy the ride.

First of all, a madrasa in English indicates a traditional Muslim religious school, where students mostly study the Quran. If Obama had went there, he would never have gotten into Columbia University, where he later studied.

As a third year Arabic student who has studied in Egypt, I can also tell you that "madrasa" is spelled with a single "s" because the s consonant is not doubly pronounced. In Arabic, spelling is NOT arbitrary, so a double s would indicate that that the pronunciation of the s (the letter siin in Arabic) would be lengthened or "strengthened" as they say in Arabic.

The Arabic spelling is: مدرسة

I am seriously considering
BARAK OBAMA the man with the
big ears,funny name,but highly intelligent mind and it's his intelligence that impresses me.
I will also be looking at
Edwards,but seriously doubt
I'd vote for Hillary Clinton.I feel it is more a man's job,MAJOR responsibility and I am not looking at Mr.O'Bama's color.If he was some Jessee Jackson ,some Marion Berry a rabal rouser ,I'd say NO,but HE IS NOT and I've seen him on Oprah several times and he impresses me.
I tell you we have a man here in La.who ran for Govenor and he lost but he will win next time.He will beat Kathleen Blanco and when he is finished his two terms as govenor I hope
Bobby Jindal runs for President and I want you all to remember that name.
That is another highly intelligent man and I was impressed by him and voted for him and will again.His parents migrated from India but he is American born and a really good man,so who knows,but please keep an open mind.Do not look at th is as a black man he is a man and I think we owe it to ourselves to listen to Obama with an OPEN MIND and then each make an intelligent decision.

First, let me make a correction on the issue of madrasahs. There is misinformation being circulated by right-wing ideologues, and in particular Fox News Channel. Please inform yourself about madrasahs prior to making statements about them. Ignorance, racism and xenophobia is unacceptable!

For more information I suggest you visit the following website:

A madrasah is defined very simply as a school used for teaching Islamic theology, religious law, world history and language. Despite common assuptions, madrasahs are not schools for teaching hatred of the west, or training schools for terrorist. Some extremist elements have used madrasahs for that purpose in places such as Pakistan, but it is not the true purpose of a madrasah.

On the issue of Obama's honesty about his past, Let me make this crystal clear. He has not tried to hide this information at all. The pundits at Fox News are the ones attempting to portray him as dishonest. In fact it is Fox News and others who are dishonest by using uncooberated information about his early education.

There is no evidence that Obama actually went to a madrasah, this report has been circulated by misinformed reporters at Insight Magazine.

Obama has been very clear about his childhood. There is no evidence of him trying to conceal his past as the pundits have alleged. In his own book "Dreams from my Father" (p.142) Obama stated that at the age of 6 he moved to Jakarta.

"In Indonesia, I’d spent 2 years at a Muslim school, 2 years at a Catholic school. In the Muslim school, the teacher wrote to tell mother I made faces during Koranic studies. In the Catholic school, when it came time to pray, I’d pretend to close my eyes, then peek around the room."

He then moved to live with his grandparents in the United States at age 10.

Again, there is no controversy here, this is old news, "Dreams from my Father" was written 12 years ago. Obama has discussed at length his Muslim father and his upbringing in Indonesia. This is the biggest non-story I have ever seen.

Oh eli fox news... fox news,.your a liar and a simpleton it wasnt fox who broke the story and Bambi was misleading about his past. This crybaby got teased about his ears because he is mentally weak and will fols like a deck of cards under pressure.
I dont care what he says, he was involved with Rezko and cant win! He is dirty and your fooling yourselves! he is unelectable crybaby, WHAAWWW!!! Dont make fun of my ears!!!!! WHAAAW! Go HILLARY!

This is for you Juan, CNN just debunked the Madrasa rumors. They even went to Indonesia over the weekend, to Baracks elementary school. Looked like a perfectly regular elementary school to me. The world should be devoid of ignorant assholes like you. Here's a link to the story:

Hey wale for starters cnn doesnt confirm anything ,we have conflicting stories and he might have attended two schools, secondly like having dealings with Tony Rezko Bambi isnt honest or electable. Third Wale , is that like WHAW! Dont make fun of my ears! WHAAAWW! LOL! GO HILLARY!

Hi All,
I am Indonesian. I am Muslim.
I would like to say here, that your Obama never never never spend his time to go to madrasah (Arabic term, means "study place"). Never. He went to Catholic school named Fransicus Asisi, Jakarta. Many people knew him.
If you have a time, you can go to Jakarta and ask to any body where that school is. It is better for you.

Dear the Author, whoever you support candidates, please post this truth to your country, to NBC, to Fox, to anywhere and anyone. I have no bussines at all with your president election. I have no benefit of this. And we do not care about this and about your Obama, at all.

I just tell the truth.

Hi all brother and sister, taste a sugar before you say that is sweet. See outside the tin, guy.

My warm regards,
Sorry with my English.

One more thing, Mam,
After I read all the comments, one most important thing is I am very very very surprised that my smart brothers here have a very poor knowledge about Islam, Muslim, muslim country, and may be muslim culture.
Ohhh my God ... You just open my eyes now.

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I'm not going to get into the discussion forum here, would be a waste of time. I just want to comment on an observation I've had while reading all of the comments and responses. It seems a bit illuminating to me that virtually all the people who have come out in support of Barack Obama have written very intelligently, very clearly and it seems to me judiciously and insightfully. While virtually all of the people who have expressed support for Hillary seem to come off as someone ill-informed, using silly irrational arguments, and a bit mean spirited. I'm not 100% sure what this says about the respective campaigns, but it seemed woefully evident to me to be true while reading the respective replies. Go over the responses and see if you can't see my point. Kind of makes one think....

I agree with the sentiment expressed by Alex and I had noted the same thing as I was reading the posts. I do think the opinions of the Hilary supporters come from the spiteful attacks she is having her husband and others launch against Obama. I am glad Obama is a candidate who brings out the best in the people and not the worst.

Zogby is back at it and O now has the lead. South Carolina is next. Hil is on the ropes.......

Of Course Republican News Media such as FOX will downplay last night's HISTORIC event. I was watching all the major media cable news stations, and FOX spent 90% of their time talking about Huckabee. Now, Hukabee's success is'nt all that surprising considering 60% of Iowan Republicans consider themselves "Evangelical or Born Again" Christians. Now what was historic was the voter turn out for the democrats and the fact the people of Iowa which is 95% white, embraced and choose Barack Obama as their choice for the Democratic Presidential Nominee. That is truly amazing and historic. We in America are experiencing a huge milestone in our country's long and rocky history. We have had dark moments, but people of prior generations were able to recognize this and start and make Change and shine light. From the Boston Tea Party, to The Civil War. To the time when Black slaves (men) where given the right to vote. When women stood up and said enough is enough and fought for their right to vote. To Rosa Parks who had the courage to start change and sat at the front of the bus.
This is yet another great moment in America's history, which will only make us stronger and brighter than ever. Also, Hillary is a woman. That is also historic. We have grown and evolved as a country and we demand change. Now will Hillary provide that change or is Barack the better choice. That we will decide. But the country is screaming loud and clear, we are not happy with our leaders and the course in which we are being taken. Major change needs to happen now!

Obama stands for change. Hillary stands for same old government. Edwards stands for more ambulance chassing attorneys in Washington. I choose change.

It was also interesting the mad-man Dean was on the news Tuesday evening talking about how bad republicans were, about how America didn't want any negative campaigning, only to have Hillary and Edwards start with the negative ads right away on Wednesday AM. Typical Washington BS...

Oh I see many didn't see the CNN piece discrediting Fox's usual truthless blast directed this time at Obama. It was not a radical muslim school. The interview with the principle clearly explained that the school had no religious preference. Check your info.

"On top of that, she is pro-war and racist."
Have you heard Hillary's preacher say God D*mn America. Any one who would align himself with that organization is racist. I defy anyone to call Hillary the racist here.

Fox was not discredited. Obama studied Muslimism from 6 to ten. That is the fact. He even on occasion attended the mosque with his school mate...

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