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Sweet Iowa blog special:Clinton-- "This is the only political experience I will ever have that he had never had" Report 4

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CEDAR RAPIDS, IA.--It's a cold, dark night. On a street with posh houses, Hillary Rodham Clinton is talking to people about her presidential campaign and takes questions. President Clinton has not been in sight, by the way. It was a small event, hence the pool report.

Bill Clinton never campaigned in Iowa in his first bid for president in 1992, conceeding the race to Iowa Sen. Tom Harkin. Hillary Clinton makes a personal reflection on how she never shared an Iowa experience with President Clinton.

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QUICK POOL REPORT: Sen. Clinton at Cedar Rapids “Conversation with Iowans” (more to come)

(Adam Nagourney, New York Times)


Please note: More coming, but here is a quick report in case people want to get this stuff into their stories for tomorrow.

Hillary Clinton, at this house party here in Cedar Rapid, raised on her own and talked about her Iraq vote. Wanted to get that out right away, also cool funny line at the bottom -- more coming:

1) Iraq:

“I know how difficult the last six years have been particularly because of this president’s foreign policy, his preemptive war in Iraq, his management of the war, and his stubborn refusal to change course. I also know how dangerous the world is. I am a senator from New York, after all, and I’ve spent a good deal of the past six years dealing with the aftermath of Sept. 11. We have to get the balance right between defending our country and deterring those who wish us ill, as they still do, and ending the alienation toward using the rest o the world.

“Just as we are now in a huge fiscal deficit, we are in a global deficit with respect to how people view us and whether they are going to support us and our values.

“The rest of the world is standing with their arms crossed, just kind of waiting to see what we do. In the Congress we are trying to set a different message now.

“We are trying to demonstrate to the world that at least some of us understand what has to be done. But it’s going to be hard because we have very few tools that we can use to try to reverse course. The president has enormous power in the area.

“We are trying to get a bipartisan resolution of disapproval. That is a big deal. I know there are those who say it has no teeth. But if we don’t have a bipartisan statement of disapproval, we will never get the attention of this White House.

I’m about to introduce legislation calling for a cap on our troops in Iraq. I’ve been in favor of a phased redeployment for a year and a half and I have voted for it.

“I can not support cutting funding to American troops right now.”

“I do want to cut off funding for the Iraqi army.

2) “I am excited about being part of the Iowa caucuses. You know Bill didn’t compete in the 1992 Iowa caucuses because Tom Harkin was running for president. This is the only political experience I will ever have that he had never had, so..”



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RE: #2) above;

"This is the only political experience I will have that he never had"

Does that mean anything about NOT chasing interns or campaign workers?

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