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CEDAR RAPIDS,IA.--Iowa voices.

Dori Boot, an administrative assistant from Ankeny, Iowa. 62. Not a regular caucus voter. Has no favorite.

On Hillary Rodham Clinton: “I think she really knows her stuff.”

On former Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack: “I just don’t think he has the experience and background to handle the United States.”

On John Edwards: “I just don’t know enough about him to have an informed opinion.”

On Barack Obama: “I think he is a very interesting person.”

Carl Van Tuyl
Des Moines. Social studies and American government teacher. 58. Regular Democratic caucus goer. Favorite: Edwards.

On Edwards: “I think he’ll be good for the country. I think he is right on the issues.”

On Obama: “I have no negative feelings against him. He is trying to tone down the polarization in politics.

Kim Bolte, Ankeny, manager for financial industry. 39. Regular Democratic caucus goer. Leaning Clinton.

On Clinton: “First of all, it would be nice to have a woman in the office.

On Obama: “He’d be my number two.

Frank Thomas, Pleasant Hill, attorney. 55. Regular Democratic caucus goer. Supports Clinton.

On Clinton: “I support Hillary because I think she has the seasoning. She is extremely articulate and smart and I think she is compassionate.”

On Obama: “I don’t think it is his time.”
“He does not have the seasoning. He just jumped from the state Senate in Illinois to the Senate. He just does not have the seasoning to make that happen.”

Queen Dennis, Des Moines, retired school teachers. 79. Regular caucus goer. For Clinton.

On Clinton: “I think it is time for a woman president.”

On Obama: “I think a lot of him, but I think it is a sex thing.”


All those people are old and out of touch. Obama is new school, I'm tired of Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton, please end the dynasties we're a democracy not a monarch. Regardless of how inexperienced people think Barack Obama is he is the best man for the job, he doesn't need tons of votes or tons of national years to be a good president. These beltway people are sickening, they think they know everything when in fact they don't feel our excitement, our passion and all of the hard work that we're doing to get President Obama elected. People aren't making a big deal over Hillary because of her "experience" but because she's Bill Clinton's wife and it's not because she's a first serious woman candidate, no one made a big deal over Elizabeth Dole in 2000 when she was seeking the Republican nomination. Hillary is riding on the coat tails of Bill Clinton regardless of what anyone tells you because quite frankly can anybody please tell me something that she has done or said that makes you say "wow Hillary should be president", at least Barack Obama is riding the wave of his own personal merit whether that be his 2004 speech or his orator skills, it's his OWN merit not his spouses or anybody elses.

Obama is a media product! Everytime you turn on the news or pick up a paper or magazine, or turn on the Internet, what do you see?
Either in name or picture or both. Even the negative things have been given a positive spin.
If people elct him on his ability to speak or his looks (one person interviewed said that "She thinks a lot of him but thinks it's a SEX thing") (shades of Bill Clinton), that is a sad showing for the country.

Lynn, that is a different 'John' who wrote the above comment. I use to sign my post 'john' but changed to 'John' to distinguish a difference. Now all of sudden the other John is also signing with a capitol 'J'. Only reason I mention this is because I'm NOT a Obama supporter for the White House.

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