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Sweet blog special: In Iowa with Hillary Rodham Clinton. Report 1. The Scene.


DES MOINES--The stage is set for the public Iowa debut of Hillary Rodham Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign, at 12:30 p.m. central time Saturday in a high school gym decked out with "Hillary" banners and chairs set for a big crowd.

The Hillary campaign button: a black and white photo of Clinton doing a thumbs up thing. The copy in red: "I'm in to win!." The bumper stickers have blue background and say "Hillary for President."

Clinton arrived in Iowa on Friday and huddled with Iowa Gov. Chet Culver, who will remain neutral in the 2008 contests--a blow to the man he replaced, former Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack. Vilsack starts as a longshot in his own state with the crucial first party caucus in January, 2008. The latest Iowa poll puts John Edwards first at 25 percent followed by Barack Obama at 17; Vilsack at 16, Clinton at 15 and way low, Joe Biden at 4 with undecided, 15.

I just talked with one of people in the audience. She's Dori Boot, from Ankeny, about 15 miles from Des Moines. She is 62, an administrative assistant and not a regular caucus goer.

Background: Iowa's vote is a "caucus," not a primary. People actually have to go to a meeting to take part of a caucus. Votes are counted in a different way. It's a potentially time consuming process. That's why organization is critical to an Iowa campaign; turnout is the key.

Boot said she has no favorite at this point

Clinton, she said, "really knows her stuff." She has eliminated Vilsack. "I just don't think he has the experience and background to handle the United States.

On Edwards, "I just don't know enough about him to have an informed opinion. On Obama, "I think he is a very interesting person." Why, I asked.

"He is articulate,he knows a lot. He is not playing politics as much."


Ms. Sweet,So I watched Hillary on C-span this afternoon at her Iowa appearance. So what do you think??? I am trying to keep an open mind on her--but I was not very impressed!!

I will be looking for your observations.

Thank you
Mary Ann Winck
Slidell, La

Upbeat crowd, no hostile questions. She seemed relaxed and....i'm guessing...a load off her that it is official and she is in the race.
BY THE WAY.. ..I notice you are from La. Obama will be in New Orleans on Monday.

Thank you for your comment from my email to you. Also, thanks for letting me know that Obama will be in New Orleans on Monday. I will watch for local reporting. I think he has potential and will be interesting to watch. Thank you,
Mary Ann Winck

Lynn, why don't you ask Hillary if she/Bill/Buddy Young organized the murder of Jerry Parks on 9-26-93? Any reasonable person, based on Hillary's use of a secret police, criminal intimidation tactics, the beating of Gary Johnson on 6-26-92 and the constant lying about Bill's life as a crazed sex money ... any reasonable person who think that Hillary - who hires the secret police - would be a SUSPECT in the murder of Jerry Parks on 9-26-93.

It pains me as a woman that this is the best Dems. can come up with for a presidential candidate. It also embarrasses me as a woman that this is role model for other women. If she wasn't such a chameleon, people would be able to know the real Hillary.

GO Hillary! Obama is a pretender, Hillary is a contender!

Hillary was talking pretty tough in Iowa about "decking opponents" etc. Let this be a lesson for Obama and others.
She knows (or thinks she knows) how to campaign.

Obama, "I think he is a very interesting person." Why, I asked.

"He is articulate,he knows a lot. He is not playing politics as much."
I think Ms. Boot should take another look at Obama, this man is smart, very smart and is playing politics in everything he does.

He must watch out for Hillary as she will "deck" him every chance she gets. He has a strong political staff but hers is stronger. She will be able to raise more money than he will and regardless of the current opinion that he will pull all the black vote, it's wrong, Bill will get a good number of offset blacks to vote Hillary.

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