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Sweet blog special: "I'm Hillary Clinton and I am so happy to be here in Iowa." Report 3.


DES MOINES, IA.—The candidate entered the packed high school gym to “Right Here, Right Now” by Jesus Jones.

The candidate. You know her.

“Well, I’m Hillary Clinton and I am so happy to be here in Iowa,” she said.

With that Clinton started the first public event of her week old 2008 Democratic presidential primary campaign. Some 1,000 people. Well staged. Each person got a “I’m in to win” button and a Hillary bumber sticker. Audience friendly.
Very receptive. No hostile questions. The roughest part of the day so far is the video of her singing the National Anthem sprinting through the web proving she can’t carry a tune. (When it comes to singing, I’ve heard Obama croon--at the March, 2006 Gridiron--and he has a velvet voice. If the Democratic presidental primary was run by the "American Idol" producers, Obama would clinch.)

Interesting to note: Clinton did not take advantage of a question about sending 21,000 more troops to Iraq to talk about the Iraq war—her vote for the war is her possible Archilles heal in Iowa. (see pool report in previous blog for comments Clinton made about Iraq at an earlier event.)
Instead, she used to the question to talk about veteran benefits.

She made much about being a woman candidate.

To “Now I know there are people who either say or wonder would we ever elect a woman as president ... I’m going to try.”


“Think of what it felt like when you saw Nancy Pelosi become Speaker of the House.”

Clinton said that when it comes to females running you have to "work even harder and I am prepared to do that."


Go Hillary!!!!!!!

its hard for me to except you running for pres, when you let billy bob have so much fun with monica.

Dont you have any respect for you or your daughter? Or was it a ploy to try to be something your not going to be? Ummm maybe Monica could? Have you asked her?

1. when Nancy became speaker I cheered. The thought of Hillary even getting the nomination makes me heave.

2. When Obama was at the steak fry this past summer, before he was even a concideration for running, he drew the 2nd highest attendance ever for the steak fry.

3. In NH, Obama got over 1,500 people and Edwards got over a 1000.

4. Do the Clinton's own MSNBC? concidering their wall to wall love letter to Hillary for the past week I wondered if the network was owned by Clinton.
Not one word of doubt or downside or anything bad said about HRC. It was a continuing love letter.
So much so that at one point Chris Matthews even somewhat sounded like he was suggesting we don't even chose or get to support another candidate since Hillary is already queen.
All week the people on there kept saying when she is in the general election, not if but, when. They kept saying no one could beat her and she is the choice of ours.
I find it disturbing that a network would be so obvious in their cheerleading as to discourage people from going for someone else.
They ignored the fact that the majority of democrats do not want her or like her.
Between the network never saying one negative thing, even in regard to the fact that she may not get the nomination and Chris Matthews adolescent crush for Hillary, you feel like maybe the network has been bribed or is owned by the clintons

after 7 years as New York State senator I never saw her in a public forum qanywhere in the state much less in my town. All appearances are staged and sterilized. Won't do!!!

That singing was not sterilized, Mr. Palinkas.

Her singing wasn't very good, but to hear her singing it instead of mouthing the words was strangely endearing.

And I'm a Republican, who will definitely not be voting for her.

She has my vote.

Hillary will have a strong voting base. Alot of women will vote for her just because she is a woman. And alot of men will vote for her because she is a woman who doesn't mind that her husband runs around on her.

Please I'm a woman and I would never vote for such a person to be in the Highest power. Come on she has done nothing of sustance to even be in the running. Can't you hear the laughter around the world.

Hillary WILL be a GREAT PRESIDENT!!! She and Bill have had my full support since 1992. I voted her as my senator in New York twice! I WILL VOTE FOR HER FOR PRESIDENT!! She is an intelligent woman who knows what she is doing! I have signed on to help her in her campaign!!! GO HILLARY!!!

Tell you what, Dems. If you give Hillary the nomination, you don't have to get me anything for Christmas AND my birthday ever again.

I doubt she can win, which only makes the chances of the GOP candidate better.

And if by some chance she does, her administration will be as ineffective as the last time the Clintons occupied the White House, pretty much assuring a hundred-year reign for the Republicans after that.

I’m sorry Donna, but "laughter around the world!" Are you serious? We elected a man who had never left the United States to be the leader of the Free World !!! The current President failed at everything he did, including an oil company which his father and the Saudi's had to bail him out of and a baseball team were he traded one of the best players to swing a bat. If you just admit that you hate her that’s fine, but when you talk about laughable presidents, you really need to move a decade or so past the current one.
P.S. Your pitiful use of the English language is almost as laughable as your pathetic argument.

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