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Sweet blog scoop: Obama morning conference call with supporters to announce White House run.


Supporters of Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) are being told this morning there will be an 11 a.m. Chicago time conference call. Expected to be discussed is Obama filing papers to officially launch his 2008 White House run. Obama is expected to hit the road to travel to early primary states in the coming days.

The call is being organized by Nate Tamarin, who was the political director for Obama's Washington D.C. based political action committee the Hope Fund. He now works with Pete Giangreco, the founder of the Strategy Group in Evanston, expected to handle Obama's direct mail in the 2008 campaign.


I'm so tired of the MSM trying to foist Barack Obama on the Democrats in 2008 because they're afraid of Hillary and they know Obama is unelectable. I'm an Illinoisan, I've had correspondence with Obama. He's not the right candidate for the upcoming election. Obama should recognize himself that he's being manipulated by the conservative press. The fact that he is responding and considering a course that would be disastrous for Democrats is evidence that he is not sufficiently experienced to represent us. RE-ELECT AL GORE 2008. Democrats should band together and give Al Gore the opportunity that Clinton stripped him of in 2000. He's the overwhelming choice of all liberals.

What has this liberal done, besides act like he's a new coming for the Kennedys? Look at the stupid beach photos...

Just another Tax & Spend Lib - No Thanks. Illinois, you were stupid enough to put this man in office...You keep him.

This will only take the light off of other serious Democrat candidates and allow a Hillary candidacy to grow.

Can anyone tell me what Obama has done while serving as a Senator? I'll tell you what he has done. NOTHING. Just your typical Democratic Senator. All bark.

All together now...

"Who cares!!"

Seriously, this 2 year senator has no shot..


Hopefully enough reasonable people don't vote for this guy. He's practically a communist.

Please, oh please nominate Housein Obama Ramadama Homa Ramadana, to the be Democrat candidate for President of the United States of America. And please choose Billary Clinton as the Vice Presidential nomination.

Then the Republicans can sing, "Happy Days are Here Again!"

Outstanding! How soon can he qualify for Secret Service protection? We need to protect this guy.

Tancredo for President (08)
What this country needs!

I can't wait 'til the official announcement so I can stand up and cheer. I've never worked for a politician, but if I can do my part to help him get elected I'll feel that my time has been well-spent.

nothing like the suntimes posting a good racist post from Joe M. Classy Suntimes, classy.

Big Mike- Congratulations, you get the ignorant beyond hope award!!! Just call somebody racist, that should negate any reasonable arguments you have no answer to. Also, where the heck did you see a speck of racial implications in Joe M's comments?? You are truly not only a race baiter, but a racist yourself.

Also, Obama is more liberal than any Kennedy or member of the Senate for that matter. So that would in fact put him closer to being a socialist than anybody else.
Think before you write things Mike.

Great news! Obama's Harvard Law professor Laurence Tribe, one of the nation’s leading constitutional scholars, calls Obama “one of the two most talented students I’ve had in 37 years in teaching. ... When I look at my kids and grandkids and ask what makes me hopeful about the future — one thing is Barack Obama.”

I'm feeling hopeful too! Obama '08 for President

The only reason Daley is backing him is so he will owe the Mayor when he gets elected, and will be expected to repay the debt by telling Pat Fitzgerald to quit investigating City Hall.
The only thing Obama has done since he got elected is to start running for President. He has no record of accomplishments as Senator to run on.

I simply LOVE this one (from above):

"Seriously, this 2 year senator has no shot.."

The last President from Illinois was a two-term Congressman (and former State Rep) who lost his bid for the Senate. This one is into what would in House terms be his second term, after having been elected to multiple terms in the State Senate, who failed before going to DC in an earlier bid for the US House. Two highly eloquent orators with a profound understanding of and connection with the main issue(s) of the day.

When President Obama is sworn in, just after noon and just past two years from today, the country will have come full circle. The Emancipator will have finally been succeeded by the emancipated.

And both from Illinois.

I know this room is pretty cynical. I also know that the truth of the above drives "pros" in this field, who know it your gut but struggle intellectually to fend it off, absolutely bonkers.


Senator Barack Obama is a
regional candidate for the
Office of US President. He
has work to do for political issues in other
sections of America. I vote for the individual with education

If our current president has proven anything it's that you don't need a track record of accomplishments to get elected.

Obambi is doing everything right, and it figures that some of the liberal activists who are either backing Hillary or wanted Feingold to run are upset with him. He taught ConLaw at U of C Law School for God's sake!

I'm a Republican operative. I saw his video yesterday. He can get elected. He can beat Giuliani with the right campaign. Hillary can't. We want her nominated because we know Rudy will beat her like a wet dishrag. He went through the fire of 9/11, and no one will trust a manipulator when they're comparison shopping. Hillary manipulates people, which is why her negatives are so devastatingly high.

Don't be surprised if she ends up pulling out and making a deal with Obambi for VP if she can't get past him.
You don't see this yet, but Obambi connects with people in ways that Bill did, and Hillary never can.

People like and trust Obambi the same way they liked and trusted Reagan. You liberals are too doctrinare to see this. Fortunately for Obambi, he doesn't listen to you people.

Big Mike, Joe M said nothing racist. But I realize you have been trained by the Jesse Jacksons of the world to cry racism whenever someone says something you don't agree with. My advice to you is to grow up and try thinking for yourself instead of allowing others to think for you.

Most of the comments stated above, show clearly the divisions amongst the United States broken down into sectors. No wonder citizens from abroad are hesitant now to follow in our footsteps as they've done in the past. We do not represent a United States, nor do we think clearly when voicing our opinions in public. We've become a bickering, negative and short-sighted citizenry. It's downright shameful! What is causing all of this acrimony? Really? Racism?

Can someone explain why Barack Obama is black? His Mother is white, his Father is black. And as I understrand it he was raised by his white Mother. Why does this make him any more black than he is white? Just truly curious. This may be one of those times where the description “person of color” is actually more apt. Admittedly, I may not be able to understand either description as I am not a person of color, and therefore I must by default be a colorless person. Anybody have a good explanation? And since we seem obsessed by the color of his skin to the point of paying almost no attention to the fact that his voting record is to the left of a Socialist (Bernie Sanders), perhaps this would be a good time to note that his lips are actually sort of purplish-blue. It may be time to ask the question, is America ready for a president with blue lips?

Your Average Colorless Person

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