Sweet column: Geffen, Katzenberg poised to help Obama. Rahm, Ari Emanuel & 2008.

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Here's the scoop. One of the first major fund-raisers for the budding Barack Obama presidential campaign will be hosted by entertainment moguls David Geffen and Jeffrey Katzenberg -- that's the Hollywood buzz.

The event will take place in the Los Angeles area after Obama's official campaign kickoff Feb. 10.

Meanwhile, here are updates about the brothers Emanuel -- Hollywood superagent to the stars Ari and Rahm, the House Democratic caucus chairman.

I reported Nov. 22 how Rahm was torn between Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York and Obama. "I think that I am going to hide under this desk if both of them ran," said Rahm.

He was vaulted into the political big leagues by President Bill Clinton. Rahm is closer to Obama, but he prides himself on loyalty.

A week ago, I reported that Ari was going to throw a fund-raiser for Obama next month. Michael Donkis, a spokesman for Ari Emanuel's Endeavor Agency, on Thursday told me Ari is "planning an event for the senator."

After Obama visited Saddleback Church in Orange County last month, Time magazine reports in its current issue Obama did a "meet and greet" at Ari Emanuel's home with "Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, Normal Lear, Christine Lahti and her husband, 'Studio 60' producer Thomas Schlamme."

The Illinois delegation
While Rahm is under the table, Obama has locked up all but one other member of the Illinois Democratic congressional delegation.
Sen. Dick Durbin was in early for Obama. Rep. Jan Schakowsky is setting up meetings for Obama to get to know House members. Representatives Bobby Rush, Luis Gutierrez, Danny Davis, Jesse Jackson Jr., Jerry Costello, Melissa Bean and Phil Hare are for Obama.

Rep. Dan Lipinski wants to talk with Obama first, his spokesman said.
Obama made calls to members of the Illinois delegation on Tuesday morning to personally inform them that he was filing his papers to form a presidential exploratory committee.


john edwards is from n. carolina you moron.

how long do you think Rahm will hide under his desk?? I think we should all take bets.

You said Durbin was in early. Nice understatement. He was pushing him to run and even set up a draft online site.

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