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Obama White House announcement: Not Monday.


Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) is pretty close to making his White House bid official. But it is not going to happen on Monday.

Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs told me Obama will not be making public his decision about a presidential run on Monday. Obama is in Chicago, where he has two events on his public schedule celebrating the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Obama's schedule, from his office.....

Monday, January 15

8:30 AM CT Obama attends 17th Annual Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Scholarship Breakfast
McCormick Place, Grand Ballroom
2301 S. King Drive
Chicago, IL

10:15 AM CT Obama delivers remarks about the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.
St. Mark’s Church
14618 Lincoln Avenue
Harvey, IL



I'm still hoping for an MLK Day announcement from Barack. He's got plenty of time in the afternoon...

" In the pulpit, Obama mentioned corrupt politicians, saying some offcials come to believe their offices are a place where they can help their family and their friends, instead of the people who elected them." While in Harvey with Mayor Eric Kellogg sitting in the audience. He later said he was speaking in general and not about any specific politician.{Maureen O'Donnell, Sun-Times January 16,2007 pg.4}

Obama said that in office for personal gain failto adhere to Kings's message." There are a lot things Harvey needs, Some folks here in city hall think that maybe the office that they possess is because they so special, it is supposed to be a place where they can help their family and their friends instead of helping the people who elected them, we don't need that kind of leadership, you want to make a lot of money, go start a business. Don't run for office".[ Guy Tridgell, Daily Southtown,January 16,2006, pg.A5] Everything he said fits Mayor Kellogg like tailor made suit. Lets not forget the Mayor is African- American.

Why didn't he make those statements in Chicago, Mayor Daley, his family { brother Bill Daley} is all over Barack like a cheap suit.

There's more people from Daley's administration and family's {11} ward organization indicted, under investigation, convicted, in jail or on their way to jail, then there are in Mayor Kellogg's administation and family, and generally speaking he was very specific when he was speaking and who he was speaking about.

Why is it he can speak about torture in Iraq and Abu Ghraid,but not a word publicly about the torture of over 100 African- American boys and men at the hands of Jon Burge and other Chicago Police officers? How can he speak honestly about corruption in Harvey, Illinois and Africa., and don't say a word about the cover-up [of theose tortures] by Mayor Daley and states Atty. Devine?

Our questions to Sen. Obama and Sen. Clinton and others should be if wether or not they support torture of African- American?, and will they ask for a federal investigation into the cover-up [of these tortures] by Mayor Daley, States Atty. Devine and others?,and if elected President will they protect mayor daley and States Atty. Devine by appointing an US Attorney to stop any and all investigation of them and their administrations?

Wallace" Gator" Bradley
Urban Translator

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