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Obama to stump in Virginia.


By the time Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) arrives in the capital of Virginia next month to headline a fundraiser to benefit the state Democratic party, he probably will have talked about the 2008 White House run he is organizing.

Obama will speaking Feb. 17 at the Democratic Party of Virginia annual Jefferson-Jackson dinner at the Greater Richmond Convention Center.

Virginia has a relatively early presidential primary--Feb. 12, 2008. If the results from the January primary states--Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire and South Carolina did not yield a candidate with a lock on the nomination, Virginia could play a role. Obama, swamped with invitations to speak, can easily justify a Virignia stop on his calendar.

Obama kenoted the West Virginia Democratic Party's Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner in September.

Obama campaigned for Virginia Gov. Timothy M. Kaine when he was running in 2005 and for Democratic freshman Sen. Jim Webb (D-Va.), who defeated former Sen. George Allen (R-Va.) in November.


Do you think he will announce his plans by then???
He is keeping us on pins and needles waiting...

I believe Elvira compares her "sanctuary" situation to Elian's.
However, there are definitely distinctions! Elian under auspices of his unemployed uncle and pychotic cousin filed an asylum petition. The U.S. didn't recognize his relative's authority as guardian. The Cuban community in the U.S. wanted to rub success in Castro's face.
Elvira is holding onto the fact that her anchor baby is Americcan born. Presently mothers of anchor babies receive no deritative status. She's striving to draw attention to the dilemma of deporting mom and not the kid. Mom goes home and the kid can either accompnay her to return whenever. OR the boy can stay here under the guardianshiip of the state on an appointed individual.
If mom were to request vouluntary departure she could await her son's petition and enter legally.
The community activists do not consider that option viable. "Sanctuary" in defiance of American laws appears to be the thread all are holding onto.
The Bush administration does not want to do an "Elian" early morning arrest knowing that Elvira's cameras are running 24/7.
I say, "Allow Elvira her temporary sanctuary and let Congress resolve the issue!"

If 0bama wants to rejuvenate the U.S. economy, he can do it with one word: no.Hundreds of thousands of journalists will kill themselves.That will open up all their jobs.Not to mention the windfall for the funeral industry.

Barack Obama is exceptionally talented and I think he will run soon. He may be able to accomplish great things. on the world stage not in spite of his background but because of it. I think in evaluating anyone's qualifications one must consider the person as a whole. So far he appears to have great gifts and has been very well received wherever he goes.

I sure hope he runs, I already have bumpersticker that reads Barack Obama President 2008...I would surely be sisappointed if I have to peel it off.

This guy what a coward ,"dont make fun of my ears" thats courageous leadership! O Bambi

Great Post!! I agree.
Lynn Sweet would have to find some worth while things to write about.
Reporters are forgetting that there is actual news going on, and Obama making another stump speech is NOT it. Unless you think he's giving the sermon on the mount, this Obama junk is just that.

I'm getting my J-J Dinner tickets today. This will be a great one with Obama speaking.

Obama may announce and he may not. He may say he will wait until 2012 or 2016. The game he is playing is ludicrous. He is playing the media and the voters and either building himself up or tearing himself down. I think Obama has played too much and is on the decline. I think people are tired of hearing, seeing him all the time.

Regarding the post about his ears comments, this has come up before and IMHO he is way to thin skinned to be the Leader of the most powerful country in the world.

I wish he would just say what his intentions are so we can stop writing about it and write him off!

I'll vote for him anytime. We need someone fresh. I'm tired of corrupted polititians and idiots running our country.

John Edwards was another first term Senator who ran for President. He did so while he was suppose to be representing North Carolina. As a result he lost favor in NC and would not have been re-elected if he had run for another term. The public deserves to have representation focused on the current job assignment. If a Congressman (House or Senate) wants to run for President, they should resign. This would be the honorable thing to do instead of using their position and taxpayer funds (if any discussion of the campaign occurs in the Senate office building by candidate or his staff he is using federal funds) to promote themselves.

Of course, the fundamental question still needs to be answered. Why does someone who is a first term Senator with no experience in managing a complex organization think he is qualified to run the biggest operation in the world? At least Clinton and Bush2 had experience as governors prior to being elected.

BTW, a sitting Governor also should resign to run for President.

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