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Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs said word on White House run could come "this week."


“We will have an announcement very soon,” said Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) on Monday.

Obama will make his 2008 White House run official any day now. I’m told by the Obama camp: “standby.”

"Could be as early as this week," said Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs.

Obama spoke at a Dr. Martin Luther King Day memorial in Harvey, a south suburban Chicago suburb and then took questions from reporters.

There was never a plan for Obama to announce for president on the day the nation honored the King legacy. Whatever is ahead for Obama, he was concerned that people would draw “false parallels” between himself and King if he talked about his political future on Monday.

Obama’s own words:
“We will have an announcement very soon but I didn’t want to use this day to indicate my plans because I am humbled by what Dr. King accomplished.

“And I don’t think that-you know-whatever my political plans are are comparable to the heroic struggles that he went through and I don’t want to draw false parallels.”


Senator Obama is a great man, its a tragedy that two Black Leaders speaking of the Mayor of Harvey, and Mr. Obama couldnt be on one accord. After the demonization of Mayor Kellogg, who for the record has never been indicted or convicted of any crime couldn't sit in unity. Mayor Kellogg is a victim of negative politcial tricks, convicted felons have more validity in Illinois Politics then an educated leader, who has never been arrested. I am 80 years old, and lived in Harvey my whole life Mayor Kellogg, has done more for Harvey then any other Harvey Mayor. The Southtown should be ashamed, and Mr. Obama should be able to sit and talk to whomever he wants especially elected non criminal Black Leaders.

I'll donate time, money and whatever else Obama needs for his campaign. Run, Obama, run! I must say he and Gore are my two picks for the Presidency, and apparently Gore isn't running.

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