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Obama poised to announce at Old State Capitol in Springfield.


Hat tip to Bernard Schoenburg of the Springfield Journal Register who reported today that Barack Obama will make his 2008 presidential bid "official" at the Old State Capitol on the morning of Feb. 10 with the Prairie Capital Convention Center backup in case of bad weather. My Sun-Times colleague Scott Fornek earlier wrote a story suggesting the Old State Capitol would be a logical place for the launch.

That will unleash the Barack Obama as Abe Lincoln narrative. Lincoln delivered his "House divided" speech at that historic spot and the announcement is on Lincoln's birthday weekend. Obama is expected to vault over to Iowa, home to the first-in-the-nation 2008 caucus, after the announcement.


if barrick obama wants to win in northwest indiana when its
time then he should get to know the unitedsteelworkers local 1010&
1011 also, we usally go for the sure winner, u can keep hilary
llet her be the vice president or chief of staff when obama wins
goooooooooooooo bears & obama

Its fitting Obama would make that speech from Lincolns House Divided speech, because he is trying to divide the country now. COWARD! GO HILLARY!

With her vote to authorize the Iraq war, Hillary sealed her fate. Ironically, as a result of not wanting to be seen like a weak female for a later presidential run, her only choice now is to heavily criticize Bush while not ever apologizing for her own vote -- which would make her suceptible to the flip-flop charge in the general. Hillary is at her worst when she does that because she reveals herself as transparently calculating and whiny. NOTE HILL BACKERS. THIS WON"T EVER CHANGE! SHE IS COMPLETELY INCAPABLE OF ENDING THIS WAR!!!

Barack has the potential to be the voice; to lead of generation having the "audacity of hope" to be different and better. He would have the ability to convince a majority (Repubs, Dems, and Indeps) that we're all in this together and therfore we must leave. OBAMA 2008 or even better GORE OBAMA 08 OH YEAH! IMAGINE!

I think an Edwards Obama run would be awesome.

Here in Southwest Vermont, just east of the New York border, Hillary's got a problem. She's seen as a pretty good Senator who missed the boat on Iraq. You get Rudy Guiliani as the GOP nominee and she's in deep "doodoo" upstate.

Senator Obama's not as well known here, as yet, as he is in the "Land of Lincoln", but he'll go over very, very well. New Hamshire, in particular, doesn't like machines nor the impression that candidates are trying to "buy" an election. Senator Obama will do great at the one on one campaigning that is necessary in NH. The venue for the kickoff is a great choice as well. "We gonnna win with Obama, not Chelsea's momma!"

As an Illinois resident. I am very uncomfortable with Barack Hussein Obama.

Does Obama understand Foreign Relations when it comes to the U.S.A.?

Obama is a Freshman Senator. He needs to get his feet wet much more. What kinds of important bills has Obama passed while a Illinois State Senator? Sure, he is a good speaker. But, that does not qualify him to become President.


To answer your question about, "Does Obama understand Foreign Relations when it comes to the U.S.A.?" You must not know anything about Barack Obama. He has a degree in International Relations from Columbia University (Ivy League). But you must think a MBA from Yale is good for Foreign Realtions like the degree the W has. All he has done is to cause more problems in the international realm. I think that someone understanding international relations could be a vital assest to restoring America's good name around the world.

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