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Obama on Biden's poor choice of words about Obama


Sen. Joe Biden (D-Del.) filed his papers for a 2008 presidential run on Wednesday. Then he took a shot at 2008 rival Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) in an interview in the New York Observer.

Biden called Obama Wednesday afternoon and apologized. For Obama's statement, click below.

from Obama......

“I didn’t take Senator Biden’s comments personally, but obviously they were historically inaccurate. African-American presidential candidates like Jesse Jackson, Shirley Chisholm, Carol Moseley Braun and Al Sharpton gave a voice to many important issues through their campaigns, and no one would call them inarticulate.” [Senator Barack Obama]


Sen. Biden's remarks just goes to show all that race in america is alive & well and how we as african american's are viewed. His remarks suggest that Sen. Obama is the only intellectual in the African American community, a clearly slap in the face to all that came before him and those that will come after.

Biden was paying Obama a compliment but couldn't get it right. Can you see Biden talking to a foreign dignitary without a script? A disaster waiting.
Try watching Biden on C-Span when he is asking a question of a panelist. He can put you to sleep but then maybe that's his secret.

After listening to Senator Biden's remarks over and over, It seems to me that he was saying that Obama is the "first mainstream African American, who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy." I am white and even I can see that these remarks were directed toward the african-american race, however, I think Senator Biden was meaning to compare Obama to previous African-american candidates. I can see these remarks made comparing him to Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, because they can talk out their you know what, but not comparing him to other African-american candidates we've had in the past.
I think the way Obama responded was very professional and honest. I applaud him.

OBAMA 2008!

We all know Biden isn't capable of original thought, so who did he plagiarize? I was smelling a Vast Left Wing conspiracy until my research found the following guotes, "Arafat's departure has created an awesome opportunity" and this one, " Let's just be smart this time, I'm looking for smart", both obvious references to Obama.

Yep, you got it. It's Joe Biden himself, and to his credit he's skipped the plagiarizing and opted to paraphrase himself.

This is getting too close to original thought.

Ross Blair

Bottom line: Biden said it ! This perfectly illustrates the DOUBLE STANDARD in both the African-American Community and the liberal media.

Think about what Biden said. He said," He is the FIRST mainstream AFRICAN-AMERICAN who is articulate and bright and CLEAN and a nice-looking guy." The FIRST ! The FIRST EVER! I'm sorry, but if I'm a black man I'd be besides myself right now. Or black woman for that manner. Hey, all you African-Americans out there, I've seen you guys buy soap in the store, how come Biden hasn't?

On Mary Mitchell's blog, I brought up the double-standard. I mentioned how Robert Byrd always uses the N-word when he talks and NOT once, has black leaders, the Congressional Black Caucas, and what have you, criticized him. Not once. But we all know they don't let up if the person is some republican, independent, or radio talkshow host. And thats for things-said not even a fraction as malicious. Matter of fact,we never hear the end of it and usually that person is fired from his/her job. A black guy named Mike took after me for bringing it up (double-standard). I had also mentioned that Bill Clinton stood by as one million innocent human beings were slaughtered in Rwanda, another million slaughtered and enslaved in Sudan, children killed and forced into slave labor in Sierra Leone. And for all his doing-nothing he is called the 'first black president'. But he did make sure he saved some white folks in Bosnia, right Mike? Hey Mike, if you read this, please explain to me why Biden's statement is no big deal? Because I thought it very insulting.

It doesn't matter because neither Obama or Biden has a chance to be President. In case you foggy thinking pinkos haven't heard, Hussein Obama is falling in the polls. And I am sure the Clintons will give him an extra push to make him fall even farther.

Biden is no threat to Hillary,only idiots in a statelike deleware could elect a arrogant do nothing moron like Biden, just like Obama is a do nothing blow hard who is no threat to Hillary. The only thing obama has incommon with Abraham Lincoln is he is tall and skinny with big ears, outside of that Lincoln was leader and a UNITER ,not a DIVIDER if he trys saying he is the next Lincoln it will back fire in his face, what an insult to an honorable man, from an unhonorable bigeared clown. Bottom line Obama has NO CHANCE! The fairy tale ends as Obama is exposed for the commie he really is! GO HILLARY!

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