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Obama endorses Daley. At Daley HQ in Chicago. The Axelrod factor.

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It's the Axelrod primary.
First Mayor Daley breaks his custom and endorses Sen. Barack Obama for president. Daley usually never endorses in a presidential primary. But Obama is a "native son" and Daley gave Obama the nod.

On Monday, Obama endorsed Daley, who is up for re-election in a February primary with the potential of a March run-off. Obama made the endorsement at Daley's headquarters and seems to have found the mayoral record much improved.

Was either endorsement much of a surprise? No. Daley and Obama share the same high powered media strategist, David Axelrod.

My colleague Fran Spielman, the Sun-Times ace city hall reporter, has it all at,obama012207.article

1 Comment

It's just gotta be eating Hillary that Daley finally openly endorses someone and it's Obama.
Loving it. He just has to crush her.

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