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Obama, Clinton, Pelosi and Cheney: At the State of the Union.


Did you notice....

New 2008 Democratic presidential rivals Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York and Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois sitting a row apart in the House chamber.....

And....Vice President Cheney at times cracking his stone face to smile at he and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi did--or did not--stand up at varioius points of the speech. Pelosi kept a straight face. Earlier in the day she was asked by NBC News producer Michael Viqueira if she thought about what her gameface would be. She said that had not crossed her mind.


Nancy-your nose is getting longer and longer. She knew full well that she would be in view most of the time and it obviously "crossed her mind" as to what image to portray. These politicians think we're all stupid.

On the stone face of Cheney: How many of you know that the "smoking gun," turned up in the opening statement of Patrick Fitzgerald in the trial of Cheney's top gun, Lewis Libby. To wit, Chney gave Libby a handwritten note (which Libby destroyed just prior to his first September 2003 interview by the FBI) with CHENEY'S INSTRUCTIONS on what to tell Judith Miller of the New York Times and Matthew Cooper of Time Magazine about Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson's report on the Niger Yellow Cake fakery. Apparently, Fitzgerald has sworn testimony from someone in the Vice-President's Office describing this Cheney handwritten memo with the instructions to Libby!!!!!

I think Cheney has a lot of explaining to do and I agree with former VP Mondale that "Cheney has gone way over the line," and also with Senator Joseph Biden when he said on Fox News, "Name me one time Cheney has been right!!"

So, it is time for the Republicans to clean their house and get it in order.

After all, it was a man named George H.W. Bush who walked into President Nixon's office and told him that the Republicans were ready to vote support for his impeachment and that President Nixon should do the honorable thing and step down..........
Which Republican or Republicans can fill that role today?
Gerald Pechenuk LaRouche PAC

Does it really matter if she lied about this when America had to listen to the person in front of her spew lies for over an hour?

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