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Obama's Abe Lincoln strategy. A marriage of narratives.



With only two years in the Senate, Barack Obama will seek to dilute the germane question of his experience level by running against Washington.

No place better to start than in the heartland of America.

Obama’s official entrance on the presidential stage will be in Springfield, Ill., on Feb. 10, Abraham Lincoln’s birthday weekend.

Obama was a state senator when he started running for the Senate in 2004.

Rather than be associated with Chicago — and have reporters do stand-ups in front of his South Side mansion to talk about his White House run — Obama may want to focus attention to the heartland side of his biography.

The Springfield kickoff will marry the Obama political narrative with Lincoln’s own quick rise. Like Lincoln, Obama served in the Illinois General Assembly before being elected to Congress and the White House. Obama, the son of a Kenyan, will speak in the city once called home by Lincoln, the president who freed the African slaves.

A Lincoln theme also serves to underscore the Obamaian centerpiece theme of bipartisanship or nonpartisanship. Lincoln, the Republican, delivered his famous “house divided” speech at the old State House in Springfield on June 16, 1858.

(from Sweet column in The Hill)


Barry Hussien Obama as Abraham Linclon, yes General that battle at Gettysburg was a terrible defeat let us pull out of the terrible winnless situation! LMAO! HA AHHAHAHA!

Julio-were you referring to the North or South? Oddly enough, each side had support from about half the country. (Better than today.)
Why Gettysburg? The South didn't quit after that battle though it was a major defeat. They had a General with support of his troops who kept on going.
Obama's Lincoln theme is smart. Lincoln wanted to preserve the Union and was willing to suffer huge losses in human life to accomplish that.

Obama is not trying to be Abraham Lincoln, or even fill his shoes. Obama is looking for a new type of politics. A type of politics where the government looks to what the people want and need, not the corporations that feed their pockets. This is what is making the parallel between the "house divided" speech and Obama's platform. During Lincoln's reign, the entire country was in a civil war; now we are in a political war, red versus blue. Obama wants us to be more united and fight for the cause of the people not the politician's pocketbooks.
In Obama's book, "The Audacityof Hope", he talks about his campaign for senator and how organizations would send him surveys and if he answered the questions correctly he'd recieve a campaign donation. He discussed how these surveys gave him yes/no options only and how he ended up writing all over the margins to explain why it couldn't be answered with a yes or no. He lost contributions due to his honesty, but for me this is the type of person I want running this country. Obama is someone who knows what he stands for, and he's not going to change his view on the issues just to get votes. He will change his views only if someone proposes an argument that he can't contest. An honest politician, What a breath of fresh Air!

And as for your comment, Julio. I am tired of reading comments on these blogs from people whom have no knowledge of politics. Stressing things like Obama's middle name and the fact that he was once called Barry are just unintelligent, childish slams at our senator. For your information, Barack went by Barry because that's what his grandmother called him, as it is short for Barack. Most professionals I know, however, do not use a shortened form of their name, they use their full name even if they prefer to be called something else. Names mean nothing, his name has no impact on the type of politician he is or they type of president he will become.

Making fun of somebody's name reveals a grade-school mentality -- which is what you need to continue supporting George W. Bush.

You two quit picking on Juan, you commies only agree with people who are pathedic commies like you,K and outlaw, nice names. Obama is trying to sat he is Lincol , thats sooooo stupid, Lincoln accomplished some much and Obama nothing, and yes I think Julio was saying General Grant you failed in Atlanta and Obama would think Shermans marchto the sea was a failure, Barry Hussien Obama is a coward race baiter and a divider, Lincoln was a uniter!

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