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Dick Durbin: On Senate priorities.

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Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), the Majority Whip, is sending out an e-mail appeal asking his supporters what the Senate priorities should be. The letter, paid for by his Senate campaign committee, is a snapshot overview of the first 10 measures the new Senate Democratic leadership wants to tackle, PLUS a promise that the Senate Democrats will provide oversight of the Iraq War. President Bush tonight makes official his bid for more troops in Iraq, which is already meeting resistance from Durbin and other members of Congress.

Durbin offers a version of the letter over at DailyKos, on Tuesday posting on the site--to be a regular feature. "I'm really looking forward to interacting more with this tremendous community in the coming weeks and months," Durbin wrote.
for Durbin at DailyKos for his "priority" letter, click below.

this is the Durbin letter....

What should the new Senate's top priorities be?
As we begin the new year, we herald the beginning of a new chapter in our nation's history. In November, Americans from every corner of our country sent a message of change to Washington. America restored Democratic leadership to the House and Senate, and this change of leadership couldn't come at a more critical time for our country.

Today, a new Democratic Congress is working to make America's hopes for a better tomorrow a reality. Here in the Senate, much like Speaker Pelosi's 100-hour plan in the House, our Democratic caucus has already unveiled an ambitious agenda to provide a new direction for America. But there is a lot of work to be done -- so today I'm asking for your input.
Tell me what priorities you want the Senate to focus on -- rank the most important issues facing America now!
When the Senate convened for the first day of the new 110th Congress last Thursday, Democrats introduced 10 new bills that focus on three key goals -- providing real security for America, restoring transparency and responsibility to government, and helping working Americans get ahead.
Here are those first 10 bills:
S.1 -- Ethics & lobbying reform
S.2 -- Increasing the minimum wage
S.3 -- Lowering prescription drug prices for seniors
S.4 -- Fully implementing all 9/11 Commission recommendations
S.5 -- Expanding stem cell research
S.6 -- Developing new technology to promote energy independence
S.7 -- Making college more affordable
S.8 -- Rebuilding America's military
S.9 -- Immigration reform
S.10 -- Reinstating "Pay As You Go" rules for the federal budget
In addition, Senate Democrats will provide aggressive oversight of the Bush Administration's war in Iraq -- keeping our troops safe, stopping war profiteering, and bringing the war to an end as soon as possible.
Help me set the Senate's agenda -- prioritize these important issues now!
As Assistant Majority Leader, part of my responsibility is to work with Majority Leader Harry Reid to manage the flow of legislation on the Senate floor. In these first few weeks of the 110th Congress, we want to make sure we're focusing on the issues that matter most to all Americans.
Ultimately, we hope to pass all of this legislation. But especially here in the more deliberative body of the Senate, it will take time. So I want to make sure your priorities are our priorities.
Rank the issues that you want the Senate to focus on first!
It's a new year, a new Congress, and a new opportunity for Democrats to lead. Last year's campaign is over -- now it's time to govern.
Thanks for being a part of the effort to provide a new direction for America!

Dick Durbin
U.S. Senator
P.S. Ranking these issues will only take a few minutes, and your feedback is incredibly important to me. Please tell me your priorities now!
Rank Your Senate Priorities | Visit
Paid for by Friends of Dick Durbin

1 Comment

I am writing about a huge concern for many people of my age. We keep reading about health-care reform and it scares us to death. There is an e-mail going around saying senior citizens will really be rationed when it comes to health care under Obama's stimulus plan.
A letter appeared in the Pantagraph today from a voter in the Bloomington area. He's 67 and worries if he needs an operation on a knee or hip in 8 years he won't be able to have it under Obama's plan.
I voted for you and Obama. I might add unfortunately, if this is the case. I need to hear from you about this.

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