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Sweet blog extra: Barack Hussein Obama. Behind the name.


Barack Hussein Obama.
The blogosphere and talk radio, even C-Span, has chatter about the middle name of the Illinois Democrat.

Obama never hid the name. Never highlighted it, either.

People are just starting to pay closer attention as Obama mulls a 2008 White House run.

He is the son of the late Kenyan economist Barack Hussein Obama Sr. Hussein is a family name. His grandmother is Sara Hussein Obama.

At one point he was Barack H. Obama. That’s how he is listed in the Harvard Law Review when he was the president of the publication. He dropped the H and dumped his nickname of Barry along the way.

It wouldn’t make sense in Illinois to use Barack Hussein Obama as a ballot name when he started running for the state Senate in the late 1990s — before 9-11 (Osama bin Laden) and the Iraq war (Saddam Hussein). Barack Obama was enough to deal with — not so much because of anti-Muslim prejudice, which I am sure unfortunately exists, but the irrational preference Illinois voters have had for Irish and WASPy names.

Obama jokes that people at first thought he was O’Bama, a remark rooted in local political reality. Voters in Cook County elect judges with Irish names. In March 1986, former Sen. Adlai Stevenson's runningmate George Sangmeister lost an Illinois Democratic primary for lt. governor to Lyndon LaRouche Democrat Mark Fairchild and Aurelia Pucinski was defeatedin Secretary of State primary by LaRouche Democrat unknown Janice Hart.

Things have improved on the ethnic name front: Rod Blagojevich was twice elected governor. The Hussein name prompted a C-Span caller last week to ask if Obama was a Muslim. Obama’s father was born to the faith and fell away. Obama is a member of Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ.


One factor that has been overlooked by most pundits of the 2006 elections, which was a very significant factor in the landslide victory of the Democrats in the House of Representatives, as well as the Senate, was the increase of the youth vote (18-30 years of age) over the 2002 Congressional Elections. As James Carville, recently pointed out, this was the group that was the most solidly Democratic over any other age group. That factor in Missouri, Minnesota, Montana, Michigan, Ohio, and Virginia, in particular, played a huge role in the Democratic Victory, and as Carville pointed out, those are the people you want to have on your side to WIN FUTURE ELECTIONS as well.
Once again, Lyndon LaRouche was way AHEAD of the curve, as the LaRouche Youth Movement for about 6 weeks prior to the November 7th elections organized to get an increased Democratic Turnout on 75 college campuses in 17 states around the country with a bombshell pamphlet on Lynne Cheney's role in attmepting to suppress dissent against the Bush-Cheney regime through a "Campus Watch" type of thought police. The tactic succeeded.

In 1986, LaRouche Democrats won significant Democratic Party Primary votes in many states, including Illinois. Again, LaRouche was way ahead of the curve urging universal testing for AIDS (Hello Barack Obama!!) and to deal with saving the industrial economy of Illinois and the US, as well as putting the Federal Reserve in bankruptcy re-organization to stop the growing speculative activity and to return the US economy to a productive basis: all policies that are needed NOW MORE THAN EVER!!!!

So, before anyone votes for people on the basis of their names, they should find out WHAT THE ACTUAL POLICIES the person stands for and NOT THE MEDIA SPIN OR SILENCE, which treatment LaRouche and LaRouche Democrats were afforded.
If you want people to vote on substance and not names, and ethnic banalities, then give the people substantive coverage of the life and death issues that actually affect their lives.. Gerald Pechenuk LaRouche PAC Chicago

P.S. Lynn, You made a factual error in you above posting: Stevenson's Running Mate in 1986 was George Sangmeister not Aurelia Pucinski... Aurelia was the candidate running for Secretary of State. Sangmeister was the Lieutenant Governor Candidate.

Blog readers note...I made a big fat mistake and will be fixing the entry as soon as I write this. Gerald, of course is correct...since he was there back in 1986... I met him covering the LaRouche upset.......No excuses, I goofed.....sorry, all.

What's wrong with the name Hussein?

The boy's name Hussein \hu(s)-sein\ is pronounced hoo-SAYN. It is of Arabic origin, and its meaning is "good; small handsome one". Hussein has 4 variant forms: Husain, Husayn, Husein and Hussain.

What is right about the name Hussein ?

1 million lost souls killed in combat over the last 25 years in Iran and Iraq in all in the name of HUSSEIN :-(

Wake up America to the threat within :-)

Be true to yourself.
Never forget that there is no brighter light than the one within you :-)

I give thanks to humanity :-)

This presidential election is by far the most important one in our history. In that we are living in a dangerous world. Our enemies seize on each window of opportunity to gain a foothold, to gain an opening in our defense..and they wait for our mistake. They are patient. Knowing that, the United states cannot entertain the election of a man who has absolutely no experience and is not qualified to be President. We cannot afford a president in training.

Obama offers some unbelivable fantasy.Obama cannot deliver all that he promises. If he could, we would become a Communist Nation. Obama cannot pay off peoples' mortgages...Obama cannot fullfill the promises he makes because it would tax ALL of us to the brink. And more importantly, Obama surrounds himself with unsavory people..thugs if you will. Not to mention those with terrorist connections. If you ask yourself one question, Would you be friends with people you did not share such passionate beliefs with? Would you surround yourself with ideas that are contrary to a peaceful society? Obama shared a church with anti white, anti americans for twenty years. It is really a no brainer. McCain is the right man for President. He is the man of the hour and the right man for this certain time in history. If we are not safe. We need not worry about economics. Think before you vote. Your lives and the lives of your children depend upon it.

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