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So long, Henry Hyde: Room in Capitol named for departing Illinois GOP lawmaker.

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House International Relations Committee Chairman Henry Hyde (R-Ill.) is wrapping up a 32-year career in the House this week.

His colleagues on Tuesday renamed a room on the first floor of the Capitol--known for a few more weeks as H-139-- as the "Henry J. Hyde" room. It's effective next year, the day after his term ends at the beginning of January.

Co-sponsors of the resolution included a handful of the Illinois congressional delegation: Democrats Lane Evans and Daniel Lipinski and Republicans Mark Steven Kirk and Don Manzullo.

from Hyde's office...

House Passes Resolution Dedicating Room in Capitol to Hyde

(WASHINGTON) - U.S. Rep. Henry J. Hyde (R-IL), Chairman of the House Committee on International Relations, released the following statement after the United States House of Representatives passed a resolution renaming H-139 of the Capitol as the "Henry J. Hyde Room:"

I would like to thank Congressman Pence and my colleagues for their kindness and generosity in proposing to dedicate a room in the Capitol in my name. It is an unexpected, but very welcome, honor to be able to lend my name to the hallowed halls of our Nation's Capitol. I am humbled to share this standing with such eminent leaders as Presidents Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy.

When I first entered the House Chamber thirty-two years ago, I never dreamed that, in my career, I would have the opportunity to serve with men and women of such distinction. With the support of all my friends and constituents, a great many victories have been achieved, including increasing the protections of the unborn and strengthening our homeland security while guarding our civil rights.

I came to Congress to make a difference, and, now that my time is through, I entrust the continuation of that dream to the very capable hands of my friends and colleagues in the House.


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Hyde certainly deserves this distinct honor

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