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Obama: Selling books or running for president?

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The Boston Globe dug up another event Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) is adding to his Sunday debut in New Hampshire, a crucial early primary state. Besides keynoting a fundraiser for the New Hampshire Democratic Party in Manchester, Obama, mulling a 2008 run, is scheduling a book signing in Portsmouth.

Question: selling books or running for president?

this is from the boston globe website...
Monday, December 4, 2006

Obama adds event to his NH schedule
New Hampshire residents, you’d think, would be used to another weekend with another potential presidential candidate trying to woo them.

But Sunday’s visit by Illinois Senator Barack Obama is shaping up to be anything but ordinary.

And now, the Boston Globe has learned, he has added a book signing in Portsmouth to his schedule. The book signing coincides with a rally in Manchester that afternoon to celebrate Democratic victories in November.

The event, sponsored in part by RiverRun bookstore, is expected to draw enough attention that he will be at the Frank Jones Center instead of the cozy bookstore. He is expected to begin signing his latest book “The Audacity of Hope��? at 11 a.m.

Tom Holbrook, co-owner of RiverRun, said he expected the event “will be mayhem.��?

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Lynn, I'd like to know if anybody agrees with my complaint. Here goes: In the little over a year that Obama has been our US Senator from Illinois, he has toured Africa to see where his dad came from, gone to Iowa and New Hamphire a few times, been on the Leno's and other shows, and been hustling his book. So I ask, when is he going to START being my senator and serving the people of Illinois?

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