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Jay Leno: Supersize softballs for Barack Obama


Just watched Jay Leno toss supersize softballs at Sen. Barack Obama on the “Tonight Show.��? Leno was buttering up and pandering to the Illinois Democrat, asking him to announce his anticipated 2008 presidential bid on his show.

“Have already committed to the Food Network,��? quipped the tieless Obama. He earlier pledged his formal announcement to Oprah. Go figure.

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Obama taped Leno Friday while in California for a panel at Saddleback Church for World Aids Day.

Leno seemed stuck a little in time, asking Obama if the 2004 Democratic convention which rocketed him to fame changed his life. Obama said it did not. Of course it did.

If nothing else, that convention speech sold tons of Obama’s first book and paved the way for a book deal that let him move from his modest condo to a $1.65 million mansion. (A real estate deal done with a local shady developer named Tony Rezko. Rezko was recently indicted on corruption charges.)

Obama’s top small inner circle of advisors gathered in the Chicago offices of media consultant David Axelrod this week to map strategy for and to evaluate Obama making a 2008 run.

Regarding a White House announcement, Obama told Leno that the time for a candidate to “dive in��? would be “early next year.��?


He's a shoe in! If ever the series "24" held a sense of De'Ja vue. This is it. A black president isn't that far off.

Looks like Mr. Audacious is on a roll. Maybe after a few more headlines the spotlight might get to him and his reported dealing with the Syrian Svengali.

Sounds like she's not a fan. Perhaps when Obama said it did not change his life he was thinking of what really matters in life - not his wallet.

"Mr. Audacious" is a good moniker for Obama. And since only his (causacian) mother is still in the picture, that would make a nice photo op....(might confuse the issue of "African-American" as opposed to Jesse Jackson or Charlie Rangel, e.g.)

I think that this is all pretty much media-driven and that at some point he might just trip up - or get over-exposed.

I'm not sure, though, how I would feel if I were a Democrat and/or a liberal. As it is, and although I like his appearance and his smile, that's not enough to make me overlook his very liberal policies & point of view.

I love these soft balls all the way up to the primaries, then WHAM! "What have you done since being elected" Senator?" Obama."Uh Nothing", "why did you get involved with Tony Rezko?", Obama"I needed a yard", Keep tossing those when this joke is exposed he is through!

I believe that Obama has a fighting chance of winning the presidential seat. I say, GO FOR IT. I would vote for him in a minute.
We need a change.

What talk show host...heck, ANYONE...wants to cast a line out to see if Barack Obama will drop the nomination news on their show. Don't blame Leno.

Memo to Ann Massaro: Obama's mother has passed away. Perhaps he's not as over-exposed as you think. I'll tell you this: The more people see of him, hear from him and learn about him, the more they will like him.

I would vote for him if he matches his smarts with his charisma!
There is no doubt, he appeals to the average man.
Black or white, no matter.
What matters to the average voter, is honesty and an understanding of world politics.
this I think leaves him out.

Jay Leno is not a journalist. He's a comedian and a late-night talk show host. His primary job is to entertain people. He has no obligation follow any faux journalism ethics.

The problem is that the GOP, coming off a slaugther, has no candidates interesting enough besides Maverick McCain and pro-gay, pro-abortion Guiliani that spark any interest, and neither fit within the conservative base of the party.

Stop worrying about Leno and start worrying about shoring up your decaying base.

I agree with "ldc" when he says that most conservatives have nothing better to do than to sit around and start bad-mouthing respectable Democrats like Obama. Just admit it folks: the American people are ready for some common sense and something called "VALUES"; remember those? I didn't think so.

And as far as tossing softballs is wasn't too far back when Leno lofted a few towards Mr. Schwarzenegger.

Finally, I find it amusing that the only 'dirt' that conservatives dig up on Obama is what he did to get a bigger yard; please save us the time and pixel space and find something worth criticizing.

Obama has the ability to move this country in a better direction. He's smart and charismatic--something McCain and Giuliani (even when put together) are not.

A change is coming...

Anyone who knows anything about Barack Obama realizes there is very good reason for his "rock star" popularity. It is not for nought. The man is intelligent, extremely well-spoken, well presented, is fair minded to all, is a spiritual, loving family man, and knows what he is talking about, and he does know foreign policy and has lived outside the US. All these qualities, which people are beginning to try to pick apart, are almost totally lacking in the current president. Every now and then, a miracle comes along, and boy, do we need a miracle now. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth. I believe that with Obama, what you see is what you get. And incidentally, he is not trying to hide anything. Any of the negative issues mentioned in these comments have already been addressed by him. He's the real deal.

Only an idiot would vote for Barry, don't call me Barack, Obama.

to P.J. Phart: You are right, I'm asking the same thing. In the little over a year he's been senator he's traveled to see where his dad is from, gone on one TV show after another, gone to New Hamphire and Iowa to see how things look for running in primaries, and hustled a book he wrote. When is this guy going to decide to do some work and be OUR US Senator from Illinois and serve his constituents?

But what I would like to know is, -- Is Mr. Obama intellectually and psychologically honest? Further, will he, actually, be honest, and say why he really support illegal immigration (aka "immigratin reform")? Will Mr. Obama package himself as an African American, which he is only so in a literal sense, and not in the spirit of what the word has come to connote (he is literally an American since he was born in one of the American territories, and he is African because his father was a Kenyan, but he is not an African American in the spirit of what the word has come to mean, since he has no lineage from the American slaves whose descendents are now told that Obama so literally represents them)?

Stanley Crouch‘s communicates this much better: “After all, Obama's mother is of white U.S. stock. His father is a black Kenyan. Other than color, Obama did not — does not — share a heritage with the majority of black Americans, who are descendants of plantation slaves. So when black Americans refer to Obama as “one of us,��? I do not know what they are talking about. In his new book, “The Audacity of Hope,��? Obama makes it clear that, while he has experienced some light versions of typical racial stereotypes, he cannot claim those problems as his own — nor has he lived the life of a black American.��?

To PJ and Jerry:

I could not have said it any better.

Thank You!

MEMO FROM ANN MASSARO ~~ I didn't write the note below my name, I wrote the one above it. I think Barack Obama is a breath of fresh air and I can't wait to cast my vote for him. I also think that as we learn more about him we will find him ideal for presidency.
And I hate that it looks like I wrote that dang message !!!!!

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